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snopes 30 October 2012 12:32 AM

James Earl Jones banned from Arlington for urinating
Comment: Gleaned from an internet message board:

"I remember hearing a rumor while I was at Fort Meyer and maybe someone
who was there while Gardens of Stone was being filmed can help out. The
rumor was that James Earl Jones took a leak on a tree between takes in the
cemetery, and was subsequently banned from ever coming back. Can anyone
who was there at the time confirm or deny?"


Comment: I have heard a number of internet denizens claim that James Earl
Jones has received a lifetime ban from Arlington National Cemetery for
peeing on a tree while filming Gardens of Stone, including one from a
former standing guard at the cemetery.


Comment: When the movie "Garden of Stone" was was being filmed at Arlington National
Cemetery, James Earl Jones was caught pissing on a tombstone by one of the
Park Police there. The filming was shut down for a couple of days until Jones was
allowed back in ANC to finish filming. He had an escort of several MP's until the
filming was finished. He was then banned for life from ANC. His picture along with
his name are in places where the general public can't see them but people that
work there, the soldiers & police can.

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