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urbanlegendfanatic 14 January 2017 03:35 AM

Chinese restaurant accused of serving feet
Chinese restaurant is accused of serving human FEET to diners in Italy after gruesome image of rotting flesh is posted online by a waiter

DawnStorm 07 August 2017 07:13 PM

Man, what heel would make that accusation? Obviously the person has no sole; he really needs to toe the line!
He shoed be arrested.

I'll be here all week! :D

WildaBeast 07 August 2017 08:25 PM

Oh, HUMAN feet. I was going to say chicken feet are apparently a popular snack food in China, kind of like wings in the US. But I guess human feet are a different matter.

GenYus234 08 August 2017 05:02 AM

The graphic contest warning in the op is a little useless since it comes after the picture.


Police and food standards officials inspected the restaurant and found 55lbs of meat and frozen fish of doubtful origin.
Isn't a lot of meat going to be "of doubtful origin" once it has been butchered? At the restaurants I worked at, meat was taken out of the labeled boxes and defrosted in unlabeled plastic bags. That might be considered doubtful since it has no label.

crocoduck_hunter 08 August 2017 06:07 AM

Maybe it was a rump roast with a prehensile tail.

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