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Sister Ray 01 April 2014 12:01 AM

FEMA camps, again!
Saw this on tumblr. Presented without comment.


No, this isn’t an anime post, and I hope our followers, and the other runners of this blog, will forgive me for posting “politics” here.

This is too serious though, and with 3400 followers, you are my best audience.

i *am* sorry if people are sick of hearing about politics. but politics or not, this is ****ing scary: fema detainment camps are going live. FEMA DETENTION/DETAINMENT CAMPS. IN AMERICA. ALL FIFTY STATES. this is following the bill passed by the senate in a 93 to 7 vote that the government can, at it’s discretion, arrest any american citizen at any time without trial or reason, and hold them indefinitely.
sure, obama says he’ll veto, but with a 2/3+ approval in senate, the veto will be over-ridden. so, they’ve passed the bill to detain us indefinitely, and now they’re activating the detention camps, all shortly after occupy wallstreet starts.
google fema detainment camps, google the NDAA bill. google what occupy wallstreet stands for. please please please, research for yourself online what is going on in america right now. this is very very serious, and very very scary. don’t think about this as politics, don’t use that as an excuse to ignore this kind of thing. i’m not asking anyone to agree with me, or declare themselves as a 99%, i’m just asking everyone that reads this post to EDUCATE THEMSELVES on the shit that’s happening right now. read up on what’s going on and draw your own conclusions, but for pete’s sake, EDUCATE YOURSELF.

info on the NDAA bill
occupy wallstreet’s message & goals
pretty graphics to help perspective a bit
breaking news (12/06/2011) on FEMA camps going live
also, this alex jones video talking about the fema camps
a message from anonymous about the global situation right now

this is no longer about politics - this is literally about our freedoms & liberties.

AS AN EXAMPLE: say you have a pen pal in iraq, that can be labeled as “suspected terrorism” - off to fema camps you go, indefinitely, no lawyer, no family visits, no guarantee of leaving.

say you put up a tweet: “i don’t like the president” — bam, suspected terrorism - off to fema camps you go.

say you…. oh, have more than 6 days worth of food in your house - SUSPECTED TERRORISM, OFF TO FEMA WITH YOU. (yes, the last one is true, along with “missing fingers” or looking muslim, etc, check it here)

IF YOU CAN REBLOG A CAT LICKING IT’S LIPS, PLEASE REBLOG SOMETHING LIKE THIS. Seriously. This is your life & your freedom. Spread the word, educate yourself, friends & family.
Sister "if alex jones believes it, it's got to be fake" Ray

Dasla 01 April 2014 10:47 AM


Originally Posted by Sister Ray (Post 1812692)

Don't you have 52 states?


Originally Posted by Sister Ray (Post 1812692)
(yes, the last one is true, along with “missing fingers” or looking muslim, etc, check it here)

So the last one is true...are they saying the others aren't?

fitz1980 01 April 2014 12:07 PM


Originally Posted by Dasla (Post 1812768)
Don't you have 52 states?

No, we have 50.

Morning 01 April 2014 01:10 PM

Plus some dependencies and some alternately defined areas like the District of Columbia (Washington DC), Puerto Rico, and Guam. But they aren't states.

Singing in the Drizzle 01 April 2014 05:35 PM

I did search for the NDAA Bill or more precisely H.R. 1960: National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2014. I did not have a week or two the read and understand it, but did a quick search. The only mention of FEMA is to add the words "it appears" in section 1804. The only thing it has on detention or imprisonment has the do with facility like Guantanamo Gay or the Reporting of US citizens in military detention (See Sec. 1080). Of course what this might be happening is the bill did not make any changes regarding pervious complaints this person had whether real or not.

All the other thing list as things to check, I would not trust touching with a thirty-nine and a half foot pole.

erwins 01 April 2014 05:40 PM

Considering it mentions breaking news from 2011, and Occupy Wall Street, which also happened in 2011, I think it isn't referring to a 2014 bill.

They really need to make some updates before circulating this stuff. It's like they aren't even trying.

GaryM 01 April 2014 05:41 PM


Originally Posted by Singing in the Drizzle (Post 1812843)
... Guantanamo Gay...

The truth is out! The USA has homosexual detainment camps!

GenYus234 01 April 2014 05:58 PM

It's fun to stay at the F. E. M. A.
It's fun to stay at the F. E. M. A.

Singing in the Drizzle 01 April 2014 06:05 PM

I was having a lot of trouble typing the word "bay" this morning and after what seam like the tenth try spell check accepted it. But it looks like I should have double checked the word to make sure it was the right one.

Anyway I'm sure there are plenty of people that think a homosexual detainment camp and correctional training would be a good thing.

crescent 01 April 2014 06:19 PM

Is this for tent camping or RV camping? I want to go camping with my family this summer, and I would prefer a detention setting without so many big loud RVs.

Cielo 24 May 2014 05:01 PM

I've seen that they made it illegal to be homeless in Columbia, South Carolina. They give you the option of going to jail or a FEMA camp. Is this true? Everything in the official papers calls it a 240 person "shelter" But you can't leave unless you schedule a van to shuttle you out. Other people are calling it a FEMA camp, but I can't find any source that verifies that it is actually run by FEMA.

Graham2001 27 May 2014 03:19 AM

The Skeptoid Podcast has a good summary of the whole 'FEMA Camp' myth complex:

ganzfeld 27 May 2014 03:35 AM


Originally Posted by Cielo (Post 1823460)
I've seen that they made it illegal to be homeless in Columbia, South Carolina. They give you the option of going to jail or a FEMA camp.

The plan to criminalize homelessness didn't last a month.

ganzfeld 27 May 2014 11:40 AM

Oh, and (unless FEMA has a department known as "Christ Central Ministries") the shelter isn't run by FEMA at all.

Richard W 27 May 2014 01:47 PM


Originally Posted by fitz1980 (Post 1812771)
No, we have 50.

One for every week of the year!

Roadie 27 May 2014 02:28 PM


Originally Posted by Richard W (Post 1823811)
One for every week of the year!

And for every card in the deck!

GenYus234 27 May 2014 03:10 PM

I thought we had 54 states?

42liter 03 August 2014 02:32 PM

The "50 states" are quite patently, an illusion. The united States, as an entity, has been secretly divided into six "parliamentary discretionary zones." Each of these secret zones is run by a covert shadow government headed by specially appointed "Chancellor of special circumstances and developments." Everybody knows this, and besides, it's true. I'm up for a term as CSCD in zone 3 next year.

smegerama 11 August 2014 03:43 AM

How does this affect our annexation of Canada and Bosnia?

GenYus234 11 August 2014 02:31 PM

I thought the US was divided into 13 districts?

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