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snopes 11 November 2013 09:41 PM

No, the travel customer is not always right

There is a story I always considered an urban myth, though a Nordstrom executive told me it was actually true, about an elderly couple who walked into a Nordstrom store one morning wheeling a pair of truck tires. They walked up to the first sales desk they saw and complained that they really trusted Nordstrom, but they were extremely disappointed in the tires they had purchased. They really needed to return them. The couple were given a prompt and courteous refund, even though Nordstrom has never had an automotive department and has never sold tires.

mags 11 November 2013 11:52 PM

There was a woman who I knew quite a few years ago who had previously worked at a higher-end department store. Especially after Christmas, their returns policy was to accept pretty much anything (probably for store credit although I didn't ask), whether it was something they had carried or not. Apparently, knowing this, she made it a habit to return any gifts she didn't like there each year. She advised someone else to do it when they received something that was the wrong size.

Hero_Mike 12 November 2013 02:19 AM

I think I remember an actual episode of 20/20 where they used hidden camera during the attempted (and sometimes successful) return of fairly high end stuff to the wrong store. It was fairly obvious - the shirts were the "store brand" of a competitor, but still taken cheerfully and exchanged for store credit.

Latiam 12 November 2013 02:24 AM

There was a customer who was asking for something ridiculous and I told her I wouldn't do it. "Fine," she said, "Call the manager!" The manager came and of course he did it. "You were wrong. I knew he'd do it, he always does!" she said. I said, "No, actually I wasn't. I told you I wouldn't do it."

She didn't like that. If they were going to be idiots that was fine; I wasn't going to be a party to it. One of the managers once told me over the phone to give the person what they wanted and I maneuvered him into coming over to do it.

Even further back another manager came to me at McDonald's and said, "You've got to start putting the receipts in the bags! I just had to give that lady two free meals because she had the wrong order and her receipt wasn't in the bag!" (the receipts not going in bags was a big problem on drive-thru)

I said, "You should have talked to me first. That lady ordered a medium Diet Coke and two cheeseburgers. That's what she paid for. That's what she got. And the receipt was in the bag." and I walked off to take the next order. The look on his face as he realized she'd scammed him was NFBSKing priceless.

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