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E. Q. Taft 22 December 2018 04:01 PM

Researchers Show Parachutes Donít Work, But Thereís A Catch
Research published in a major medical journal concludes that a parachute is no more effective than an empty backpack at protecting you from harm if you have to jump from an aircraft.

But before you leap to any rash conclusions, you had better hear the whole story.

dfresh 22 December 2018 09:19 PM

That is a great study, and a great way of showing the problem of just reading the headlines.

E. Q. Taft 23 December 2018 01:49 AM

Also a nice way of illustrating some basic flaws in methodology -- though of course they're usually a bit more subtle....

Ieuan ab Arthur 23 December 2018 11:36 PM

S'mai bawb:

An interesting article that demonstrates that the devil is in the details (or the assumptions that a reader might make given the study's title). But at least I can cite a study that shows that backpacks are as effective as parachutes when jumping out of an airplane (at least from two feet).

Ta ra 'wan,

Ieuan ab Arthur

RichardM 24 December 2018 12:31 AM

Reminds me of an old joke:

An important business man, a priest, and a boy scout are in a small plane flying over the country side. The engine stops and the pilot runs to the back of the airplane and throws 2 parachutes on the floor as he opens the back door and jumps. The important business man jumps up and grabs one of the parachutes proclaiming that he is too important to die and jumps. The priest says to the boy scout "you are too young to die,so take the last parachute and save yourself." The boy scout says "It's okay father, we are both safe. Mr. Important businessman took my backpack."

ASL 24 December 2018 12:46 AM

I lol'd. And some characters.

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