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snopes 08 August 2009 01:07 AM

E-mail Fails the Accuracy Test

The latest urban legend, which began circulating about two months ago, starts out this way: "All interstates in Florida, will have the call boxes (on side of the interstate) replaced with cameras that will take a picture of your tag at one box, and then another picture as you pass the next. It will then calculate your time from one box to the next and issue you a speeding ticket determined by the time it took you to get from one box to the next. It knows how fast you are going, to the exact speed."

Barbara and David P. Mikkelson, who run the Urban Legends Reference Pages (, took the time to check it out.

geminilee 08 August 2009 01:13 AM


It goes on to claim that there will not be points added to your license, but there will be a fine.

None of which is true.
So, from that, I gather that there are no call boxes that will be replaced with cameras, they will not be able to calculate speed nor issue tickes, there will not be a fine.. but there will be points on your license. :fish:

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