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urbanlegendfanatic 06 June 2016 12:01 AM

Students build Trump wall
I know there's a school cited but it's the Mail Online - they're not the most reliable source out there. I find it hard to believe a school actually let their students do this and think there must be more to the story. Anyone hear anything else about this?

High school students build a 'Trump Wall' made of boxes and leave their Latino classmates outraged

firefighter_raven 06 June 2016 02:58 PM
Appears to be true

Seaboe Muffinchucker 06 June 2016 02:59 PM

I see a number of other sources in the U.S., one of which is Foxnews (also not the most reliable). I also see a number of articles about similar walls at Universities, some of which appear to be from at least semi-reliable sources.

So I'd say something of the type is happening, although perhaps not at a high school.


musicgeek 06 June 2016 03:51 PM

At this time of year "senior pranks" are common, and these days, they're often sanctioned by the school. (The senior class needs to obtain permission from the administration to ensure that there's nothing dangerous or destructive, and no punishments are levied. Not much of a "prank" in that case, but that's how it is.) Variations on the theme of barricading an area/making a non-essential part of the school inaccessible (or putting up signage dedicating "seniors only," etc.) are pretty common.

I'd guess in this case, the idea of walling off the common area was the approved prank, some people hit on the idea of tying the prank to the Trump wall idea, and a few idiots decided to spin it into an anti-immigrant thing online. (The school's statement that there was nothing offensive until it went to social media would seem to support this.) Wouldn't be the first time a fairly harmless goof got escalated into something nasty by a subgroup of jerks.

firefighter_raven 06 June 2016 06:25 PM

They should prank them back with diplomas from Trump University

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