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RichardM 11 February 2019 11:47 PM

Insert several cuss words here. :)

I am recovering from DVT in my right leg. I attribute it to sitting still for several weeks because of swelling in my right knee due to arthritis caused by breaking the knee cap in 1968. I previously had DVT in my left leg which I attribute to a long auto trip in my wife's car which did not like me.

My question is whether or not my race car driving could actually have been the underling cause of this? Since I competed in performance rally which is driving as fast as possible over rough roads, my legs tended to bounce into the roll cage a lot. In trying to Google DVT and race car drivers, I found lots of information about Brian Vickers, a NASCAR driver, who suffered from DVT but not a lot about race car drivers in general. Could any body with better Google skills than me research whether DVT occurs more often than with race car drivers than others.

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