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DawnStorm 29 January 2019 03:00 PM

Turn a plain brown paper bag into the perfect popcorn maker

If/when my popcorn popper dies, I may try this.

WildaBeast 06 February 2019 10:04 PM

We learned to make microwave caramel corn in a paper bag using a technique similar to this in my middle school home ec class. I imagine my mom has the instructions filed away somewhere in her recipe box, but IIRC it went something like 1) pop popcorn kernels in a paper bag using the technique described in the article. 2) Add caramel ingredients to the bag and microwave a bit longer. I don't remember the full ingredient list or cooking times, but I'm almost certain butter, corn syrup, and brown sugar were involved. 3) Shake the bag to distribute the caramel over the popcorn.

ETA: This recipe seems more or less like what we made, although it says to pop the popcorn first and then place it in the bag, although I imagine either way would work. And there's the step of microwaving the caramel ingredients together and then pouring the result into the bag, which is probably what we did but I'd forgotten.

erwins 06 February 2019 11:25 PM

I used to make popcorn in a paper bag often. I didn't even add oil -- just kernels in the bag, then add butter and flavorings after popping. Works about as well as the pre-packaged kind, and is much cheaper.

Blatherskite 08 February 2019 11:26 AM

This method seems more wasteful to me than microwaving popcorn in a bowl with a lid/with a plate over it.

Unless you want to take the popcorn out somewhere and zapping it in a bag means that it comes pre-packaged.

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