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Darth Credence 28 November 2015 02:59 PM

What video games are you playing?
Last one filled up, so here is a new one.

I mentioned a few things about Fallout 4 that bugged me, such as not referring to time before the vault. I have now seen that I just didn't get far enough into the game.

Spoilers about the DJ:
So I helped the DJ get his confidence back, and now I kind of miss the twitchy guy. I felt a bit bad about not just letting him do what he wants and stay holed up in the radio station, but he thanks you on the radio, so maybe it was a fear he needed to get past. I do like some of the new songs specifically for the game though, so it is worth it to go through the quest.

Battlefront continues to be awesome. I never imagined it would be the game that got my wife into video games, but it is. She has finally found a game she likes well enough to learn how to use a dual stick control scheme.

Not_Done_Living 29 November 2015 02:47 PM

Seems the thread is reset -- Fall Out is amazing -- we have 3 people playing this in the house, and except in a few cases we have had very different adventures -- it is big and fluid and alive. love it.

Psihala 29 November 2015 03:31 PM

Am I a bad person for not even realizing Halo 5 had been released? No, strike that. Am I a bad person for not even caring there was a Halo 5 release?

Anyhoo, there's a Steam Sale going on right now, so I've picked up a few items that were long on my wishlist:

A couple of new loco's for Train Simulater 201x,
The Beginner's Guide

Also picked up Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II's re-release by Aspyr and Jedi Academy (because I lost my original disk).

So, I guess I'll be busy... until the Xmas sale comes around (rubs hands together eagerly).


Morrigan 30 November 2015 11:55 AM

I'm also loving Fallout 4. My time in the vault and pre-vault are definitely referred to.

Jenn 30 November 2015 04:43 PM

I have molerat disease :(

crocoduck_hunter 30 November 2015 05:16 PM

That quest sucked. Especially since apparently you can get infected if your companion gets bitten. Even if they're a robot. Apparently the trick to beating it without getting infected is to be really stealthy and have a full-auto weapon (Spray N' Pray works extremely well). Saving a lot while you're in the middle of the quest (so you can go back to a previous save if you get infected) is also good.

Jenn 30 November 2015 08:04 PM

I went on for quite a while after that without even realizing I had it or how I got it.

I still would have made the same choice. Not because I'm a good person, but because I wanted that room.

crocoduck_hunter 30 November 2015 09:08 PM

The weird thing is that even if you manage to avoid getting infected, you still have the same dialog options regarding what to do with the cure.

Darth Credence 02 December 2015 01:53 PM

Well then. I sided with the Minutemen, and have now reached the end of the main quest. I was, frankly, horrified by what their final mission was. I would have walked away from them then, but I didn't think I could join up with anyone else (maybe the Railroad? certainly not the other two). Actually finishing the mission did not make me feel any better about it, either. It was certainly not what I would have thought they would do, and not what I joined them for. I did the optional mission, so at least I had that going.

Richard W 06 December 2015 09:47 PM

I finished the first DLC for Witcher III, which was great, and I've finished most of the content before the next DLC pack comes out.

There's an annoying glitch preventing me from finishing the last of the Witcher contracts and getting an achievement - it's actually quite an early contract, and the glitch happened ages ago, but at the time I didn't realise it was going to prevent me from finishing the mission, so I missed my opportunity to reload a saved game from before it. It's in a contract called "The Missing Patrol", and the monster I had to kill fell half-way inside a cliff face, so that I couldn't pick up a trophy from it - the trophy didn't appear (presumably embedded in the scenery somewhere). I'd stumbled upon the quest without finding the contract giver, and it turns out that without the trophy, and without previously having spoken to him about it, there's no dialogue to end or even acknowledge the contract, so I can't complete it. The objective is stuck on "take a trophy" and there is no trophy. Oh well...

I'm playing more of Rare Replay, and am at an incredibly annoying section of Conker's Bad Fur Day, which is a somewhat annoying game in general. I think this should be in TV Tropes under some page for stupidly and "artificially" hard sequences. (Probably already is)*. The game is a 3d action adventure / platform / puzzler from 2001, before they'd sorted out the mechanics to make these games playable without lots of frustration.

It's a section in which you have to swim down a sewer pipe through three rotating blades. The blades are a one-hit kill if you touch them (even the sides rather than the edges). And it manages to hit every annoyance possible:

1. The 3d is such that it's hard to tell how close you are to the things you're trying to avoid.
2. The camera angles are useless and often mess up so that you can't see where you're going.
3. The swimming controls are imprecise.
4. It's time limited because you're holding your breath. (There are streams of bubbles you can swim into to get your breath back, but it's hard to stay in them - or tell if you're in them or not - and usually the camera ends up facing you and the wall, so you can't see where you're going when you swim out).
And 5. Even when you do finally manage to get through all the sets of blades, there's no checkpoint, and it's followed by another hard blade-dodging one-hit-kill section! I've only got to this bit once so far, so it might be easier, but for every attempt at this bit, it's taking me at least ten goes at getting through the tunnel!

Not to mention that, as I said, this is at the end of a long chapter set down a toilet, so everything looks like shit, literally. (The game is marked "for mature audiences" but it's an instance of using the word "mature" to mean "immature" - twelve-year-olds rather than six-year-olds perhaps).

*(eta) Yes, the TV Tropes page describes this section as "U-Bend Blues may be the most frustrating level known to man."

crocoduck_hunter 06 December 2015 10:01 PM

Yeah, Conkers was definitely going for irony when they said the game was for mature audiences.

Richard W 07 December 2015 06:58 PM

If I have one criticism of the (Rare Replay) collection it's that several games (generally from around the Conker time period) have that sort of adolescent humour that makes it look like they're all aimed at 12-year-old boys who think girls are a bit weird and scary.

And another would be the wildly varying difficulty of different sections in some of the games. Another example is in Grabbed By The Ghoulies (see first criticism). It doesn't seem to have been one of the better reviewed elements of the collection, but I was enjoying it. It's made up of small independent chunks that you might sometimes need a few tries to get through, but generally you can get through several of them in a shortish play session, and you don't need to remember any context or complicated plot, so you can easily play it casually every now and then. Then I hit the first boss fight in Chapter 4, with the Baron, and without warning it suddenly became horribly difficult. In fact I have more or less given up! (Although I did think of an improved strategy recently that I might try).

Richard W 07 December 2015 09:23 PM

... The improved strategy helped enough that I finally beat the Baron, although it was still quite tricky. Phew!

GenYus234 11 December 2015 05:36 PM

<- Me
A moment I had while playing was a huge win for the developers if I read their purpose correctly. Not just the Fallout 4 developers, but for all the developers of all the games.

During my wanders, I had come upon books labeled as overdue. As books have often been more valuable than just vendor trash, I hung on to them. Sure enough, in one location I found a kiosk where one could return books. But (here is the moment that would make the developers proud) I was apprehensive about returning the books as I didn't know if being over 200 years overdue would trigger some sort of killer library revenge subroutine that would attempt to execute me for that crime.

What kind of world have you created when people in that world are paranoid about so simple an act as returning an overdue library book? Also, in what world does returning enough library books potentially reward you with a handgun and ammunition?

Fallout, that's what kind of world. :D

crocoduck_hunter 11 December 2015 05:49 PM

There's actually a number of different places you can turn in overdue books in the game, with each one having different rewards available. The Boston Public Library has probably the most valuable prize: a Massachusetts Surgical Journal.

GenYus234 11 December 2015 06:05 PM

I don't find books or magazines nearly as valuable as in 3 or NV. A small increased chance to cripple a limb isn't much compared to 4 points towards Medicine skill or a temporary 20 point boost in a skill.

But I was talking more about the ridiculousness of it. Getting a book from a library makes sense. Getting a handgun or a fusion core that is used to power a suit of armor or a gatling laser cannon? Not so much.

crocoduck_hunter 11 December 2015 06:17 PM

You won't be laughing at that +2% limb damage when you're trying to shoot the legs out from under a Glowing Alpha Deathclaw while it's charging you. But yeah, getting guns and frag grenades for turning in your overdue books is pretty indicative of the sociopathic nature of the pre-war Fallout world.

But the fact that your civilian model nanny-bot comes with a built in flamethrower wasn't?

GenYus234 11 December 2015 06:24 PM

I've got a 10 mm submachine gun that shoots exploding bullets, that is way better than a bit o'limb damage.

It's a sterilizer so Shaun's bottles are clean when we feed him.

crocoduck_hunter 11 December 2015 08:25 PM


Originally Posted by GenYus234 (Post 1899314)
I've got a 10 mm submachine gun that shoots exploding bullets, that is way better than a bit o'limb damage.

Actually, explosive attacks, being radius effects, hit all or most of a target's limbs with each strike, so increasing limb damage while wielding that gun is disproportionately deadly.

GenYus234 11 December 2015 08:42 PM

Don't bring down my exploding SMG joy with your math.

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