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crocoduck_hunter 10 June 2016 06:40 PM

Judge Gonzalo Curiel was disbarred in California?
There's a rumor I keep hearing from Trump supporters that the judge in the Trump University case was supposedly disbarred in California. Given the source, I'm guessing that it probably originated from Alex Jones's colon but I thought I'd post it hear and see what people had to say.

GenYus234 10 June 2016 07:24 PM

According to the California Bar Association, Judge Gonzalo Curiel "is currently serving as a Judge of a court of record and is not considered a member of the State Bar while in office."

So there is a tiny thread of truth (not enough for an angle to tightrope on though) in that Curiel has been removed from the California Bar Association, but not for malfeasance, as "disbarred" usually suggests.

It would be like saying that a badly injured soldier was discharged due to being unfit for service. Technically true, but deliberately misleading.

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