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Skeptic 23 April 2016 11:38 PM

Car registration in Heat shootout scene was a military inside joke.

In the fire fight scene after the bank robbery, Chris crouches at the rear of a car in order to change a magazine. The registration plate of this car reads '2LUP382' 'LUP' in British Army terminology is 'Lying Up Position'. 2LUP would reflect that this was the second Lying Up Position for Chris - his first being behind a green car.

I watched Heat last night, and looked up some trivia on it later. But I'm dubious about the claim that a noticably visible car registration was an inside joke on behalf of their military advisor.
Are movie car registration tags made especially for the film, or is this just coincidence.
Could they even be so sure that the clip would make it to the film, as a lot ends up on the cutting room floor.

Seaboe Muffinchucker 25 April 2016 02:20 PM

It actually wouldn't surprise me a bit if this were true; as a tribute to the advisor, it wouldn't matter if it ended up in the film or not--he would see it during filming.

As for making registration tags especially for the film, yes, I believe in general they do. In fact, here's a link to a company that does exactly that.


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