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Don Enrico 09 April 2018 09:25 AM

Vehicle Crashes Into Crowd in Germany, Killing Two People
Here is the Snopes page:

And this is the latest article on Deutsche Welle: Germany still clueless about motive for fatal van attack in Münster

We now know that the man who killed two and injured 20 others before killing himself was a 48yo German. His motive is still unclear, but there seem to be neither religious nor political reasons for the act.

Local media reports identified the perpetrator as an industrial designer living in Münster who had been suffering from mental problems. The police, however, have not confirmed these details.

According to reports, the perpetrator had vaguely announced suicide plans in an email sent to friends a week ago. He was apparently also known to authorities for previous acts of violence, as well as drug violations, which the police could not confirm Sunday.
Some right-wingers were quick to blame the attack on muslims (and chancellor Merkel for letting them into the country). When it became clear that there was no religous background, one politician (of the right-wing populist AFD) especially still blamed muslims, because the man "was imitating muslim terror acts".

So, if a muslim from Afghanistan commits a crime, it's the fault of all muslims and all Afghans. If a man from Germany with no know religious affiliation (although probably raised in a Christian background) commits a crime, it's the fault of - all muslims, of course.

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