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E. Q. Taft 02 March 2018 09:57 PM

Poo Stains Seen From Space Lead to Discovery of Massive Penguin ‘Supercolony’
After noticing the telltale signs of guano streaks on satellite imagery, an international team of researchers set out to count the number of penguins on Antarctica’s aptly named Danger Islands. They found a previously undetected supercolony of over 1.5 million Adélie penguins—a surprising result, given how poorly these aquatic birds are doing just 100 miles away.

Little Pink Pill 03 March 2018 09:05 PM

It’s nice to read good news about wildlife. I’ve been extra fond of Adelies since that footage emerged of a tiny Adelie adult intervening between a large petrol and some emperor penguin chicks.

thorny locust 04 March 2018 01:50 AM


I really wish news outlets would ditch the use of the word "poo" in otherwise serious headlines and stories. There are multiple acceptable terms they could use -- in this case 'guano' would have done fine -- that wouldn't sound as if they thought they were talking to a batch of preschoolers.

And I think our (g-our) massive unwillingness to use any of the blunter words for shit has something to do with our difficulties in dealing with the stuff properly.

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