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Dondi 22 December 2014 01:33 PM


Originally Posted by Article
Still, that doesn’t mean I’m right in what I write or how I handle this. However, when anyone judges or criticizes me (or anyone in general), it doesn’t in any way mean they’re right, it only means they’re judging and criticizing me (or anyone in general.) Anyone who judges and criticizes is no more right (or wrong) than anyone else with their thoughts and feelings on a subject.

This perhaps sums up the author's stance as far as predictions are concerned.

There is no way anyone will win an argument with her if she feels that she is being criticized or judged anytime someone calls her out on a wrong prediction. Far be it for us to say that the prediction is wrong, because everything is subjective.

thorny locust 22 December 2014 04:48 PM

ETA: as we seem to at least in default mode now be on another page: this is in response to Lainie and Mr. Billion.

Hmmm. I'm actually having trouble finding anything in depth online, although there are plenty of brief references:,_Nebraska

This museum:
probably does have useful stuff but you might need to go there in person, or at least join, to get at it.

This paper on the Workmen's Circle, which was highly active in Omaha as well as elsewhere, may have something useful but it doesn't seem to display properly for me:

--If you research this much, you're going to keep tripping over Tillie Olsen. I'd strongly recommend Panthea Reid's biography, which goes a long way towards clarifying Olsen's actual life; much of the other information commonly given about her just isn't so. (There are also considerable references in the early part of this book to the progressive Jewish community in Omaha.)

Little Pink Pill 22 December 2014 05:27 PM


Originally Posted by UEL (Post 1852456)
Not this cowboy. I'm not waffling on my predictions. That is how firm I believe in them. :D

You've got potential. Forget just being psychic, add some dogma to your prediction and conviction (required), and an iconic party beverage of your choice (optional), and you're ready to start your own cult.

DawnStorm 26 December 2014 12:41 PM


Originally Posted by Richard W (Post 1852474)
So... does Nebraska still exist? Did it ever exist, for that matter?

I think it's called 'flyover country'. I am amazed, simply amazed at all of your psychic abilities!

Let me try! Thinking....I'm getting something! It's.....Next year's Kentucky Derby will be won by a horse! President Obama will give a speech around Jan 20th! Pope Francis will preach Mass at the Vatican! Somewhere a computer system will be hacked!

Wow, this is easy!

thorny locust 26 December 2014 03:32 PM

Somewhere in the USA, some time during the next year, there will be a major storm that will cause travel problems, power outages, and at least one death.

In some places in the world, farmers will have crop losses due to drought. In other places in the world, farmers will have crop losses due to too much rain. (It is possible that at different times during the same year some farmers may have crop losses due to both reasons.)

Members of one political party will accuse members of an opposition party of behaving in a nefarious fashion for doing the same thing that they excused, or even praised, members of their own party for doing.

At least one cat will do something cute that will get posted on the internet.

There will be multiple days on which I do not succeed in getting everything done that's on that days to-do list. This problem, while it is in part caused by putting more things on any given day's list than can possibly be done in one day, will be aggravated by spending time posting on snopes.

TripleAAA 13 January 2015 05:59 PM

I am also predicting cold winters for New England and the Great Lakes. But not psychically. I'm just using common sense.

Wait, I'm seeing something....Yes, I too see that gas prices will eventually rise (duh) and that Big Pharma will continue taking over the medical industry (duh again)

Skeptic 28 May 2015 05:48 AM


Originally Posted by Skeptic (Post 1852473)
I predict that if there is any election in Ireland during the year, a photo of nuns going to vote will appear in the newspapers.

I'm serious. It happens every time. Watch this space.

I told you I was psychic.

Biggles 28 May 2015 12:12 PM

I couldn't quite make out the ballot papers. Was that Nun for or against?

Saitaina 31 May 2015 10:18 AM

Reading this made me want to stab myself in the face. I hate psychics with a passion (probably more then James Randi and Penn Jillette) and their whole smokey veil/vague answers thing drives me up the wall.

If you're really psychic, and you REALLY see something, just say it, in plain english, not 'something will happen vaguely over there".

barbrainey 19 June 2015 02:02 AM

I recall a prediction one psychic made for 1985. It said that a family of Bigfoot creatures would be discovered living off welfare!

Geez! That was really dumb!

Barb Rainey

batchefficient 30 June 2015 11:41 AM

Psychic Predictions for 2015
Well, this sounds interesting yet the psychic predictions I have read are a bit disturbing. Anyway, I just said to myself , it is only some sort of a forecast like a guess of what will happen in the future. I think, we just have to treat it as our guide especially if it is not really good. We do not have to believe it at all:)

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