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WildaBeast 16 January 2018 09:55 PM

Londoner barred from boarding flights after wearing all his clothes to aviod bag fee
Had to shorten the headline a bit to make it fit in the subject line.


A Londoner claims he was banned from boarding two flights for wearing too many clothes as he tried to board a British Airways plane.


In a bizarre bid to avoid paying excess fees, Mr Hawaii donned his extra clothing in an attempt to board the flight. He was still refused entry and the dispute escalated into a row after he confronted security staff about the incident.
I'm going to guess the actual reason he was denied boarding was because he was being disruptive, not because he was "wearing too many clothes". It's not entirely clear from the article, but I wonder when he was told he needed to pay a fee for his bag he put on all his clothes right there in the terminal and probably made a scene about it?

erwins 17 January 2018 12:41 AM

I seem to recall something​ like this coming up a few years ago. If my vague memory is.correct, some European airlines denied people boarding (or said they would?) if the passengers were wearing excessive clothing as a way to evade the bag fees. Anyway, I definitely encountered this concept before.

ETA:. Hmm, this article says they couldn't find a single instance of an airline not allowing it, and there are multiple examples of it "working" in the sense of being allowed to board.

crocoduck_hunter 17 January 2018 12:53 AM

Yeah, I think I remember the same story.

Dr. Dave 17 January 2018 01:49 AM

I think it was a link from here that I saw a giant puffy coat that doubled as a wearable- well, suitcase is the wrong word, but clothing and personal item vessel.

UEL 18 January 2018 02:47 AM

About three years ago there was a story of someone (I want to say a band member) who wore every piece of clothing onto a flight, and then went down during the flight with heat illness.

Another story had someone who got on the plane, then shed all the clothes and stored them in the overhead bins. Much to the chagrin of the other passengers who paid for their carry-on.

At least paying for carry-ons will get those people with 50 pound carry-ons that do not fit the "guide" in any way imaginable.

SatansHobbit 18 January 2018 06:41 AM

UEL, I think erwin's link references that first event.

Another from our local newspaper.

The extraordinary incident is almost identical to another that occurred at Perth Airport in 2003.

The airline was National Jet and the destination was Cocos Island and the passenger a diver had heavy diving equipment in his baggage.

Alarmed at the excess baggage he had to pay, he retreated to put on the wetsuit, weight belt, goggles and returned to the check-in.

The check-in agent gave in and waived the excess baggage cost and allowed him to take off the equipment.

Richard W 18 January 2018 11:44 AM

Just as an excuse for a rant, it does annoy me the way airlines encouraged everybody for years to use carry-on bags only by starting to charge extra for hold luggage (so that the airline didn't have to pay so much for baggage handlers), thus leading to all the overhead lockers being stuffed with cases and the extra hassle of having luggage everywhere, and now that it's got to the point that the hand luggage commonly no longer fits in the actual space available and ends up having to be put in the hold anyway, they're trying to blame passengers for it and starting to try to charge for hand luggage as well (and technically this rant is too long to fit into a single sentence, but I've managed to squeeze it in anyway).

GenYus234 18 January 2018 01:21 PM

To be fair, g-we blame them for the lack of amenities and cramped seating when many people pick flights based on who has the lowest price.

Lainie 18 January 2018 01:39 PM

I started carrying luggage on after a string of lost luggage incidents, including one in which I flew from Detroit to Buffalo for a weekend and my bag went to LA. By the time I got it back it was time to go home and I'd been borrowing clothes from my fling/host all weekend. :lol:

GenYus234 18 January 2018 01:41 PM

Personal rule of traveling #2: Always keep a spare change of clothes in your carry-on.

Lainie 18 January 2018 01:43 PM

I always did after that. At least clean underpants and some toiletries.

Dasla 19 January 2018 05:28 AM

Not so much a change of clothes but I always keep at least a week of my medication plus a script if possible in my carry on.

But for another lost luggage story. Back in the early 80's my Aunt and Uncle fly around the world to various countries in Europe and North America and then had their luggage go astray in their domestic flight from Sydney to Brisbane. (or maybe it was Sydney to Townsville)

Richard W 19 January 2018 11:28 AM


Originally Posted by GenYus234 (Post 1969581)
To be fair, g-we blame them for the lack of amenities and cramped seating when many people pick flights based on who has the lowest price.

To an extent, except that after a while these policies started to be picked up even by the more expensive airlines because they couldn't compete otherwise. The idea that markets always lead to "choice" doesn't seem quite right to me - It seems that just as often they end up restricting your "choice" to the thing that's most popular even if it's not what you want.

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