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A Turtle Named Mack 26 October 2014 01:57 AM

CHP officer says stealing nude photos from female arrestees 'game' for cops
The California Highway Patrol officer accused of stealing nude photos from a DUI suspect's phone told investigators that he and his fellow officers have been trading such images for years, in a practice that stretches from its Los Angeles office to his own Dublin station, according to court documents obtained by this newspaper Friday.

crocoduck_hunter 26 October 2014 02:18 AM

I am literally speechless here. :mad:

Skeptic 26 October 2014 02:23 AM

As Maxwell Smart would say, "The old 'we've-been-doing-this-for-years-so-it's-OK' trick".


"The callousness and depravity... is dehumanizing, horribly offensive and degrading to all women,"
Just for once I am in agreement with a lawyer's soundbite.

fitz1980 26 October 2014 02:44 AM


Originally Posted by crocoduck_hunter (Post 1847226)
I am literally speechless here. :mad:

Wish I could say that I was. But given all the stuff I've heard about cops stealing money and drugs from suspects this one doesn't really come as a surprise.

crocoduck_hunter 26 October 2014 03:19 AM

"Incoherent with rage" might have been more accurate.

Little Pink Pill 26 October 2014 04:54 AM


That behavior constitutes felony computer theft, the affidavit said.
That seems insufficient somehow. Since Jennifer Lawrence called her hack a "sexual violation" I've been wondering if there ought to be a stronger charge for this sort of thing.

A Turtle Named Mack 26 October 2014 12:27 PM

It's worse than the Jennifer Lawrence, et al thing, though. You expect thieves to be thieves, so you do things to secure your valued things, whether physical or electronic. But these police officers were abusing the authority, and in some cases trust, they had to pilfer these women's things. Many people allow their cars, cell phone usage, etc. to be searched to prove they were up to nothing worse than what they were pulled over for. Allowing that comes with the obligation of the police to search and seize no more than evidence of crime, not to personally profit by taking whatever they find.

Little Pink Pill 26 October 2014 06:19 PM

Oh, I completely agree. But anyone taking anyone's personal photos and exploiting them is something worse than a simple computer hack, IMO. I can imagine it feels very much like a sexual violation to the victims whether it's at the hands of an ex lover, a stranger, or an authority figure.

I'm not sure yet, but I might support a sexual crime charge against this sort of thing. What do you guys think?

crocoduck_hunter 26 October 2014 06:22 PM

I think it's absolutely a sex crime.

A Turtle Named Mack 26 October 2014 06:48 PM

It's something like 'peeping tom' but amplified by passing it on to others. At least a traditional peeper is the only one violating the person's privacy.

erwins 26 October 2014 07:02 PM

I would support making it an aggravated version of felony computer theft. I think it would tend to be classified similarly to window peeping as a!msex,crime, which tends to be a misdemeanor. You could still add the computer crime as well, but I would worry that people would only be charged with the one crime. Making it an aggravated version of felony computer theft would, I think, more accurately capture the nature of the offense. It's computer hacking or theft that is particularly harmful.

It would be something like, aggravated felony computer theft, theft of images, or something like that.

catty5nutz 27 October 2014 02:05 AM

Okay, a question that might seem a bit OT. Are there no female CHP officers? Do they get sent these pictures? Do they do the same thing to male suspects? What would they think of the behaviour of their fellow officers? I get that the police tend to be macho and male dominated, and that female police officers are sometimes subjected to harassment by their male peers. But I am curious to know what role female cops play in this.

Little Pink Pill 27 October 2014 02:31 AM

None, from any of the articles I read. At this point it's being reported that it was a small circle of officers involved, forwarding photos to each other's phones.

catty5nutz 27 October 2014 03:51 AM

Again somewhat OT. I have come across a number of cases of alleged police brutality on various left wing websites. None of the cases I have come across have had female police officers involved. I did a quick Google search. Again, not very much.

But, I am going to assume that it does happen. Although, I would have thought that such a case would make big news, and have all the pundits arguing about whether women should be in positions of authority etc etc.

I am well aware that women in positions of authority can behave just as badly as men, and go on a "power trip" if you will. There was the case of that female soldier who took part in the mistreatment of prisoners at Abu Graib. And I have heard of cases of female prison guards have relations with male prisoners, some of them underage.

Edited to say that I didn't look hard enough. There is a case where a woman was alleged to have been involved

ganzfeld 27 October 2014 03:58 AM

The most parsimonious explanation for that discrepancy is that it's far more likely for men to commit this type of crime. This would also be consistent with other similar crimes as well as a few thousand years of human history.

crocoduck_hunter 27 October 2014 04:05 AM

Having a heavily male dominated environment with little independent oversight would also make it fairly easy for groups interested in such behaviors to form and protect themselves from being caught.

Little Pink Pill 27 October 2014 06:17 AM

If this case was about female officers sharing nude pics of male suspects, it may be treated differently, as well.

Catty5nutz, the female guard abuse stories were not just a few incidents.


The Justice Department first discovered the startling form of abuse in 2010, when it surveyed more than 9,000 youngsters living in juvenile halls and group homes. More than 10 percent of the respondents said they’d been sexually abused by staff and 92 percent said their abuser was female.

Beachlife! 27 October 2014 06:25 AM

Wasn't all the abuse that happened at Oprah's leadership academy perpetrated by women?

catty5nutz 27 October 2014 06:25 AM


Originally Posted by Little Pink Pill (Post 1847331)
If this case was about female officers sharing nude pics of male suspects, it may be treated differently, as well.

Catty5nutz, the female guard abuse stories were not just a few incidents.

Why am I not surprised? And as the article points out, there is a kind of double standard about this thing. If the victims had been female, and the guards male, it would probably have gotten far more attention. Although, I imagine that there must have been female on female sexual abuse going on at these centres.

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