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Gutter Monkey 18 December 2015 02:52 PM

Life's ups and downs
This is a mix between the Little Things That Annoy You thread and the Little Things That Make You Happy thread except it covers the situations which are a mix of both!

For example:
The Good: that huge rat who has been living the high life in my kitchen these last few weeks finally blundered into a rat trap and got killed
The Bad: I didn't notice for a few days and we've had a heat wave and the flies found him a long time before I did so when I finally found the corpse it was all slimy and maggot ridden. GROSS :eek:

smittykins 18 December 2015 06:38 PM

The good: Chicago was elected to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame!

The bad: I won't be able to watch the induction ceremony because I don't have HBO(and I'm not getting it just for that).

Dr. Dave 18 December 2015 07:14 PM

How about mixing those threads with First World Problems:

The Good: Great weather for running and even biking!
The Bad: Cancel the local(ish) ski trip!

sneeze042 19 December 2015 01:13 AM

The Good: I have a purring kitty lying next to me
The Bad: In order to keep him purring I have to keep petting him and it's making my arm tired.

Little Pink Pill 19 December 2015 04:47 AM

Love that paw. It's like a kitty hallelujah.

crocoduck_hunter 19 December 2015 06:52 AM

The Good: We're no longer in a drought!

The Bad: We got more than an inch of rain in 24 hours, it's been pouring all week, and we're starting to get mudslides. Some lady over on the coast was killed in one last night.

Die Capacitrix 19 December 2015 07:43 AM

The good: The sun is shining and we have blue sky. Today's expected high is 10 C (50 F).
The bad: No chance of a white Christmas.

WildaBeast 22 January 2016 04:18 PM

The good: I won a ticket for a ski trip paid for by my employer. Free lift ticket and ski rental! It even includes a lesson.
The bad: I don't own any clothing really appropriate for skiing, so in order to attend I will have to pay out of pocket to rent that. Also tire chains are pretty much a must have for driving in the mountains this time of year, so I guess I have to buy those, too. In other words I'll have to spend a not insignificant amount of money for my "free" ski trip.

Dr. Dave 22 January 2016 04:59 PM

Speaking of skiing my daughter is facing the Paradox of Ski Club.

The good: This storm will bring the best possible ski conditions for an east coast- Mid-Atlatinc at that- ski center. (Out here it is a few inches of machine made ice usually. This will be 24 inches of fresh powder, Colorado style.)

The bad: Ski club cancelled Saturday due to unsafe travel.

ETA: This is so a FWP.

DawnStorm 28 January 2016 04:08 PM

The Good: I'm getting overtime pay for the data entry work I did during the blizzard.

The Bad: My furnace is acting up.

Seaboe Muffinchucker 28 January 2016 07:20 PM

The Bad: my coin purse (full of coins) fell out of my pocket.

The Good: it happened at my friend's house, and he is going to drop it by my house.


Little Pink Pill 28 January 2016 11:47 PM

The Good: It's 2015 tally time, and I released more animals back into the wild last year than I did the year before.

The Bad: I also lost more animals than I did the year before. It's the consequences of taking in more, and more difficult, cases.

DawnStorm 29 January 2016 02:02 AM

The Good: my furnace is not at death's door....yet

The Bad: it will be sooner or later, and have you seen the estimates the tech left?!:eek:

Gutter Monkey 29 January 2016 12:22 PM

The Good: my mobile service provider sent me an automated message informing me that they'll be updating their network to 4G which will improve download speeds

The Bad: the same automated message informed me that they had detected that my device was not 4G compliant therefore my download speeds will actually decrease

TallGeekyGirl 31 January 2016 10:46 PM

The Good: Our basement has several clothes lines.

The Bad: I have to make use of them tonight because the dryer is making such a rattling nose that I'm afraid it's going to shake itself apart.

Just what I need right now... :(

Crius of CoH 01 February 2016 01:38 AM


Originally Posted by TallGeekyGirl (Post 1905110)
The Good: Our basement has several clothes lines.

The Bad: I have to make use of them tonight because the dryer is making such a rattling nose that I'm afraid it's going to shake itself apart.

Just what I need right now... :(

Dryers are pretty easy to repair, even for novices. It's why my dryer is still original, though we've been through 3 refrigerators, 5 dishwashers and 2 clothes washers. You may, if you're willing and/or able, be able to fix it up at a very minimal cost.

Sue 07 February 2016 12:08 AM

The Good: I received an unexpected cheque from a previous employer for $300.

The Bad: The same day that the cheque arrived and moments after doing a happy dance my husband called to tell me the funny noise the car was making is going to cost $900 to fix.

TallGeekyGirl 11 February 2016 01:23 PM

The good: A few months ago RetroTV moved Classic Doctor Who up from 10pm to 11 pm. That means it's now less likely to be pre-empted by some sports game. <label for="rb_iconid_46"></label>

The bad: At my age and with my schedule, staying up until midnight is harder than it used to be... <label for="rb_iconid_42"></label>

The... ok, I guess?: Barring any more skipped serials*, in about two months I should be caught up to the Caves of Androzani, which is when I started watching the show last year when my schedule changed.

*Ok sure a lot of 1st and 2nd Doctor stories are missing, but RetroTV why are you skipping stories that DO exist? You can't advertise "the complete Classic series" when you don't show all of them that are available!

DawnStorm 11 February 2016 06:04 PM

The Bad: about a month ago, I was pulled over by one of Montgomery County's finest for not yielding right of way.

The Good: I was only given a verbal warning and the incident made me realize that I'd picked up some bad driving habits that I'm striving to change.

thorny locust 19 February 2016 11:07 PM

The bad: the old diabetic dog has a urinary infection.

The good: we discovered this early enough that she's still in good shape, and it's most likely treatable.

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