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User Profile Requirements
1) Members are required to enter and maintain accurate information in required fields (name, age, location, e-mail address) of their profiles at all times. Members who apply using false information or afterwards alter their profiles to remove or replace required fields with invalid entries are subject to loss of profile editing and/or posting privileges.

Name entries must include a first name and/or surname. Initials only are not acceptable. Location entries must include a state (U.S.), province (Canada), or city and country name. Country name alone is not acceptable.

Note that all profile information is viewable by other registered members. If you are uncomfortable with sharing the information required for registration (i.e., name, location, age, e-mail address), you should not register.

2) Members are limited to one account per person. Persons caught registering for, using, or posting from multiple accounts will be permanently banned.

3) Avatars and signatures are to be kept free of nudity, profanity, pornography, disgusting images, and any other material inappropriate to a public forum. Violation of this rule will result in a loss of profile editing privileges.

Posting Guidelines
The primary rule of this board is for members to act civilly towards each other. Other guidelines for board members include (but are not limited to): 1) Check the main site at before posting an inquiry here to ensure that your question hasn't already been answered.

2) Use a descriptive topic name when starting a new thread, a title that reflects the subject matter of your post. Topic names such as "I just got this in e-mail," "Here's another one," or "Yuck!" are not good choices. One question mark or exclamation point per subject line, please.

3) When replying to another member's post, quote only enough of the preceding post as required to establish the context for your response.

4) When reproducing material from other web sites, respect copyright by posting only a relevant excerpt and a link to the source, not the complete text of the original. When posting an e-mail forward, make it readable by removing extraneous punctuation and applying standard formatting.

5) Some URLs for newspaper articles posted to this board point to sites that require free registration to view articles. If you choose not to register for these sites, that is your prerogative; do not post to complain about the necessity of registering.

6) If you decide to publicly proclaim that you are leaving this board forever, be sure you really mean it. You won't be welcomed back.

7) Posting to this message board is a privilege reserved for registered members only. That privilege does not include serving as a conduit for messages from unregistered visitors, not-yet-approved members, suspended members, or banned members.

8) Some of the jargon and abbreviations used on this board may be unfamiliar to you. You can learn what various terms mean through context and observation; please do not create new threads and interrupt discussions to ask about them.

9) The Legal and Medical forums are for discussions of urban legends; they are not for seeking help with legal and medical issues.

10) Moderation issues and questions should be brought up with the moderators privately, not posted to the board.

11) Posting inquiries on the board to ask why your posts aren't showing up is a self-evidently poor approach.

12) Harrassing the moderators with e-mails demanding that you be taken out of moderated mode will not produce the result you desire.

User Maintenance
This section contains lots of information about maintaining your own user profile, avatars and browsing options etc.

General Forum Usage

Reading and Posting Messages

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