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  1. 'It's a Wonderful Life'
  2. 'Ford Theater' faux pas
  3. Eric Clapton: chocolate and cocaine
  4. Red Power Ranger
  5. Kenny Rogers' eye condition
  6. Sullivan's Travels - The Case of the Hanging Legs
  7. Mull of Kintyre
  8. Age discrepancy in "The Sound of Music"
  9. Life with Father
  10. "You Go To My Head," Bob Hope and the Navy
  11. "Llareggub"="Buggerall"
  12. Autopsy Plotted for Big Bopper Remains
  13. "Silver Surfer" trailer has a surprise
  14. Only two films banned in the United States?
  15. Addams Family hookah
  16. Wyoming TV Hijack
  17. Age curse in popular music?
  18. Yah Mo B There = God Will Be There?
  19. Doors' song, "Horse Latitudes"
  20. Prince was a basketball star in high school
  21. Violent J - poet?
  22. Gilligan's Island: Metaphor for Hell?
  23. Popular image different than original literary works
  24. Origin of the Grateful Dead's name
  25. Indiana Jones
  26. Real skeletons in movies
  27. Wile E. Coyote's middle name
  28. Tom & Jerry: Zionist Plot
  29. No ticket transfers for John Edwards seminars
  30. Chicago hit "Saturday in the Park"
  31. Welsh Hendrix recording was hoax
  32. Arturo Toscanini legend
  33. A shootout straight out of Central Casting
  34. Veggie Monster
  35. Sesame Street's Animal based on Mick Fleetwood?
  36. Black Sabbath's "N.I.B."
  37. Al Pacino in 'The Godfather'
  38. True or False? Anna Nicole Smith has 5 yr old Indian son.
  39. Clark Gable had bad breath
  40. Top Gun
  41. 'Paul McCartney is dead' myth tops rock's ridiculous rumour poll
  42. Evel Knievel's hookers
  43. Aretha Franklin stiffs Holiday Inn
  44. Alternate ending for "Alien"?
  45. Radio sign-offs
  46. Mahna Mahna: lesbian porn? (NSFW)
  47. Changing Channels Increases Show's Ratings?
  48. 23 vs. 300
  49. White Wedding
  50. No Pictures of Jayden Federline?
  51. Debunking a Eurovision myth
  52. Ring of Fire
  53. O.J. as the Terminator
  54. Lou Costello invented the ice machine
  55. Plumbers Fight for Famous Phone Number
  56. Steve Irwin death footage?
  57. Vonnegut invented Clue?
  58. Housewife inspired Beatles' Lucy
  59. 'A Clockwork Orange' was a criminal inspiration?
  60. INXS and Spandau Ballet
  61. Andrew Lloyd Webber: PEBKAC
  62. Amy Lee's "Snow White Queen"
  63. Killing John Wayne
  64. 'MacArthur Park'
  65. The Sopranos
  66. Vince McMahon / Chris Benoit dead?
  67. New Viral Marketing Campaign?
  68. If film extras speak, they become actors
  69. John Wayne assaulted Sacheen Littlefeather?
  70. On the Cover of Rolling Stone
  71. Sting brings South American visitors to U.S., leaves them stranded?
  72. Stallone's "Rocky" Origin is a Studio Myth
  73. The Who were tricked into giving a concert?
  74. Computer data encoded in LPs
  75. Bill Nye the Science Jerk?
  76. Kroger Bans 'Gay Music'
  77. Killing roaches
  78. Viggo eats rabbits
  79. Going My Way
  80. The origin of encores
  81. 'Leroy farted!'
  82. Rising star was jailed, and few knew
  83. The Ohio Express -- great pretenders
  84. Mr. Rogers' car stolen, returned
  85. Parisian Manager Claims Jim Morrison Died in His Nightclub
  86. Superman shot at Six Flags
  87. James Bond actors can't wear tuxedos in private life
  88. Dean Martin didn't drink on stage?
  89. Ode to Billie Joe
  90. David Bowie's eyes
  91. Celine Dion hates Americans
  92. Karen Carpenter's will
  93. The missing James Bond movie?
  94. Oprah and the (in)Famous Car Giveaway
  95. Ricky Nelson's death
  96. Pete Townshend's hearing
  97. 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' cameo
  98. How Kris Kristofferson got his start
  99. The travels of John Barrymore’s corpse
  100. "My Life" -- plus ralph
  101. Carlos Mencia not Hispanic?
  102. Compact Disc celebrates 25th anniversary
  103. Iconic Album-Cover Kids: Where Are the Nirvana Baby, Korn's Little Girl & Others Now?
  104. The Eraserhead Baby
  105. Joy Division's singer Ian Curtis' Death
  106. What Garrett Morris saw on TV
  107. Jerry Lewis and the Labor Day Telethon
  108. Amy Lee's Sister (Evanescence)
  109. Study: Rock stars more likely to die younger than ordinary citizens
  110. Hollywood commies
  111. Don Vito Margera - worst actor ever?
  112. Game show legends
  113. Who was "Timmy"?
  114. Suppressed entertainment
  115. 'Brady Bunch' Star Reveals All About Lesbian Fling with TV Sister
  116. Documentary on Harlan Ellison captures deep subject
  117. Twangers and Balls?
  118. Danny commits suicide in 'Grease'?
  119. Why would Gilbert allude to American roulette in "The Grand Duke"?
  120. Does the Frank Spencer music have Morse code?
  121. Superman fights the KKK
  122. Suppressed TV shows
  123. The film Psycho; is this a UL?
  124. Marilyn Monroe's shoes
  125. Mr. Rogers, racist
  126. ZZ Top won't shave
  127. Meet the Fockers
  128. Burn in Hell
  129. Radio DJ taken hostage, forced to play The Smiths
  130. Sean Connery is paid in cash
  131. Oliver Hardy
  132. Missing Foucault book
  133. Bing Crosby, child abuser
  134. Former 'Blue's Clues' Host Steve Burns: Still Not Dead
  135. Dell Dude Now Tequila Dude at Tortilla Flats
  136. Miraculously, he escaped and got a raise
  137. Mama Cass pipe reminiscent of earlier singer
  138. I found it: That's the beauty of it...
  139. Dragonforce
  140. "Sweet Caroline" revealed
  141. Wharton letter reopens a mystery
  142. Henley Blasts 'Hotel California' Myth
  143. Don't look at Bob Dylan
  144. What makes Clint Eastwood cool?
  145. No pictures of Richard Simmons
  146. Queen Latifah engaged to girlfriend
  147. Marvin Gay(e)
  148. My Fair Lady
  149. Agatha Christie was dyslexic
  150. Air Bud had paws amputated
  151. Laverne and Shirley - Psychiatric Patients
  152. Elvis shot Robert Goulet
  153. Doctor Dolittle
  154. Lucas Valley named for George Lucas
  155. Merv Griffin's epitaph
  156. Emerald City in 'Gone with the Wind'
  157. A 'Manchurian' myth
  158. Did anyone really throw rotten tomatoes on stage?
  159. Benny Hill was Ozzy Osbourne's father
  160. 'Star Wars' video kid committed suicide
  161. Alternate score for '2001: A Space Odyssey'
  162. 20 people were killed during the filming of 'Rambo'
  163. True (?) story of a hit song
  164. Top Ten Music Myths
  165. Discovery Channel's "Shark Week" causes decline in visits to Florida beaches?
  166. Courtney Love on Grateful Dead album cover
  167. Bad reviews on 'Cold Mountain' DVD
  168. Rock Hudson and "2001: a Space Odyssey"
  169. Laugh-In predicted the fall of the Berlin Wall?
  170. J.K. Rowling paid off DC Comics
  171. Hells Angels Tried to Kill Mick Jagger: BBC Report
  172. Memoir of gangbanging, drug dealing is fake
  173. Moe: most-injured Stooge?
  174. Was Chevy Chase a member of Steely Dan?
  175. What on earth is 42?
  176. 'Bewitched' delayed by racism?
  177. Telemarketer's Call Invokes Old Hit Song
  178. Christopher Walken killed Natalie Wood?
  179. The Shining
  180. The most mysterious video games?
  181. Real Steve Guttenberg died 07/08/91
  182. Weekend Rock List: Hidden Meanings
  183. "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum"
  184. Urban Music Legend or Bizarre Fact?
  185. Latest celebrity death hoax - Neil Buchanan
  186. Bosom Buddies
  187. "Winkie Chant" in "The Wizard of Oz"
  188. Dirty deed just a rumour
  189. Neil Young
  190. Jamie's Got a Gun & The Thunder Rolls not initially played on MTV
  191. Bo Diddley on Ed Sullivan
  192. The Wilhelm Scream
  193. Was Wilson the volleyball found?
  194. Carolyn Keene and Franklin Dixon were the same person
  195. Mondegreen album titles
  196. Bob Ross, cocaine fiend
  197. Dion McGregor - World's most prolific somniloquist
  198. Meryl Streep in 'Bachelor Party'
  199. Nah, dude, they weren't cranes, they were garbage trucks
  200. Did Billy Joel Play Piano on "Leader of the Pack"?
  201. The Decline and Fall of the Jackson Family
  202. 'Dr. Strangelove' script edited after Kennedy assassination?
  203. MPAA broadcast flags
  204. The curse of the Joker
  205. DJ holds L.A. hostage with "Puppy Love"
  206. Chinese government keeps Olympic medals?
  207. Cursed trio
  208. Voice actor had extra vocal cords
  209. 'Let's Make a Deal' payoff
  210. Buffalo Soldier was inspired by Banana Splits theme
  211. Teller the magician has a single name passport
  212. 'Gimme Shelter' caused Merry Clayton to miscarry?
  213. Why was 1965 Beatles concert in Israel really canceled?
  214. "Yonder lies the castle of my fad-dah."
  215. The crime that created Superman: Did fatal robbery spawn Man of Steel?
  216. Ladies in Black haunt Rudolph Valentino's tomb
  217. Beechwood 4-5789: About Pai Gow Poker?
  218. Sesame Street crack monster ban
  219. Several Andrew WK?
  220. William Frawley's contract
  221. 'Harvey' had three different endings
  222. Jimmy Urine, child star
  223. Sonseed
  224. How "Limp Bizkit" got their name
  225. Hollywood suicide
  226. Van Halen's 'Jump!' lyrics
  227. Jim Henson's funeral
  228. Olivia Newton-John's "Physical" banned in Utah
  229. Trouble in 'Oz': the Munchkins' dirty secret
  230. Sesame Street replacing Oscar the Grouch?
  231. Urban myth: Jack Nicholson’s adult bombshell
  232. Cliff Richard rumour poo-pooed
  233. Identify CDs by licking them
  234. Ice Road Truckers
  235. Cat Stevens' "Moonshadow" is about multiple sclerosis
  236. Saturate Before Using
  237. Lie of the Jungle: The Truth About Cheeta the Chimpanzee
  238. The leaked list of this year's Oscars winners?
  239. H.R. Pufnstuf = marijuana
  240. The death of Lupe Velez
  241. Col. Blake's death -- a surprise?
  242. Intended murder victim started 'Romper Room'
  243. Unresolved television dramas
  244. Big Daddy/Kolya connection
  245. Beastie Boys
  246. Was Marilyn Monroe a size 16?
  247. The Truth About Star Trek and Sherlock Holmes
  248. Doolittle raid in 'Pearl Harbor'
  249. 'The Sound of Music': too many songs
  250. Top 10 celebrity myths debunked