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  1. Badger bites
  2. Black squirrels
  3. Exploding crows
  4. Carnivores won't eat lightning kills
  5. Cats eating faces
  6. Calf Born with Two Faces
  7. Huge wolf killed in Bulgaria fails to make record
  8. Payment for pandas?
  9. Another Hogzilla Caught Near Atlanta
  10. Rats surface in toilets
  11. Elephant art
  12. Rats won't eat fruitcake
  13. Glue from horses
  14. Chihuahuas cure asthma
  15. "Lassie" extras forced to fight?
  16. Lion Country Safari Story
  17. Isaac Newton invented the cat door
  18. Beneful Dog Food is Suspected of Causing Sickness and Deaths
  19. Fur trim/fur coats from dog or cat fur
  20. Chimp artist hoax
  21. Paraguay swallows tall tale of husband-eating boa
  22. Cats Eyes and Telling Time
  23. Europe flushed with speargunning Poles?
  24. Killer orca
  25. Flatworms learn from eating other flatworms
  26. Martial arts master fights bulls
  27. Myth-breaking time: Sharks bite but don't target humans
  28. Caring for sheep
  29. Snapple strikes again: Lizards doing pushups
  30. Elephants rape rhinoceroses
  31. Parakeet Urban Legends
  32. Dolphins, horses, and Japanese food
  33. How to catch a monkey
  34. Ferret-legging
  35. Bloodthirsty dogs
  36. Don’t Believe These Animal Myths!
  37. Bird repeatedly flying into window.
  38. We're noisy, so robins sing at night
  39. Lamb Poodles
  40. Legendary 'Hogzilla' to Hit Big Screen
  41. 4-inch Chihuahua may be world's smallest dog
  42. N.J. Residents: Is It a Cat or Panther?
  43. Calf Born with 6 Legs on Nebraska Farm
  44. Black cats not wanted?
  45. Advantage/Advantix killing pets?
  46. Animals considered "unlucky"
  47. Why chihuahuas?
  48. Farmed coyotes imported into western PA
  49. Don't feed birds in summer.
  50. Coyotes "respect" chihuahuas
  51. Cat Breeds with Dog
  52. Dog Cruise and Airline?
  53. No insects above the 11th floor
  54. Trees kill beavers
  55. Killing cockroaches
  56. Cats eating faces
  57. Have pitbulls ever been used as police dogs?
  58. Rats!
  59. Algae kill dogs
  60. Scared of centipedes
  61. Caramel = death to raccoons
  62. "All purebred huskies have blue eyes"
  63. Pet puzzler: Full moon fills vets' ER
  64. Bot Flies
  65. Horses won't walk over a grave
  66. Dartmoor Mystery Beast
  67. Tiger Rapes Acrobat (redux)
  68. Headless rattlesnake sends man to hospital
  69. Did a vet establish racing greyhound rescue?
  70. How Many Kittens in Seven Years?
  71. Zombie dogs walk among us!
  72. Scrub Monkey - Urban Legend Threatened
  73. Cannibal chickens: Urban legend?
  74. Stray dogs on increase in Zhengzhou
  75. Immigrants eat swans
  76. Mysterious ‘big cat’ seen in garden
  77. Cabbits
  78. Hummingbirds
  79. Pig in a Blanket
  80. Cockroaches and Crabs
  81. Horses: Mixed Breeds = Mixed Colors
  82. Pooch Knows When You're About to Die
  83. Greenies dog treat lawsuit settled
  84. PuppyBeef and KittyBeef!
  85. Raped by dolphins
  86. Myth connects cats, bats with holiday
  87. Elephants sense 'danger' clothes
  88. Wily fish-eating octopus
  89. How to Fight Monkeys
  90. Bunny Hunting UL?
  91. Sago palm will kill your dog
  92. Dogs and human will eat themselves to death
  93. Cow tipping
  94. Florida Dog Owners Fear Flying Menace
  95. Tattooed dogs sold to labs with amputated ears
  96. Turkey drop for real?
  97. Bird Deaths from Cooking Use
  98. A big snake is preparing to eat you ...
  99. Dehydrating rats
  100. Why cats lick plastic bags
  101. Wildcat in the suitcase
  102. The Pooch's Prosthetics (Revisted)
  103. IBuyStrays.com
  104. Lost Jewellery Turning Up in Fish
  105. Deleting the Fiction: Abandoned Horses
  106. More sheep than people?
  107. Moose derails train
  108. Wild chihuahua packs can bring down a bull
  109. Eagle carries off infant
  110. Fish choked on a duck
  111. Goldfish 'three-second memory' myth busted
  112. A cow tip: Cheap is costly
  113. Small fishbowl makes small fish
  114. 'Lambchopophobia' sends pup into a fury
  115. Daylight-saving not good for cows
  116. Adventures in corn-fed venison
  117. Bad press to blame for snake, spider phobias
  118. Snake hunts down mate's killer
  119. Cats break backs chasing laser pointers
  120. Swans' wings can break arms
  121. Mice have no bones
  122. Rat in a shoebox
  123. Deer hunted to near extinction during 1930's depression?
  124. Should we cull grey squirrels?
  125. Were red foxes introduced to America?
  126. Tick Removal
  127. Girl stung by scorpion at Wal-Mart
  128. Snake Bites Man's Penis
  129. Snake Found Coiled Around Baby's Leg in Crib
  130. Dog Sucked Up by Street Sweeping Truck
  131. Ginger cats and gender
  132. Just another wild (cat)fish story
  133. Were baby alligators ever sold as pets?
  134. Treat jellyfish stings with urine?
  135. Thousands of Monkeys Live on Hidden S.C. Island
  136. Cats bite off rabbits' jaws to stop them screaming
  137. Beavers parachuted into Alaska
  138. Yoplait yogurt cups dangerous to skunks
  139. Dog stays by master's side for six weeks following suicide
  140. Dog protected abandoned newborn, doctors say
  141. 'Pimply Ball with Bell' causes tongue amputation in dogs?
  142. Speaker debunks many wildlife myths
  143. Why Butterflies Have 'Eye Spots'
  144. Do rats get gas and die from drinking beer?
  145. Pets stolen, used as bait in dogfights
  146. What to do if your dog eats glass
  147. To kill a lizard, turn it on its back
  148. Raw cookie dough kills kids and dogs
  149. Black dog bias?
  150. Cougar phenomenon is alive and well whether there’s big cats or not
  151. My cat ate my hamster
  152. Cows can't walk down stairs
  153. Birds can't smell?
  154. There are worse things for dogs than chewing tennis balls
  155. Baboon revenge killing
  156. Killer whale
  157. Woman called Nutt over-run by squirrels
  158. Exploding fish at Wal-Mart?
  159. Turtle finds his own way to hospital
  160. The 100th monkey
  161. Skunks can't spray on concrete
  162. Birds prefer black cars
  163. King crabs are spiders
  164. Cat's whiskers are as wide as its body
  165. Feeding chicken bones to pets
  166. Toilet snake attack: urban legend comes true?
  167. Motorists don't feel the love (bugs)
  168. Urban legend gives good spiders bad reputation
  169. Pouring alcohol on a scorpion's back
  170. Do Dobermans lose their sense of smell as they age?
  171. In '49, search for a giant turtle consumed Churubusco [Indiana]
  172. Owl kills man in coonskin cap
  173. Sago palm kills pets
  174. Huge paw prints may be latest evidence of mythical Durham Puma
  175. Dogs chews way out of alligator
  176. Snakes on a flame
  177. Frozen Horses in "My Winnipeg"
  178. Skunk pack 'spotted' in English countryside
  179. Pit bull myths
  180. Bags of water repel flies
  181. Koala fingerprints
  182. Guinea cats
  183. Pets grieve themselves to death
  184. The Pittsburgh Refrigerator Cat
  185. The pony/dog that gave directions
  186. Are wrinkles on a bulldog's face there to channel blood?
  187. London's feral parakeets
  188. Winston Churchill's parrot -- still alive?
  189. A donkey will sink in quicksand, but a mule will not
  190. Birds don't like monarch butterflies
  191. Guinea pigs can't burp; rats can't vomit?
  192. Actress claims to own cat/cheetah hybrid
  193. Chestnuts repel spiders?
  194. Avon Skin So Soft repells midges?
  195. Dog, cat, 3 chickens beheaded in sacrifice
  196. The gator handling grandma and the hillbilly alligator man
  197. Fisherman survives swallowing by whale shark
  198. Small dog snatched by bird of prey?
  199. Suck the venom out of a snake bite
  200. Drug-sniffing dogs are on drugs
  201. Five monkeys and a ladder
  202. Three-second fish memory 'a myth'
  203. Furry Angel of Death: Oscar the Cat
  204. Rodent revenge
  205. Maine is the only state with no venomous snakes?
  206. Britain's 'big cat X files' revealed
  207. Wolf pack rumor debunked
  208. World’s most intelligent goldfish
  209. Burning snakes to keep away other snakes
  210. Don't let your dogs eat teddy bears
  211. Swallowed by a grouper
  212. Beer attracts and kills snails
  213. Man Faster Than Horse Over Long Distance?
  214. Bat repellants
  215. How were English starlings really intoduced to America?
  216. The Lorne Greene Book of Remarkable Animals
  217. Do cats meow only to humans?
  218. Keep black cats safe indoors on Halloween
  219. Pigs left on islands for shipwrecked sailors
  220. Elizabeth II and the runaway horses
  221. Massive plagues of rats swarm across India every fifty years
  222. The Female Praying Mantis: Sexual Predator or Misunderstood
  223. Alka seltzer explodes seagulls
  224. Sheep avalanche
  225. Lion on the loose in suburban Maryland
  226. How to get rid of cockroaches
  227. Blind gannets
  228. Why dogs' tails are docked
  229. Pacific Tree Octopus
  230. Kipling cures homesick elephant
  231. Store security scanners kill fish?
  232. Don't Shoot the Dog (left-side heeling)
  233. Snakes not found above 6,000 ft.?
  234. Mid-air collision with a salmon
  235. Toilet-trained cats kill badgers
  236. Asian "Fishing" Cats
  237. Player startled by snake in helmet
  238. Pit bulls used as babysitters?
  239. Dachshunds are the #1 dog biters
  240. Striped mittenfish changes its sex
  241. Myth Busting: The Truth About Animals and Tools
  242. Meatless zoos
  243. Cougar not brought to Camrose to control deer population
  244. Big cat Britain: the sightings
  245. Stray Pit Bull saves a woman and child from attacker
  246. Dogs of the Titanic: a Dozen Aboard, Three Survived
  247. Shaggy dog tale still attracts crowds to pat park’s pooch
  248. Man says rattlesnake bit him at Wal-Mart
  249. Are donkeys really stubborn?
  250. Did Hartz Mountain Songfood contain marijuana?