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  1. Formal Reprimand Issued To Flatulent Federal Worker
  2. Justice Clarence Thomas breaks seven-year silence in court
  3. City to pay $22.5 million to bipolar woman released in high-crime area
  4. Teacher claims discrimination due to her fear of children
  5. FBI complies with FOIA request with blacked-out pages
  6. McDonald's settles suit over Islamic diet
  7. Man tries to sue bank over affair
  8. Gay marriage opponents take unusual tack with Supreme Court
  9. Christian School Files Religious Liberty Lawsuit Against Former Teachers
  10. Postal Service lawyer claims immunity from traffic laws
  11. Eyeball-dropping testimony leads to Philly mistrial
  12. Student sues because of a C+
  13. Italian Court Jails Ex-Officials for Rendition
  14. Chubby Checker sues Hewlett-Packard over app to measure penis size
  15. Sheikhs against shakes: Egypt belly dancing channel ‘arouses viewers’
  16. California school district sued over yoga program
  17. Ohio court spars with lawyers in school Bible case
  18. Woman sues Walmart over candy bar
  19. Model Sues Over ‘Mad Men’ Title Image
  20. Federal judge strikes down Idaho ban on late-term abortions
  21. Judge again forces ‘idiot’ sign on defendant
  22. NRA official banned from owning guns
  23. 'Forgotten' inmate gets $15.5 million settlement from N.M. county
  24. Exonerated Ohio man wins civil rights suit, $13.2M
  25. Couple Sues Walmart Over Kids’ Bath Photos
  26. Suit: Young Child Found, Ate Used Condom At McDonald’s Play Area
  27. Judge bans Kentucky teen from saying 'Bingo'
  28. NRA affiliate files lawsuit challenging New York's gun control laws
  29. Disabled man stuck on Disneyland 'Small World' ride awarded $8,000
  30. MP3 resale violates copyright law, court rules
  31. Arianna Huffington trashed rented Chelsea loft, claims lawsuit
  32. Mother, 22, sues abortion clinic after doctors 'failed to terminate pregnancy'
  33. Man sues woman over cat attack
  34. U.S. judge strikes age rules for "morning-after" pill
  35. Suit: Sexy pasta led to reassignment
  36. Hooters Waitress Says Post-Brain Surgery Appearance Cost Her Job
  37. Family sues U.S. Forest Service for $1M after tree hit son
  38. Romanian lawyer sues priests for failing to exorcise flatulent demons in his house
  39. Court: Can human genes be patented?
  40. Only Miss. Abortion Clinic Gets License Reprieve
  41. Judge holds self in contempt for his smartphone
  42. Bus drivers sue MTA for $30 million over sex-harasser supervisor
  43. Harlem church sues toymaker because talking doll is not black enough
  44. Fired cop: Alcoholism was a disability
  45. ‘Shy bladder’ syndrome leads to lawsuit
  46. Mississippi execution due despite FBI claim some testimony 'invalid'
  47. Lawsuit: Worker subjected to ‘Kick Me’ prank
  48. Texas judge rules for cheerleaders in Bible banner suit
  49. Monsanto Wins Case on Genetically Altered Soybeans
  50. City sues ‘Robin Hood’ group over parking meter payments
  51. Class Action: IRS illegally seized medical records of 10 million Americans
  52. Singer Sues McDonald's for Allegedly Ruining Her Voice
  53. Judge rules against 'America's toughest sheriff' in racial profiling lawsuit
  54. D.C. man who shot pit bull mauling boy refuses legal aid; asks donors to help kid
  55. College student sues after suspension for writing 33-page essay about attractive prof
  56. Sperm Donor Case Won't Be Heard By Supreme Court
  57. Family sues after airport sign collapse killed boy
  58. Deadbeat dad has 22 kids with 14 women, sued for child support
  59. "I'll See You In C-U-B-A": songs from the 1920s and copyright
  60. Prosperity Gospel Church defaults on loans
  61. Court: Arizona voter citizenship proof law illegal
  62. Sisters sue dad over college tuition
  63. Student sues school district for $2 million over Facebook bikini photo
  64. Court: Sound from Neighbors Peeing 'Socially Acceptable'
  65. Woman sentenced to write essay on 'how a lady should behave'
  66. Airline Attendant Accused of Hiding Rats in Underpants
  67. Court maintains 'irresistible employee' lawfully fired
  68. Lawsuit Demands Porn Filters For All Apple Products
  69. San Francisco cyclist guilty of manslaughter in legal first
  70. Lawsuit: Girl kicked out of camp over kiss
  71. Found guilty of the worst bowel movement ever
  72. Man Tries to Overturn the Death Sentence of Jesus Christ
  73. Man ordered to pay panhandler $8,000 for discrimination
  74. Man who created own credit card sues bank for not sticking to terms
  75. NYPD's 'stop-and-frisk' practice is unconstitutional, judge rules
  76. Student sues over nude pics on Web
  77. Two law professors have been trying to divorce each other for 17 years
  78. Can you really be liable for texting a driver?
  79. Judge orders gay man be listed as married on his death certificate
  80. Man sues Wal-Mart, claims overfilled plastic bag led to wife's death
  81. Yelp's Newest Weapon Against Fake Reviews: Lawsuits
  82. Woman sues hospital claiming vaginal ultrasound felt like 'rape'
  83. Sarah Palin's PAC sued over iconic 9/11 photo
  84. Iraq vet sues Michigan for denying him 'INFIDEL' vanity license plate
  85. Court rules beach masturbation not a crime
  86. Lawsuit alleges hug popped woman's breast implant
  87. Texas appeals court overturns 2010 money laundering conviction of ex-US House leader
  88. Anti-evolution group sues to block Kansas school science standards
  89. Are horses vicious? Connecticut supreme court to decide
  90. Yankees' Alex Rodriguez sues Major League Baseball
  91. Should I join a class action lawsuit over Yaz/Yasmin birth control tablets?
  92. Living, breathing man will remain dead in the eyes of Ohio law
  93. Iran to execute man again after finding him alive in the morgue
  94. Lawsuit: Teen detained for buying pricey belt
  95. Supreme Court to Consider Fate of Rail-Trails
  96. Australian woman loses bid for compensation for sex injury while on work trip
  97. Police force man to undergo invasive anal operation
  98. Nudist dad facing child porn charges says photos are 'family portraits'
  99. Dad denies son McDonald's, is called unfit
  100. New Hampshire man takes vanity plate debate to state's top court
  101. Student sues college after flunking math
  102. SeaWorld Fights to Get Trainers Back in Water With Killer Whales
  103. Gynecologist sued for internally spraying patient with drain cleaner chemical
  104. Woman's photos used in more than 200 bogus Match.com profiles: $1.5 billion lawsuit
  105. Did falling bikini-top ‘emergency’ absolve distracted driver in fatal crash?
  106. Baker discriminated by denying gay couple wedding cake
  107. NYPD Beat Family and Killed Pet Parakeet in Own Home, Lawsuit Says
  108. Ethan Couch Sentenced To Probation In Crash That Killed 4 ...
  109. Supreme Court strikes down Canada's prostitution laws
  110. Utah’s Gay Marriage Ban Is Ruled Unconstitutional
  111. Couple suing realtor for using home as 'play pad to have sexual relations'
  112. Sherlock Holmes Is in the Public Domain, American Judge Rules
  113. Italy court overturns paedophile conviction as 11-year-old 'in love'
  114. Steelers fan files injunction to remove Chargers from playoffs
  115. L.A. woman sues McDonald's over hot coffee, 20 years after huge verdict
  116. Pimp who stomped on man sues Nike for $100m
  117. Woman claims lawyers should have told her divorce would end her marriage
  118. Jury selection underway in reckless-HIV-exposure prosecution
  119. Judge finds 'flamboyantly' gay man couldn't have raped his female roommate
  120. Lawyers sued for not advising woman that divorce would end her marriage
  121. McDonald’s customer claims cashier punched her over cheeseburger argument
  122. Judge rules that man who provided sperm to lesbian couple owes child support
  123. Conspiracy Theorist Sues NASA, Wastes Everybody's Time
  124. Woman goes from Sheila to Sexy in one courthouse visit
  125. Jury Nullification: Good or bad?
  126. Couple sentenced to prison after 8-month-old dies without seeing a doctor
  127. The CEO of Exxon Stands Up for Homeowners Against Frackers (When He's the Homeowner)
  128. Woman Claims Squatter’s Rights on Home
  129. Lawyers's Suit over Dog's Death Survives Dismissal Motion
  130. Man Sues McDonald's For $1.5 Million Because He Was Only Given One Napkin
  131. Woman behind 'attractive convict' mug shot sues for invasion of privacy
  132. Child dies from infected rat; family sues Petco
  133. Disabled Pasco woman sues nudist community over service dog
  134. Teen Sues Parents for Cash, College Tuition. Does She Have a Case?
  135. Massachusetts court says 'upskirt' photos are legal
  136. SCC upholds conviction in condom-poking case
  137. Gambler suing Vegas casino after losing $500K
  138. Video shows Realtors used home for sex
  139. New Jersey Judge: Women Can Block Dads From Delivery Room
  140. Married Women Can’t Divorce In Alabama
  141. Model suing Playboy magazine for letting golfer drive ball off tee in her butt
  142. Teller Wins Lawsuit Over Copied Magic Trick Performance
  143. eBooks Antitrust Settlement
  144. Couple awarded €20,000 to compensate for bad sex life
  145. Supreme Court strikes down overall limits on political contributions
  146. Family says woman was frozen to death by hospital
  147. Peeved ex-employee relieves himself of $5,001
  148. Judge rules jilted woman can keep $53,000 diamond engagement ring
  149. Jury orders man to pay $5,001 to former coworker for peeing in his coffee
  150. Ohio man sits at corner with 'I AM A BULLY!' sign
  151. '8THEIST' license plate rejection violates First Amendment, woman says
  152. Judge tells father to stop emailing his children in all capital letters
  153. Oklahoma Court lifts stay of executions after governor goes ahead anyway
  154. Pet duck attack leads to neighbor's $275,000 injury lawsuit
  155. Woman who struck cyclists, killing one, now suing them for stress she’s suffered
  156. Vulgar Slang Starts Judge's Creative Juices, Prompts Poetic Justice
  157. Judge strikes down Pennsylvania law barring gay marriage
  158. No one wins in Toronto 'poop and scoop' case
  159. HLN Contributor’s Name Attached to Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Johnny Manziel
  160. Woman who put needles in food now wants grocery store to pay $8M for ‘shaming’ her
  161. Let It Go? Man claims wife divorced him because he didn't like Frozen
  162. Posner tosses ‘scandalous’ class-act settlement, says judge didn’t heed danger signs
  163. Why we should care about teeth whitening
  164. Teacher tenure called unconstitutional by California judge
  165. Black Man Driving Wife to Work Accused of Being Illegal Cab Driver: Lawsuit
  166. Supreme Court allows pro-life group to challenge ban on false campaign statements
  167. Paraplegic suing doctor for shortening penis by an inch
  168. Supreme Court Rules Against ‘Straw’ Purchases of Guns
  169. SCOTUS Strikes Down Warrantless Cell Phone Searches
  170. Two men say they threw away a $1M lottery ticket, sue New Jersey
  171. Court: Public union can't make nonmembers pay fees
  172. SCOTUS sides with Hobby Lobby on birth control
  173. Supreme Court Declines to Hear Mt. Soledad Cross Case
  174. Fan Caught Sleeping at Yankees Game Suing ESPN for $10 Million in Damages
  175. Restaurant Owner Sues Google for Sabotaging Weekend Sales
  176. John Wayne’s heirs sue Duke University for right to market ‘Duke’ bourbon
  177. In Blow to Health Law, Appeals Court Limits Subsidies
  178. Lawsuit: "Happy Birthday" is not in copyright
  179. Federal judge rules drivers allowed to flash headlights to warn of speed traps
  180. 'Dating Naked' contestant sues show after her privates air on TV
  181. Michigan woman's home foreclosed upon after single missed property tax payment
  182. Australian Newspapers identify wrong man as terror suspect
  183. Luka Magnotta case: The challenges of a 'not criminally responsible' defence
  184. Supreme Court Rejects Gay Marriage Appeals From 5 States
  185. Eric Holder marries his former stepmother Elisabeth Lorentz in France
  186. GOP voter ID law gets crushed: Why Judge Richard Posner’s ruling is so amazing
  187. Supreme Court Allows Texas Abortion Clinics to Stay Open
  188. Arkansas Supreme Court Strikes Down Voter ID Law
  189. Parents May Be Liable for What Their Kids Post on Facebook, Court Rules
  190. Lawsuit: Man awoke from surgery in pink panties
  191. Lawsuits: AL jailers let prisoners die from easily treatable illnesses to save money
  192. Did Led Zeppelin Plagiarize 'Stairway'? A Penn. Judge Will Decide
  193. Judge dismisses ex-dictator Manuel Noriega's 'Call of Duty' lawsuit
  194. Detroit man fights $30k child support bill for kid that is not his
  195. Accused 'selfie stalker' sues TV host Nancy Grace
  196. Real legal question about TV show
  197. Raysoni v. Payless Auto Deals, LLC et al.
  198. Man works 70 hours, tries to drive 600 miles, then sues when he crashes
  199. A Harvard professor is at war with Chinese restaurant over $4 overcharge
  200. When Cops Don't Know the Law
  201. Captive orangutan has human right to freedom, Argentine court rules
  202. California ban on foie gras struck down
  203. Can Connecticut Force a Teenage Girl to Undergo Chemotherapy?
  204. Trump sues for $100M, says air traffic targets him
  205. U.S. Supreme Court Will Rule On Gay Marriage This Term
  206. Woman who struck boys with SUV, killing one, sues families for 'emotional trauma'
  207. Fan in CO correctional facility sues NFL for $88 billion
  208. Federal judge strikes down gay-marriage ban in Alabama
  209. Joseph Sledge, wrongly imprisoned for decades, now free
  210. Mom Sues Target Claiming Humiliating “Walk Of Shame” Upon Firing Led To Son’s Suicide
  211. 7 Lessons Learned Watching People Ahead of Me in Court
  212. Ashley X's five-year speeding fine dodge fails
  213. Woman gets 9 months for sex with sleeping man
  214. Paedophile sentence reduced because six-year-old victim 'showing signs of being gay'
  215. Lawsuit against Denver's cat cafe dismissed
  216. Waldorf Astoria wedding cut short by accidental gunshot
  217. Supreme Court Allows Nationwide Health Care Subsidies
  218. Siblings thrown in juvie hall for refusing to see dad
  219. Tn lesbian couple faked hate crime and burnt own home for insurance claim, jury rules
  220. George W. Bush causes a stir at Dallas courthouse when called for jury duty
  221. Judge sentences East Texas man to get married or face jail time
  222. Woman sues clinic for getting flu shot, instead of birth control injection
  223. Lawyers plan challenge to arrests based on secret cellphone tracking
  224. Tenn. judge refuses to grant straight couple a divorce because … gay marriage
  225. Soldier uses GoPro to prove wife's domestic abuse
  226. Copyright on 'Happy Birthday' song thrown out
  227. Yankee Fan's Defamation Suit Is Put To Sleep
  228. Judge berates domestic abuse victim, sentences her to jail
  229. Jury rejects woman's suit against nephew for energetic greeting
  230. UK disputes trademark of 'Kentucky' on Kentucky moonshine distillery's T-shirts
  231. Cincinnati Bengals, cheerleaders reach tentative lawsuit settlement
  232. Georgia drivers claim they were too drunk to consent to DUI tests
  233. El Faro owners file lawsuit to block legal action by families of ship's crew
  234. Hasbro Asks Judge to Dismiss Fox Anchor Harris Faulkner's Suit Over Toy Hamster
  235. Adnan Syed, Subject Of 'Serial' Podcast, Gets Hearing On New Evidence
  236. (Cdn) Federal Court judge under review for berating sex assault complainant
  237. Former Uber driver pleads guilty to rape, assault charges
  238. Utah judge orders baby taken away from married lesbian foster parents
  239. Christy Natsis gets 5-year sentence for impaired, dangerous driving in 2011 crash
  240. Woman wins fight to wear colander in driver’s license, citing ‘pastafarian’ religion
  241. 'Nazi Grandma' put in jail for Holocaust denial
  242. D.C. police framed man imprisoned 27 years for 1981 murder, U.S. jury finds
  243. Mike Huckabee Calls 'Eye of the Tiger' Lawsuit 'Vindictive and Almost Unbelievable'
  244. Saudi court sentences poet to death for renouncing Islam
  245. Family of euthanized Chihuahua sues PETA
  246. Texas files suit in federal court over Syrian refugees
  247. Selling Drugs That Result in an Overdose is Now Second Degree Murder in New Hampshire
  248. Muslim Woman Sworn in as Judge
  249. Texas City plumber files lawsuit after ISIS was seen using his old truck
  250. Saudi millionaire acquitted of rape charge after claiming he tripped and fell on teen