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  1. Merck drug company admits injecting cancer viruses in vaccines
  2. Research suggests pedophilia is intrinsic
  3. Shipment of 18 human heads found at Chicago's O'Hare airport
  4. Vegas Woman Who Couldn’t Stop Growing Dies At 34
  5. Deaf Twins Going Blind Euthanized
  6. Warnings from a Flabby Mouse
  7. Iraq vet undergoes double-arm transplant
  8. Study Shows Germs Spread Fast at the Office
  9. Why did the Spanish Flu primarily target the young?
  10. FERPA Causes Drug Addiction
  11. Couple addicted to coffee enemas
  12. I'm going to be having surgery for endometriosis
  13. Acid reflux/diverticulitis
  14. I have twingy pain in my left ankle
  15. Who still has their tonsils?
  16. Coroner Links Mom's Death to Coke 'Addiction'
  17. Who Has the Guts for Gluten?
  18. Vaccines didn't end polio in the US?
  19. Has anyone dealt with endometriosis?
  20. Woman dies after nurse refuses to perform CPR
  21. Woman Addicted to Eating Deodorant
  22. Struck By a Turtle? Crushed By a Merchant Ship? There's a Code for That
  23. Why sex is a 'better headache cure rather than painkillers'
  24. NIH: Toddler 'Functionally Cured' of HIV
  25. One Man's Diagnosis Leads to Major Type 1 Diabetes Discovery
  26. Anorexia Nervosa Brain Implant Can Treat Severe Eating Disorder Symptoms
  27. Which is worse, rheumatoid arthritis or lupus?
  28. Study: Bee Venom Kills HIV
  29. South Africa: 'up to 28% of schoolgirls HIV positive'
  30. Experts Say Food May Contribute To Anger, Violent Behavior
  31. Your brain is more than a bag of chemicals
  32. The end of the rainbow for Dr. Oz?
  33. Placenta Smoothies, Anyone? A Look at the Practice and Effects of Placentophagia
  34. Anyone have suggestions for getting a cough free night?
  35. Too many beeping hospital alarms linked with dozens of deaths
  36. Company recalls birth control batch containing extra placebos
  37. Autistic man left toothless after dentist pulls ALL his teeth instead of 3 requested
  38. Think Those Chemicals Have Been Tested?
  39. FDA Let Drugs Approved on Fraudulent Research Stay on the Market
  40. Delaware abortion clinic facing charges of unsafe and unsanitary conditions
  41. Baby's body found in Red Wing among St. Paul hospital linen
  42. Nevada buses hundreds of mentally ill patients to cities around country
  43. Great--now my right foot is bothering me!
  44. Professor: Booger eating may be healthy
  45. Man with Tourette Syndrome denied flight after saying "bomb"
  46. Mad cow infected blood 'to kill 1,000’
  47. Antibiotic Protects Men from Attractive Women
  48. Eating Disorder Orthorexia on the Rise
  49. Rat poison and gin & tonics
  50. Decades-old question: Is antibacterial soap safe?
  51. Health officials forced to get tough as once-dormant diseases returning
  52. Antibiotics May Relieve Chronic Lower Back Pain Cases
  53. Mysterious Illness Blocks the Vagina
  54. The Next Pandemic: Not if, but When
  55. I need advice on ALS
  56. Angelina Jolie has double mastectomy
  57. Drunk college student left at hospital with Post-it
  58. CDC: Poop in pools prevalent
  59. For Gay Men, a Fear That Feels Familiar
  60. Sunshine vitamin 'may treat asthma'
  61. Mysterious respiratory illness strikes 7 in Alabama; 2 dead
  62. Marijuana: The Next Diabetes Drug?
  63. Mucus found to harbor a previously unknown human immune system
  64. Hospitals Push Staff to Wash Hands
  65. Soda and Illegal Drugs Cause Similar Damage to Teeth
  66. Bloomberg: Medical marijuana a 'hoax'
  67. Michael Douglas: oral sex caused my cancer
  68. Why Does Acne Still Exist?
  69. World’s Oldest Cancer Found in Bone of 120,000 Year-Old Neanderthal
  70. Model Injected Cooking Oil into Her Face When Doctors Denied Plastic Surgery
  71. Breasts Make Life Better
  72. Doctor accused of poisoning lover with coffee
  73. Girl Recovering in Hospital After Lung Transplant Controversy
  74. Eyeball Licking: Dangers of Oculolinctus, New Fad Sweeping Japan
  75. Why Is Exercise Such a Chore?
  76. In Autism, the Importance of the Gut
  77. HPV Vaccine Is Credited in Fall of Teenagers’ Infection Rate
  78. Obesity now recognized as a disease
  79. New implant helps boy hear for first time
  80. Who would I see for this?
  81. Doctors report major progress toward 'artificial pancreas'
  82. How I Treat Patients Who Refuse Blood Transfusions
  83. How do physicians and non-physicians want to die?
  84. After Marrow Transplants, 2 More Patients Appear H.I.V.-Free Without Drugs
  85. Why do we hang onto emotional baggage?
  86. Patient Wakes Up as Doctors Get Ready to Remove Organs
  87. Looking at porn can be good for you
  88. 'Ghetto booty' diagnosis given for woman's back pain
  89. Noises in tourist's head were from flesh-eating maggots
  90. Night owls more likely to have Dark Triad of personality traits
  91. Coffee drinking tied to lower risk of suicide
  92. I injured my finger
  93. Chef told he's too fat to live in New Zealand
  94. Question about the Sabin polio vaccine
  95. Nutrient shortages hurt local infants, area hospitals
  96. Will You Look More Attractive After Plastic Surgery?
  97. Second-hand smoke a risk even on patios, says study
  98. Illegal buttocks injections kill, maim U.S. women
  99. Sudafed vs. sudafed PE
  100. California doctor diagnosed man with ‘homosexual behavior’ illness
  101. Russian doctor 'ingested heroin found in patient's stomach'
  102. Ottawa researchers hopeful nano-particles can cure leukemia
  103. Not knowing celebs might be early sign of dementia
  104. Georgia teenager denied transplant
  105. Has anyone heard of exercise-induced neuropathy?
  106. Acupuncture patient makes 911 call after being left pinned and stuck in clinic
  107. What Can Be Done About Pedophilia?
  108. Nutrition Policy Rethink - The Body Controls Salt Intake, Restrictions Aren't Needed
  109. Bubonic plague outbreak feared in central Asia
  110. Does anybody have any CPAP advice?
  111. PETA: Eating buffalo wings could affect your unborn’s penis size
  112. Rare and Fatal Brain-Eating Disease May Have Spread to Multiple States
  113. Beers Implicated in Emergency Room Visits
  114. Study: Men With Smaller Testicles Are Better Fathers
  115. Why Do the Chinese Farm Cockroaches?
  116. Public restroom soap may be dirtier than toilet water
  117. Auto-Brewery Syndrome: Apparently, You Can Make Beer In Your Gut
  118. Japanese People Are Getting Palm Line Surgery for Better Fortunes
  119. Pills made from poop cure serious gut infections
  120. Peanut butter sniff test confirms Alzheimer’s
  121. Strange allergic-type reaction to snake nibble
  122. 20-Year-Old Woman Dies Looking Like Toddler
  123. Emergency Meningitis Vaccine Will Be Imported to Halt Ivy League Outbreak
  124. Woman’s Ear Turns Black And Dissolves After Poisonous Spider Bite
  125. The man who can taste the Tube map
  126. Emergency Contraceptive Pill Might Be Ineffective For Obese
  127. Strange tickle in my throat when I lie on my left side
  128. Officials approve drug which can be used to fix bent PENISES
  129. I need advice on choosing a health insurance plan
  130. Medical journal: 'Case closed' against vitamin pills
  131. Why can't you get more than 1 month's refill?
  132. Girl Now Brain Dead Had Fears Before Tonsil Surgery
  133. Skin molecules that cause baldness, unwanted hair identified
  134. Slate Editorialist on Growing Up Unvaccinated
  135. Man Has Cockroach Removed from Ear
  136. The Dark Side Of Kale (And How To Eat Around It)
  137. Laser eye surgery
  138. I now have bifocals
  139. Man left in vegetative state after doctor leaves open-heart surgery for luncheon
  140. Difficulties with lethal injection: Why?
  141. Bungling surgeon leaves man scarred and hairless after botching operation SIX times
  142. Two of History's Deadliest Plagues Linked, with Implications for Another Outbreak
  143. Steroid Use Much Higher Among Gay and Bi Teen Boys
  144. My achin' feet
  145. Mom expecting triplets gives birth to identical quadruplets
  146. The toll of the anti-vaccination movement, in one devastating graphic
  147. Woman takes wrong meds after pharmacy mixup
  148. Cat Bites Are Linked To Depression
  149. Mysterious polio like illness found in 5 California children.
  150. New Study Confirms It: Breast-Feeding Benefits Have Been Drastically Overstated
  151. Man Back To Life After Coroner Pronounces Him Dead
  152. Anybody here have a bad back?
  153. DIY medical faecal transplants rising in popularity
  154. Friends common source of abused prescription meds
  155. Dr. Frank Jobe dies at age 88
  156. Night guard question
  157. The '60s Are Gone, But Psychedelic Research Trip Continues
  158. Boyfriend devastated by 'phantom' quintuplet pregnancy
  159. Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales chastises alternative medicine advocates
  160. Homeopathy remedy recalled, tainted with real medicine
  161. 2 cases of deadly Ebola virus confirmed in Liberia
  162. Rethinking Fat: The Case For Adding Some Into Your Diet
  163. Black death was not spread by rat fleas, say researchers
  164. Belgian headband ready to knock US migraines on the head
  165. Study: Vegetarians Less Healthy, Lower Quality Of Life Than Meat-Eaters
  166. Radiation from cell phones linked to erectile dysfunction
  167. $1,000-a-day miracle drug shocks U.S. health care system
  168. Raw milk growing in popularity
  169. 'Milestone' Therapy: Leg Movement in Paraplegics
  170. Medical professionals, patients, and pseudoscience
  171. In Medical First, Scientists Implant Lab-Grown Vaginas in Humans
  172. The Flu Tricked Google. Can Wikipedia Do Better?
  173. How many middle-aged men need HRT?
  174. Russian moose milk to cure ulcers
  175. Don't Count On Travel Insurance To Cover Mental Health
  176. DH and I have something in common: flat feet
  177. Mayo Clinic trial: Massive blast of measles vaccine wipes out cancer
  178. How a brain treatment for OCD turned a man into a Johnny Cash fanatic
  179. Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity May Not Exist
  180. 'F-cup cookies' claim they can make breasts grow
  181. After 12-year wait, kidney recipient almost misses transplant because of flat tire
  182. The dangers of delicious dynamite
  183. Cancer pill fights disease and gives lifelong protection
  184. Painful cramps turned out to be baby
  185. She beat an eating disorder and now loves her curves
  186. Does Hovering Over the Toilet Seat Protect You from Infections?
  187. Published Paper Blames Schizophrenia on Demons
  188. Why a Turkish family walks on all fours
  189. Dr. Oz scolded by lawmakers at Senate hearing over weight loss products
  190. Chinese hospitals introduce hands-free automatic sperm extractor
  191. Boy fakes kidnapping to avoid the dentist
  192. Men shun circumcision as foreskins are 'used for ritual purposes'
  193. MannKind wins long sought FDA approval for insulin inhaler
  194. Guideline: Most healthy women can skip pelvic exam
  195. How Botox Can Solve the Depression Epidemic
  196. Do doctors understand test results?
  197. Global Health Groups Scramble to Respond to Ebola Outbreak
  198. How low can my thyroid levels go?
  199. General access to pharmaceuticals
  200. Hey, Miss Idaho, Is That An Insulin Pump On Your Bikini?
  201. Doctors remove 232 teeth from boy's mouth
  202. The drug that’s forcing USA’s most important – and uncomfortable – health-care debate
  203. How do I bring up (possible) anxiety to my doctor?
  204. Homeopaths vs. Ebola virus hemorrhagic fever
  205. I have heart fluttering/palpitations
  206. Report: Doctor wrote bad prescriptions, forced co-worker to ‘motor boat’ breasts
  207. Father loses access to son with leukemia in fight over chemo at CHEO
  208. 'Magic Mushrooms' Help Longtime Smokers Quit
  209. Wisconsin Man Suffers 100 Unwanted Orgasms A Day
  210. Claims about hearing recovery made in radio advertisements
  211. First Case of Ebola Diagnosed in the U.S., CDC Confirms
  212. Delaware State Prof to Liberia: Ebola Drug Part of Evil Western Conspiracy
  213. Sense of smell 'may predict lifespan'
  214. The lab-grown penis: approaching a medical milestone
  215. Workers Fearful of Ebola Want You to Know How Personal They Get with Body Fluids
  216. Some form of life after death is possible, study says
  217. Ebola Fears Reach Pentagon After Woman Became Ill on Shuttle Bus
  218. Extreme fatigue from the cold?
  219. Paralysed man walks again after cell transplant
  220. Sunlight is key to fighting childhood obesity and diabetes, Scots scientists reveal
  221. Anxiety and depression relapse - not sure what to do next
  222. Sex with 21 women lowers risk of prostate cancer, academics find
  223. Controlling/recovering from an eating disorder
  224. Virus that 'makes humans more stupid' discovered
  225. Quack Dr. Oz asks people to ask him questions ...the results aren’t what he expected
  226. Judge rejects application to take aboriginal girl from family for chemo
  227. This Gel Can Make You Stop Bleeding Instantly
  228. Being Skinny-Fat May Be Worse Than Being Fat
  229. Canadian Thalidomide survivors make a plea for help
  230. Study: Doubling Saturated Fat in the Diet Does Not Increase Saturated Fat in Blood
  231. Conjoined twins born at Atlanta hospital
  232. Special K, a Hallucinogen, Raises Hopes and Concerns as a Treatment for Depression
  233. Dealing with a plugged ear
  234. Real-world doctors fact-check Dr. Oz, and the results aren't pretty
  235. Turn signal lever stuck in Illinois man's arm for 51 years
  236. Dying in the E.R., and on TV Without His Family’s Consent
  237. How Menstrual Cups Are Changing Lives in East Africa
  238. 19-year-old girl wakes up during brain surgery, asks doctors ‘How’s it going?’
  239. Middle-aged men make up majority of alcohol poisoning deaths
  240. Is croup possible in adults?
  241. New class of antibiotic found in dirt could prove resistant to resistance
  242. The knees are the first to go
  243. Lack of exercise responsible for twice as many deaths as obesity
  244. New jab could 'cure' double chins
  245. Sinus Balloonplasty, does it work?
  246. Sugar On The Brain Circuit: Mice Seeking Sweets May Hold Key To Compulsive Overeating
  247. Bell's Palsy
  248. What’s in Those Supplements?
  249. Trying to find a good hypothyroidism diet
  250. Saying 'ow' really can ease pain