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  1. Jobseeker stung by 'brazen' phone scam
  2. Online scam turns honest citizens into fences for stolen goods
  3. Nigerian pleads guilty to Internet scam
  4. Put the brakes on car ad scam
  5. Origin of the executioner's mask
  6. Scam Targets Consumers Searching for Puppies
  7. Nigerian love scam victims
  8. Thieves "gas train passengers"
  9. Criminal uses sugar water to stall cars
  10. Frozen squirrel stabbing
  11. JonBenet: 10 Years, No End to Mystery
  12. County funds lost in Nigerian scam
  13. Woman used farfetched tales to scam nearly $1 million
  14. "Bump keys" redux
  15. Gay-basher gets AIDS from his victim during the beating
  16. Convicted con artist shows how system flaws could allow him to steal your home
  17. Keep your heat below 69 degrees and you'll get in trouble with DCFS
  18. Burglary during a funeral
  19. Jeffery Dahmer may be linked to Adam Walsh disappearance
  20. Consumers warned of loan scams
  21. Some Immigrants Duped by 'notarios'
  22. Nigerian e-mail scam victim knew the score
  23. Zodiac Killer Case Still Fascinates
  24. Pin prick incident under investigation
  25. Hitman for hire?
  26. Thieves' Skimming Devices Target Debit-Card Readers
  27. Bristol Zoo carpark thief
  28. Brink's drivers can leave the scene of an accident
  29. Baltimore County Police Warn of Gangs Stealing Cell Phones
  30. Rescued by Nancy Drew
  31. BEWARE of newspapers left lying on the road path
  32. Tips for preventing ID theft
  33. U.S. Internet fraud at all-time high
  34. Debit Card Switch
  35. Internet Logos LLC Fraud
  36. Historian claims to ID Jack the Ripper
  37. Vandals Hit Vending Machines with Out-Dated Scheme
  38. Assassins prefer 'Catcher in the Rye'
  39. Check please, thieves say
  40. Door of the Tate murder scene
  41. Is Madeleine McCann Disappearance a Hoax?
  42. Bloods initiation story is false, state police say
  43. Crazy woman fakes rapes on train
  44. Escape by breast milk
  45. Gang rape of 15-year-old fan by rap group
  46. Malaysian taxis
  47. Grand theft hair
  48. Police find 'werewolf' link to violence
  49. Dalton Police gang warning
  50. Victims' family members used to execute murderers
  51. Hitman Scam
  52. Albanian bank robbery
  53. Hit man tourism
  54. Torchlights Beware
  55. Don't smell the perfume!
  56. A Web Cadre Turns the Tables on African Scam Artists
  57. Eagle Scouts make good citizens
  58. Haircuit gang
  59. Montgomery Police Debunk Child Rape Rumor
  60. Acid Bomb
  61. 3 arrested in obit bandit caper
  62. Gangsters were buried in "concrete shoes"?
  63. Wal-Mart theft ring warning letter
  64. Don't buy pot in Jamaica
  65. The Pinkerton Agency's logo inspired the term "private eye".
  66. Fraternity rape rumor
  67. Hunt for Lord Lucan turns to New Zealand
  68. Brampton's urban myth frustrates the mayor and police chief
  69. Robbers snatch dog poo
  70. Woman’s threatening note a hoax
  71. Push-pockets
  72. Internet myth 'misleading'
  73. Art theft ranked as fourth-largest criminal enterprise
  74. Guatemala's child-snatching plague
  75. Don Rickles and the gangster
  76. Shooting cockroaches
  77. Real-life urban legend: Woman says assailant hid in her SUV
  78. Women are disappearing around St. Louis
  79. US scientists: Dr Crippen was innocent
  80. Child molesters roughed up in prison?
  81. Man who claimed he was beaten arrested
  82. Unclear on the Concept
  83. Music played during Manson murders
  84. 'What gun? Oh, this gun? Uh, it came with the pants'
  85. Boarding passes reveal who will be searched
  86. New drug: JENKEM
  87. Lead exposure, crime seem to correlate
  88. IRS warns of fake e-mail claiming to help wildfire victims
  89. Cherry Hill and Franklin Mills Mall Shoppers warning
  90. "You were too rough on that thief"
  91. Pharmacies reimbursed for Oxycontin robberies
  92. Gas pump scam
  93. A great year for the top 10 scams
  94. Stolen plate from US mint used by crooks
  95. New Remote Cell Phone Erasing Tool
  96. Tips for evading scammers' clutches
  97. Gangs in Greensboro
  98. Picking Pockets? Nah, Surfing Shoulders
  99. Check scams thrive, especially online
  100. Legendary Murderess Mystery: Case Closed?
  101. 'No-Body Cases' Can, and Do, Go to Trial
  102. Mom was drugged with a touch
  103. Foiling a Rapist
  104. Sedated by a pamphlet
  105. At Zurich Museum, a Theft of 4 Masterworks
  106. Lake Tahoe is full of bodies
  107. Burglar follows service people
  108. Women don't have to go to police stations at night
  109. Bozo the Clown: Most Wanted
  110. Texas abduction warning
  111. Roofies in Thousand Oaks
  112. Man who reported beating charged with lying to police
  113. Hideout for Scarface?
  114. Baby, it's safe outside
  115. He bit into some Nigerian spam - to fight it
  116. Forensic experts at Manson site
  117. Houses stolen in mortgage fraud
  118. Wal-Mart parking lot food thefts
  119. School buses stolen and driven by suicide bombers
  120. Man charged as sex offender over vanity license plate
  121. Stolen house
  122. "Beat Up a White Kid" Day
  123. Running water attackers
  124. Propane tanks used for cooking meth
  125. Hoaxes hit bookstores
  126. Drop guns
  127. Social networks friendly to identity thieves
  128. The smiley-face killers: a born-in-Minneapolis urban legend takes wing
  129. Thieves using crayons to mark houses for break-ins
  130. Quandary over acid hijackings
  131. Store child abduction is denied
  132. Who's a Rat?
  133. Thieves focus on pointless chip theft
  134. St. Louis serial killer
  135. Statistics about correctional officers
  136. Fake-check scams can be stamped out
  137. Thieves skim credit card data at fuel pumps
  138. Bogus Bank Guards Tell Depositors, 'We'll Take Care of That'
  139. Keyring-tracking thieves
  140. That story about the man in the woman's car -- it's just a story
  141. Five year old spent $105,000
  142. Crack disguised as Cheetohs
  143. Scams don’t stop in bad economic times
  144. Man Dressed As Clown Stalking Kids
  145. Man charged in scam on road
  146. High school murder study
  147. FTC targets credit repair firms
  148. Knocking kids out with chloroform?
  149. eBay and Craigslist newbies: Beware scams
  150. Stealing campaign signs is a federal crime?
  151. Dell delivery scam
  152. Coke + ajinomoto = date rape drug
  153. Beware of scams involving U.S. Postal Service jobs
  154. Essex copper deluged after forwarding web hoax email
  155. Ugandan men warned of 'booby trap'
  156. How to snag highly coveted tickets
  157. Carjacking with pool cleaner
  158. Adam Walsh case being closed
  159. GPS burglars
  160. Knockout soap
  161. Apology to mugger
  162. Thrice-robbed Wawas shut down
  163. Study backs cops: Cold weather keeps bad guys inside
  164. Kidnapping statistics
  165. Credit card hack
  166. Pulled over for *not* weaving
  167. Hotel credit card scam
  168. Credit car numbers sent via radio at gas stations
  169. Kidnap digital ruse; E-mail ‘urban legend’
  170. Thieves use electromagnets to find laptops in car trunks
  171. Cell phone stalkers
  172. Blank screen ATM thefts in Sheffield City Centre
  173. Double Disney kidnapping
  174. Woman claims Zodiac killer was her dad
  175. Universal garage door opener code
  176. Woolly graffiti/yarnbombing hits NZ
  177. Plastic baskets under cars at Deerbrook Mall
  178. Dennis was carjacked in Arlington
  179. Man in white van 'an urban myth'
  180. Don't believe e-mail about attacks
  181. Beware of fake-check scams
  182. Wasp spray vs. pepper spray
  183. Job scams on rise as hard times hit crooks
  184. Date-rape drink spiking 'an urban legend'
  185. Burglary scent scam 'urban myth'
  186. Arrested for going over credit card limit
  187. In California, mortgage scammers find easy pickings
  188. Racist security measures on rap music
  189. Killing a police dog = killing a cop
  190. No Eagle Scout has ever been convicted of a felony
  191. Phone scams up despite do-not-call registry
  192. Man stole motorbike - part by part
  193. Photo booth captures purse snatcher in the act
  194. Ice knife murder
  195. Cell phone kidnapping scam
  196. Return of the Halloween gang initiation scare
  197. Teacher used Bible to 'legitimize' sex with girls
  198. Baby carseat lure
  199. Carjacking warning
  200. Women play a bigger role in Mexico's drug war
  201. Crooks throw eggs at windshields
  202. Oklahoma shopping dangers aren’t those seen in e-mail chains
  203. Getting away with murder in [your town here]
  204. National Gang Week
  205. Crime stories
  206. Most-stolen book
  207. Illinois enema bandit
  208. NYC cop confirms ticket quotas?
  209. Prisons don't use reading scores to predict future inmate populations
  210. Will Hoffa mystery be buried with Giants Stadium?
  211. Walmart incident was ‘misunderstanding’
  212. Horse thieves braiding manes to mark horses for theft
  213. Essex Police try to stop abduction rumours
  214. Was the "ball and chain" ever really used?
  215. Child kidnapped at baseball game
  216. Prisoners don't like pedophiles
  217. Shooting at the Goodyear blimp
  218. Baby pickpocket scam
  219. Officer returns gun to assailant
  220. Hot days, more crimes? It's a matter of degrees
  221. Cybergang goes after job-seekers with check scam
  222. Sweepstakes scams getting more sophisticated
  223. As credit scores fall, more consumers vulnerable to credit-repair scams
  224. Scammers target desperate job seekers
  225. Fairfield Reacts to Potential Gang Threat
  226. FTC clamps down on mortgage modification scammers
  227. Code to remove coins from vending machines
  228. CSI causes drop in crime rate
  229. FTC says impostor scams are growing fast
  230. FDA warns of drug scams that play on radiation fear
  231. Identical prisoners
  232. An old mortgage scam aims to hijack a payment or two
  233. Why you can't print counterfeit money on a color laser printer
  234. Cramming grows to epidemic proportions
  235. Some in Lizzie Borden's Hometown Think Her Legend Is Out of Whack
  236. Was a Canadian business sued by a burglar for not leaving their lights on?
  237. CEO's billion-dollar theft 40 months in jail; homeless man's $100 theft: 15 years
  238. Police hit out at hoax clown stab attack rumours
  239. Nearly 4 out of 5 of burglars use social networks to find empty homes
  240. How to spot the web’s top 3 biggest scams
  241. Thief foiled by TV preacher
  242. Hysterical parents keep kids away from school
  243. In defence of J Edgar Hoover
  244. Swedish police: white van child-snatchers 'an urban myth'
  245. 'Move out,' scam radon letters order householders
  246. Call center murder
  247. Watch out for pickpockets
  248. White van myth exploded
  249. How to Protect Yourself from Fake Debt Scammers
  250. Study: Obvious Nigerian scam emails appear that way for a reason