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  1. Defecating at moment of death
  2. Heelies warning
  3. God Took Them
  4. Death by fountain
  5. Body Found in Home a Year After Death
  6. Last House on the Left
  7. Death by icicle
  8. 'Ghost Girl' tale had prankster fans
  9. The Queensland Claw
  10. Woman Lived with Dead Roommate
  11. Girl killed on phone
  12. Deadly seattle rave?
  13. Baby eats own hands
  14. Death by salamander
  15. Death by toaster
  16. Airbag decapitates baby
  17. Death by CD
  18. Airline Moves Dead Body to 1st Class
  19. Boy Scout Lane
  20. Legends of a Different Sort
  21. Blinded by laser pointer
  22. Woman pricked by hidden needle
  23. Horrors, that pains us!
  24. Dead rat found in elderly patient's mouth
  25. Lawsuit: Body found hours after plane landed
  26. Afghans Fear Phones Spread Deadly Virus
  27. "Love baby" tomb
  28. Awake and in pain under the knife
  29. Dead Man Travels Unnoticed on Train
  30. Couple Touring Home Find Woman's Body
  31. Doctor finds spiders in ear of boy with earache
  32. Graveyard shift for Afghan med students
  33. Child decapitated by ceiling fan
  34. Home-buyer finds mummified body of former owner on couch
  35. Toes cut off by steel-toed boots
  36. Pakistani gang arrested for stealing kidneys
  37. Scarf game is killing one child a month in France
  38. The revenge of Darwin
  39. Freddie Starr Drank Dick Emery's Ashes
  40. Bones in bedroom
  41. Model dropped dead on runway?
  42. A horror movie come to life
  43. Qatar's cannibals fingered by victim
  44. Death-list rumours take hold in town haunted by suicide mystery
  45. Boy, 2, Found with Decomposing Mother
  46. Impaled by mattress spring
  47. Dumbwaiter death
  48. Dinner guest finds bodies in freezer
  49. Death from mailbox baseball
  50. Al Qaeda Bakes Children?
  51. Victims ID'd in hit-and-run crash
  52. Boy dies in microwave playing hide-and-seek
  53. Detective Testifies in Baby's Oven Death
  54. Woman Finds Black Widow Spider in Grapes
  55. Mummy child found in ceiling of Toronto home
  56. Macy's mummy
  57. Mexican woman kept dead husband by bed for a year
  58. PCP users eat (their own) tongues
  59. Child eats drugs on candy
  60. Woman Finds Skull in Auction Purchase
  61. Cremated Human Remains Found in Mailbox
  62. 'Killer' SMS hoax doing rounds
  63. East China police detain 60 people for spreading rumors, threats
  64. Living with dead people
  65. Upside-down plane crash
  66. Drunken Decapitation
  67. Dead bodies found in fallout shelter
  68. "Dead" man wakes up under autopsy knife
  69. Father Finds Son Dead in Vat of Acid
  70. Baby Alive Doll had maggots
  71. Haunted Ferrari
  72. 17th Century Salem Manuscripts Unearthed That Give Insight Into "Bloody Mary" Legend
  73. KSU dispels killer rumor Pyschic predicts mass murder on Halloween
  74. Flesh in Mexican cannibalism suspect's house was human
  75. Children find body of a child in a suitcase in Australian park
  76. The 5 Creepiest Urban Legends (That Happen to be True)
  77. The Old Vestor Manor
  78. Even Ancient Greeks and Romans Enjoyed Scary Stories
  79. Chess player beat computer and was then electrocuted
  80. Man's wife listened as train crash happened
  81. Ritual Cat Sacrifices a Halloween Myth, Experts Say
  82. Who knows what lurks ...
  83. Razor Blade Found in Halloween Candy
  84. Killer plug-in vibrator
  85. Killer light bulbs?
  86. Dismembered bride
  87. Phone May Not Have Killed Worker
  88. Dead Climber on Everest just "hanging around"
  89. Body Found in Tow-Yard Car After Crash
  90. Hoax May Have Led to Shock Treatments
  91. Escalating series of horrors
  92. Infant Skeleton Found in Suitcase
  93. Cat microwaved to death
  94. Toddler finds razor blades in sandpit
  95. Man's Death Goes Unnoticed
  96. Woman lived for months with dead partner
  97. Family finishes RV trip with grandmother's body
  98. Night of the Living Dead caused insanity
  99. Dog chewed toes as paralyzed owner slept
  100. Trumpet player's head exploded hitting high notes
  101. Woman Finds Blade in Lollipop
  102. U.S. says 82 youths have died in "choking game"
  103. Ice fishing prank
  104. McShock: Blade cuts girl in kiddies' play tunnel
  105. Decapitated by a falling window
  106. Baby fell from Hoover Dam and lived
  107. Acid in the hand dryer
  108. The narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym
  109. NPR: Over-the-counter torture at the general store
  110. Steamrolled but survived?
  111. Dirty needles set in park benches
  112. Spousal revenge tale
  113. AIDS List Video Hoax
  114. Charlie Sheen and the so-called snuff film
  115. Baseball fan killed by falling bullet
  116. Chainsaw Killer at the Door
  117. Man Finds Skeleton in Newly Trimmed Tree
  118. Mummy in the air duct
  119. Woman on oxygen machine dies when company shuts off power
  120. Boiling a foot off?
  121. Heartbroken man climbs into morgue freezer
  122. Dry drowning
  123. Civil servant sat dead at her desk for two days
  124. Galveston bodies in trees
  125. Contaminated water fountains at WalMart
  126. Consciousness after decapitation?
  127. A Man Called Freud Can't Keep His Phobia Buried
  128. Pin found in Halloween candy
  129. Good Old Jack
  130. Shadow of the 'Black Heart Man'
  131. Razor blades in pants
  132. Body builder car accident
  133. Christmas light airplane crash
  134. Deadly California spider travels to Canada
  135. Body left in car for 2 days after fatal wreck
  136. Cooked in the tub
  137. Organ Trafficking: Not Just Urban Legend
  138. The Great Plane Crash Myth
  139. Human sacrifice to Halley's Comet
  140. Dead Cat in Package (Historical Item)
  141. Where weather is gnarly, the drink is barley
  142. Body dragged nearly 20 miles on NYC highways
  143. LSD caused switch to self-stick stamps
  144. Death by towel-snapping
  145. Death by sugar
  146. The Lost Wreck
  147. Kill the babysitter
  148. Boiled in water tank
  149. Death by Coca-Cola
  150. Father bites off baby's fingers to spite his wife
  151. Quicksand pulls woman in half
  152. Suffocated in a giant helium balloon
  153. The most creepy stuff on the web
  154. Death by soccer ball
  155. Poisoned candy turns out to be a Halloween myth
  156. Woman killed by roadside memorial
  157. Drinking legends
  158. Secret symbol in horror books
  159. Dog eats baby
  160. Kidneys gone after sex with prostitutes
  161. Candy cane stabbing
  162. Sunbathing death at FSU
  163. Harps amputate fingers
  164. People entombed in construction projects
  165. LIFE murderer
  166. Accident victim mistaken for Halloween actor
  167. Belly dancer strangled by ceiling fan
  168. Video of woman who claims to have spread AIDS stirs panic
  169. Christine Chubbuck on-air suicide
  170. Death by newt
  171. Body found under hotel bed
  172. "Muslims" kidnap children in ASDA
  173. Body lay undiscovered under sofa for 10 years
  174. Chef dies after feeling eel
  175. End of the road for Kosovo organ claims?
  176. Elevator decapitation
  177. Black Friday bladder explosion
  178. Freakish fatalities
  179. Hazing death
  180. Taiwan restaurant says no corpse in water tank
  181. Snakes on a Mine Ride
  182. Woman dies in oven
  183. Lord Young admits that many “health and safety” scare stories are “hysteria”
  184. The Corpse on the Tube
  185. Woman being prepared for burial comes back to life
  186. South Africa falls for horror cash-for-organs stunt
  187. Michigan doll house
  188. Death by rice
  189. Nail-laced bait left for dogs in parks?
  190. URI Ghost Hunting Team shares campus tales, stories of supernatural encounters
  191. The Legend of La Llorona, the Weeping Woman
  192. Ricin: Is it the perfect way to kill?
  193. Ghost stories
  194. Urban legend Carmen Winstead tops Philippines newsmakers list
  195. Tapped methanol instead of ethanol
  196. Lester Road
  197. Needles found in Walmart clothes
  198. The 'Faces of Death' Guy Looks Back
  199. Boy injured by air pump in serious condition
  200. Barmy boyfriend almost dies in botched birthday stunt
  201. Woman loses breasts while bungee jumping
  202. The Slender Man
  203. Knife in the back
  204. Las Vegas hospital workers make bets on patient deaths
  205. The Expressionless
  206. Molly -- VERY DANGEROUS drug!
  207. Beijingers haunted by late night ghostly phone calls
  208. Did Church of Satan eat a dead woman's thigh?
  209. No more Flight 191s
  210. Razor blades between the piano keys
  211. Death by dry ice asphyxiation
  212. The Lion Tails
  213. Kettle spiders
  214. Doll-induced nightmares
  215. Death by garbage chute
  216. Ghosts at Ballys Las Vegas
  217. The Haunted Marotte
  218. Sled runners amputate fingers
  219. Panty Hose a Hazard in a Fire
  220. "Welcome to the HIV World" hits Manila
  221. The Man in the Glasses
  222. School boy beheaded by signpost after sticking head out of bus
  223. The Smiling Man
  224. Twelve-year-old girl in India living with ants in her head
  225. Black Widow Cigarette
  226. Michigan morgue debunks fake news site's report employee cremated while taking a nap