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  1. Net yourself a new kind of Christmas
  2. The carols that you sing
  3. Is there safety in reversing PIN number?
  4. Michael Crichton's Novel titled "Next"
  5. TV Land Myths and Legends
  6. Let the Sender Beware!
  7. Urban legend haunts aquarium
  8. The Book of General Ignorance
  9. Flyaway rumors
  10. Blonds finally taken off the endangered species list
  11. Ancestry Magazine mention of snopes
  12. Backward PIN won’t summon police to ATM
  13. That's Bollocks!
  14. The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins
  15. It's love at first cite
  16. Fighting Reglurgification!
  17. Bogus Hit Man E-Mail Tries to Get Personal Info
  18. Tall tale an insult to Saskatchewan core values
  19. Attractive lies, urban legends
  20. Tesher taken in by urban legend
  21. E-mail to soldier spurs outrage
  22. Sorry, no printers are available on this cell phone
  23. Digging deep on your questions about McDonald’s, James Taylor and global warming
  24. Snopes in a LewRockwell.com column
  25. E-mail on month long ticket writing campaign a hoax
  26. Urban Legends Easy to Spread on the Internet
  27. True or False: Urban Legend Emails
  28. Online Now: Snopes.com
  29. Multi-link Monday
  30. Top 7 Most Outrageous E-Mail Hoaxes
  31. Weird Web Trail: Conspiracy Theory — Or Marketing for Nine Inch Nails LP?
  32. M&M space shot demonstrates the theory of price relativity
  33. Whatever, other sports: baseball's king
  34. UL and Christianity
  35. We're a meganiche!
  36. Cat got your toilet?
  37. Online urban legends: fact or fiction
  38. Look for truth before perpetuating a lie
  39. Nearsightedness a mystery to eye doctors
  40. Corporations combat insistent urban legends
  41. Snopes cited in TWoP book
  42. Mayonnaise wasn't the trick for removing permanent marker
  43. Things We Like
  44. Email Hoax with "Invitation" Attached Now Circulating
  45. Snopes.com foremost authority on rumors and 'urban legends'
  46. Back Fence
  47. Will cell phone numbers become fair game?
  48. Don't panic, widespread e-mail warning women just a hoax
  49. It's a tasty treat looking at Twinkie lifestyles
  50. E-mailed Health Warnings
  51. Good e-mail etiquette key in the workplace
  52. Pigs, worms and ex-boyfriends ... wait, I think we have a theme
  53. Snopes, Illuminated
  54. Hamster Revolution Cites snopes.com as #1 Fact Checking Site
  55. Urban legends outlawed ... April Fools'!
  56. Traditions with Twists
  57. Snopes.com in German Media Watch-Blog
  58. Debunk urban legends, rumors, and conspiracy theories
  59. 'Lock-bumping' videos spark concern
  60. ATM urban legend
  61. Handicapping Late Season NBA
  62. Take your pick of which holiday to celebrate in April
  63. Oil on the Brain
  64. Cancer Emails
  65. 10 things we learned this week
  66. Tribute well-deserved, at the time
  67. Cell phones myth de-bunked
  68. New fakers find good ideas in old hoaxes
  69. 10 financial urban legends
  70. Bogus e-mail Circulating
  71. Chain letter scam a sick joke
  72. Dissecting Jack's Lies
  73. Snopes in xkcd!
  74. New Scientist
  75. Destroying microwave myths, other scams
  76. The big debate: Throwing fat on the fire
  77. Bad connection
  78. WND column tied to Jay Leno now hot urban legend
  79. Keep a hanky handy
  80. Send this e-mail to 50 people, and Steve Jobs will cure cancer
  81. 'Ugly bus' saga continues on the streets of Newbury Park
  82. NO GAS MAY 15TH?
  83. The Top 25 Web Hoaxes and Pranks
  84. Strawberry Quick, Meth's Dangerous New Form
  85. Bad connection
  86. Boycott? No pain, no gain
  87. High gasoline prices in US, but limited impact
  88. You can't believe everything on the Web
  89. Gas boycott? Don't expect much impact
  90. Plunder Iraq from the comfort of your own home
  91. Why I Don't Read Your Emails
  92. Snopes featured on KTVI Fox 2
  93. Site Unravels Urban Legends
  94. Don't swallow everything you hear
  95. Meth with flavor hits Colorado
  96. Alcohol in Hand Sanitizer Can Mean Danger
  97. Interview: Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio on 'At World's End'
  98. Father knows best?
  99. Hoax emails unavoidable for surfers
  100. Children, Sex the Media and Law– Whoopee and Whoa
  101. Bitch magazine
  102. Points for (snopes) reference
  103. Myth Watch
  104. comScore Media Metrix Releases Top 50 Web Rankings for May
  105. Pop quiz: Test your tips and tricks IQ
  106. Famous Einstein Bee Quote Is Bogus
  107. The Internet, where it's April Fool's every day!
  108. Jail substitute teacher over noxious porn pop-ups?
  109. Broken bulb saga keeps going
  110. Sanitizer scare has parents worried.
  111. American Entomologist, Snopes, Einstein and Bees
  112. Action Line: Gift card purchases call for precautions
  113. Don't be fooled by 'new' fines; they're mostly an urban legend
  114. Liz Claiborne's Paris Show
  115. Burning speed
  116. Are your cell phone numbers at risk?
  117. Independence Day Fun List: Conversation Starters for Your BBQ
  118. Throwing cold water on myths helps those thirsting for the truth
  119. Temporary tattoos can leave permanent scars
  120. E-Mail Claims Bottled Water Can Lead to Cancer
  121. Beware e-mail hoax
  122. Drive time
  123. Folklore abounds about Friday the 13th
  124. Do you suffer from paraskavedekatriaphobia?
  125. Olive Garden Syphilis E-Mail Is Urban Legend
  126. False tales about big fines frighten Georgia drivers
  127. No truth to rumor of pop can Pledge
  128. Correction on Clinton’s draft dodging
  129. Do You Check Your Skepticism at Your Inbox?
  130. Pirates in Malaysia
  131. The August Mars Hoax Is Back
  132. Think you’re suddenly very popular? Think again
  133. Can tabs can't be traded for chemo treatments
  134. From the Horse's Mouth
  135. Al Gore should not be Lowe's target
  136. 網路追追追/俄羅斯的豬人?
  137. I Saw It On a Screen -- So It *Must* Be True!
  138. Patricia Arquette
  139. Questions, answers for computing
  140. Kids Must Be Wary in Chats with Pals Online
  141. E-mail hoax resurfaces in Idaho
  142. E-cards sending risky messages
  143. Bogus Blockbuster Coupon
  144. Orem police: Be wary of hit man scam e-mail
  145. Going for a song
  146. iPhone 'thumbed-down' story waves facts goodbye
  147. Be wary of calls from the "Bank"
  148. TV Commercials That Get a Bit Too Personal
  149. Legends that won't die
  150. Save the bunny!
  151. Birth of a myth
  152. Rumor has it that there are some myths that need to be refuted
  153. Another foreign e-mail fraud surfaces
  154. Bottled vs. tap water debate filters down to the schools
  155. She looks at things differently, that's all
  156. ‘Urban’ legend still making rounds
  157. It's safe to talk on cellphone as it recharges
  158. Netiquette or Celliquette ... do you need etiquette school?
  159. More rock from L.B.'s Class of '72
  160. Tabloid Journalism disappears because of snopes
  161. No shuttles piloted by drunks, NASA says
  162. Al Lowe cites Snopes
  163. My sociology book!
  164. Carcinogens, the Mayo Diet and Buying Private Parts (!)
  165. News briefs
  166. Net Crashers
  167. Oh, *Everyone* Knows *That* (Except You)
  168. Ask the Times
  169. Amazing truck crash photos spark Web debate
  170. Movie Answer Man on "Corpus Christi"
  171. Ain’t That the Truth
  172. Live Wire
  173. Knapsack maker finds its niche
  174. Snopes Mentioned in BTWT - WSJ
  175. Emoticons are 40 years old
  176. Just Ask
  177. Stop Sylvia Browne
  178. Rumor Has It: Television, Web sites aim to disprove urban legends
  179. Buzz Bishop doesn't think drug mule story is a legend.
  180. Famous Mr. Ed a Zebra?
  181. Twinkie, little star
  182. My friend the Serial E-mailer
  183. Stop and think before you hit 'send' on that wild, wacky e-mail
  184. Everything moves faster by e-mail, including false charges
  185. Ask the Times
  186. Happy Halloween!
  187. Car thieves remain bold, unsophisticated
  188. Kent Massacre, Part II
  189. Hillary Clinton’s secret meetings with Britney, Paris
  190. The New Right-Wing Smear Machine
  191. Phone Number Searches Can Point to Addresses, Maps
  192. ‘Nature’ wants to create buzz about bee crisis
  193. Parents, check that Halloween candy!
  194. Good vibes in modern households
  195. Urban legends a drain on police resources
  196. 10 things you may not know about candy
  197. E-mail etiquette tips
  198. Are local kids using human waste to get high?
  199. Snopes mentioned in Dear Prudence
  200. Applebee's
  201. Out of context
  202. Scam warning
  203. Silence is golden? Not always
  204. Don’t Believe All You Read
  205. Meganiche
  206. 5 Things You Didn't Know: Albert Einstein
  207. comScore Media Metrix Releases Top 50 Web Rankings for October
  208. Incredible lawsuit tales
  209. 'Black Friday' a big shopping day, but maybe not that big
  210. Price of 'Twelve Days' gifts hits $78,100
  211. Cookie monster (still) eats cookies!
  212. Translation frustration
  213. Coke: We didn't invent Santa, but we made him cheery
  214. Reporting rumour and innuendo
  215. Amy Bruce
  216. Old photos on the Net jolt Pearl Harbor survivor
  217. Hoax: What Side is Your Gas Tank On?
  218. That lyin' e-mail still making the rounds
  219. "Skeleton of Giant" Is Internet Photo Hoax
  220. All the 'News' Unfit to Print
  221. Rumor false
  222. Law enforcement: Wal-Mart rumor is urban legend
  223. Police refute gang initiation rumor
  224. 'Candy-flavored' meth is Ashe senator's target
  225. The last, best hope
  226. Starbucks fable involving Marines untrue
  227. Raise your glass to 2008
  228. Boxing Day
  229. Resolution: Getting rid of annoying junk mail
  230. ‘Lesson’ nothing more than a fraud
  231. Learn to crack grocery stores' twist-tie code for freshest bread
  232. Obama is top draw at urban legend website
  233. Barack Attack on the web
  234. Dispelling the myths
  235. We help you help yourself
  236. Mariah Victim of Internet Hoax - Again
  237. Stop hitting the forward button
  238. Pass this along to all your friends!
  239. The Numbers Behind the Numbers
  240. Corporate rivals make bad bedfellows
  241. More E-mails Surface on Barack Urban Myth
  242. Paper should check out smears
  243. Misleading Mountain Lion on Patio
  244. Let's clean up the Internet
  245. Obama: I'm Not a Muslim! Forward This to Everyone You Know
  246. False article taken off GOP site
  247. Web site can clear up rumors about Obama
  248. E-mail lies, undecided voters
  249. Letter to the Tulsa World nowhere near as stupid as usual
  250. Libraries strapped for space