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  1. Red Bull Moon Landing
  2. Cal Ripken's streak preserved by fake lighting problems
  3. Law & Order: SVU - Stolen Kidney UL
  4. Tim Horton's Coffee
  5. Every Mythbusters myth on one page
  6. Super Bowl Myths Debunked
  7. 'Ring around the rosies' cited in book about the plague
  8. Credit Card Numbers on Keycards
  9. The Legend of Madame Pele
  10. Reversed PIN in Orlando Sentinel
  11. Ancient rule at Oxford: claret for student
  12. Supernatural
  13. French comic about urban legends
  14. Ima and Yura Hogg
  15. Coriolis Effect on Dilbert Blog
  16. The Forgotten Hotel Room
  17. Family Guy
  18. House 4/3/07
  19. Supernatural - 04/19/2007
  20. Semana Santa refs Dirty Disney movie
  21. Funky and the Frog
  22. Einstein & Bees
  23. Impacted feces infomercial
  24. On Your Mind
  25. Carlos Mencia on La Llorona
  26. The Value of Pi
  27. Light Out! in Buried by Mark Billingham
  28. Chicken Tikka Masala
  29. Why do we say “bless you” (or similar) when someone sneezes?
  30. Christopher Hitchens' apology
  31. Shoes over telephone wires
  32. Tips
  33. Popular check scam even fooling banks
  34. John Dean vectors Presidential IQ UL?
  35. Internet hoax catches letter-writer
  36. Garrison Keillor and the Vanishing Hitchhiker
  37. Consuming cremated ashes: sighted in movie
  38. The conman and the bumblebee
  39. "A San Francisco Trip"
  40. Parents see red over school's green-suited santa
  41. Tiger adopts piglets
  42. 12/6/07 Frazz comic strip
  43. On Tipping
  44. New twist to an old saw
  45. 1/3/08 Pearls Before Swine
  46. Drawn Together kidney gag
  47. Carcraft Advert
  48. Pirate recruiting
  49. Kidney legend
  50. The "drug addict believes he is a glass of juice" legend
  51. The "Hand of Hope" in Dr House
  52. Two webcomics see Paul is dead
  53. Marble in car door as revenge on ex
  54. Newspaper Op-Ed Reprints Faux-Rooney Screed
  55. Guillermo Del Toro's The Orphanage
  56. Swastik-Os
  57. Strongbad e-mail
  58. Now This Is a Fish Story
  59. UK television falls for the infamous canyon jump pic
  60. SC Republican Fiercely Opposes "North American Union" and the "Amero"
  61. Supv. Herner offers apology for e-mail hoax
  62. UL as a brain teaser
  63. Sighting: dead prom hitchhiker?
  64. 260-pound mountain lion hit by car in Greenwood
  65. Associated Content falls for Mr Ed, Sixpence
  66. Top efforts were all in vain
  67. Thief robs woman of dead dog
  68. Man blows up apartment spraying for bugs
  69. Spuds MacKenzie
  70. Visine legend on 'Bones'
  71. "Son of a Gun" on House
  72. In the Dark
  73. Great Wall Seen from Space on Jumpstart
  74. Bloody Mary in XKCD
  75. "Mr Gorsky" in Watchmen
  76. Email carjacking hoax
  77. Twinkies Last Forever on NPR's "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me"
  78. Cracked.com - 6 genuises who saw their inventions go wrong
  79. Lacoste Releases Limited Edition Crocodile Mythology Collection
  80. Animal "facts"
  81. 5/25/09 Non Sequitur comic
  82. What Gates and Cosby didn't say
  83. 'Lost' photos aired on TV as doomed flight
  84. Lewis Black humor on The Daily Show
  85. My soon-to-be ex husband's Porsche for cheap sale (£2,000)
  86. Hanging Munchkin in Robot Chicken
  87. HistoryBuff Newsletter
  88. Close-Up: New York's hanging sneakers
  89. Email myths leave false trail
  90. Tis the season -- don't get poisoned
  91. Celebrities named and shamed for crazy comments in name of science
  92. A Scanner Darkly
  93. Dilbert (January 2010)
  94. The Superions - "Who Threw That Ham at Me"
  95. The Unwitting Thief
  96. Rugby star JPR Williams 'put coins in mouth to try to trick drink-driving test'
  97. Hunt for Worthing "poo thief"
  98. The relationship between an ox's behind and a pallet
  99. Urine Revealing Pool Chemical in "Grown Ups" movie trailer
  100. Press Your Luck guy on This American Life
  101. Military statues legend
  102. Pipp’s Headache Was Gehrig’s Big Break
  103. Wienie roast sighting on 'Man vs. Wild'
  104. Teddy Stoddard glurge
  105. When a ‘true story’ isn’t true
  106. NPR's Science Friday: Coyotes with mange
  107. Razor blade in an apple
  108. Freak out! They're coming for our guns!
  109. Our Valued Customers on Hoverboards
  110. 'Kool' way to keep sober
  111. Urban legends die hard
  112. Speeding tickets on itself
  113. Social media bolsters urban legend sparking fear in the Latino community
  114. COP16 Attendees Sign Petitions to Ban Water, Harm U.S.
  115. Dock Ellis & the LSD No-No
  116. The Cat, Dinner Party and Tainted Salmon
  117. Uncle John's Bathroom Reader: The World's Gone Crazy
  118. History puts alligators in NYC sewers
  119. F**K, the movie: Documentary explores the history of the F-word
  120. Best Retirement Plan Ever
  121. Hopatcong Man Balances Egg
  122. Allegra Huston has good luck with 'Mr. Gorski'
  123. The Legend of Bloody Mary now Available in the App Store
  124. Mariah Carey Skinny quote on MSN
  125. The Myth of Holiday Suicide
  126. Decodaquote cancelled in Times Newspaper
  127. Man’s kidney stolen during memory loss
  128. Police say reported back-seat bandit story is fiction
  129. Road rage incident straight out of urban legend
  130. Man orders prostitute, daughter arrives
  131. The Cinema Snob reviews Guinea Pig
  132. Thinkgeek selling plush Bonsai Kittens
  133. Disney Frozen myth in the Bizarro comic
  134. Prostitution Medallion
  135. Mariah Carey quote
  136. Refugee Whiz in the UK
  137. Myth of reversible ATM pins
  138. Vandals Hit Vending Machines with Out-Dated Scheme
  139. xkcd's Open Letter
  140. No, the travel customer is not always right
  141. If 27 Urban Legends Were True
  142. God is not Dead (film)
  143. He Came in Through the Bat-Room Window
  144. Italian man hires escort … turns out to be son’s girlfriend
  145. We only use ten percent of our brains
  146. Thalia shows removed ribs on Instagram
  147. Pageant mom fed daughter tapeworms to make her lose weight
  148. Random man pricked with syringe, told 'Welcome to the HIV club'
  149. Horror Films You Did Not Know were Based On True Stores
  150. Gerbil UL on "Family Feud"
  151. "The Grateful Millionaire" at Liberty University
  152. "Ring Around the Rosie" on Fear the Walking Dead
  153. Upside down pineapple swinger signal on sports talk radio
  154. The real reason KFC changed its name from Kentucky Fried Chicken