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  1. Things you shouldn't have to tell your pet
  2. Pet pictures
  3. Stupid pet questions
  4. Mom awoken by cat finds python wrapped around 2-year-old daughter
  5. Unpleasant pheasant picks on postman
  6. High drama: Qantas python's flying circus
  7. Rare San Francisco river otter stumps researchers
  8. Horse bolts from track & runs down US Route 1
  9. Kitten eats TV aerial and survives
  10. Ferret activist taking his cause to the White House
  11. Pubic Lice in Crisis
  12. Do Crabs Feel Pain? Maybe — and Maybe We Should Rethink Eating Them
  13. 25 Hilarious Animal Photobombs
  14. A Cat’s 200-Mile Trek Home Leaves Scientists Guessing
  15. New Zealand environmental advocate launches campaign to ban cats as pets
  16. Man Bites Ostrich to Death
  17. Dolphin seeks out help from diver
  18. Rabbits Wreaking Havoc on Cars at Denver International Airport
  19. Meet the Roster of Pups Playing in Puppy Bowl IX
  20. Decline In Printed Newspaper Leads To Puppy Poop Problems For SanFran Animal Control
  21. More than 100 horses seized in Morton County
  22. That Cuddly Kitty Is Deadlier Than You Think
  23. Dreams of Summer
  24. Owner Sends Dog to Kill Shelter for Being ‘Gay’
  25. Meet Sam: The Cat with Eyebrows
  26. Why Dogs Are Smarter Than Cats
  27. Disabled goldfish has tiny sling to help keep her afloat
  28. Albatross, 62, hatches chick
  29. Paint by muscles: Horse massage
  30. Woman with 300+ rats being evicted
  31. Explosive Fed. Mandate Killing Thousands of Red Snapper
  32. It's Raining Spiders In Brazil
  33. So got made a cat
  34. Why is Flanders suddenly barking her fool head off?
  35. And in a wild and crazy Westminster this year
  36. Sea slug sheds its penis after sex, scientists find
  37. Goats yelling like humans
  38. 10 Reasons Why Dolphins Are A$$holes
  39. In Stockholm the beavers are so lazy that they have started using chainsaws
  40. The 15th-Century Equivalent of Your Cat Walking on Your Keyboard
  41. Watch sea otter dunk basketball
  42. Research: Dolphins play 'shark volleyball'
  43. Don't feed the (polar) bears
  44. My best relationship is with my dog
  45. Scooby SNAPs: New York organization offers ‘Pet Food Stamps’
  46. Meet Hettie Moo, the cow who think's she's a horse!
  47. Medieval Manuscript Peed on by a Cat
  48. Cat survives ride in car’s engine
  49. Fierce Falcons: Video of Columbus' Peregrine Falcons
  50. Monkeys dislike human jerks, study says
  51. Loyal Dog Prevents Suicide Attempt: German Shepherd Saves Owner From Shooting Herself
  52. Girl bitten by foot-long rat as she slept
  53. Family: Lion Mauling was 'tragic accident'
  54. Ukranian attack dolphins on the loose
  55. Obamacare May Bite You At The Vet’s Office
  56. Panda porn shown in attempt to get two to mate
  57. Greyhound bus ride turned into roach-fest, passengers say
  58. Giant Sea Cucumber Eats With Its Anus
  59. Cock-a-doodle-doo! Scientists wonder why the rooster crows
  60. Misunderstood Rats
  61. PHOTOS: Adorable Baby Zoo Animals
  62. Lost Dog, Leia, Found After 2 Years And 700 Miles
  63. Deer springs from car trunk, not dead as thought
  64. Writer's Call to Kill Feral Cats Sparks Outcry
  65. Dog Finds Dead Newborn, Carries Body Back Home In Its Mouth
  66. Corgi vs. Doorstop
  67. Man Finds Baby Squirrel in Bag of Mulch
  68. Driving With Your Dog? Bill Would Prohibit Pets Behind the Wheel
  69. Tarantula The Size Of A Human Face Discovered
  70. Cicadas to Invade Tri-State Area
  71. Antbody have advice about cat acne?
  72. Need advice on dealing with diabetes in dogs
  73. Circus elephant hit in drive-by shooting
  74. Cat's Back Shaved, 'Please Neuter This Cat' Written on Its Skin
  75. Train avoids hitting puppy tied to Calif. track
  76. Giving a cat a pill. Any advice?
  77. Beaver Bites Man to Death
  78. Here’s why dogs rule literature — but cats run the Web
  79. Rare Speckled Moose Seen In Wyoming
  80. Sick Cat Who Ate Nothing but Cheeseburgers for a Year Is Rescued
  81. Orangutan swipes tourist's shirt, puts it on, mocks him
  82. Muffin the cat comes back from the dead
  83. Cat recovering from duct tape binding
  84. BIG CATS like boxes too!
  85. Man reunited with bird he lost in a divorce
  86. 72,000 Ladybugs Released Inside Mall of America
  87. In Social Settings, Monkeys See and Monkeys Do
  88. 100 snakes found in Canadian hospital
  89. Last rhinos in Mozambique killed by poachers
  90. Miracle Dog, Naki'o
  91. Animal services rescues dogs used for 'trunking'
  92. I need suggestions for a non-litter box household
  93. See our new kittens
  94. Dog survives nearly a month in impounded car
  95. No, I Do Not Want to Pet Your Dog
  96. Farmer ‘Shocked’ After Horses Put Down by State Patrol
  97. Worst-Ever Right Whale Die-Off Continues to Puzzle
  98. Sad Cat Diary
  99. Companies won't face charges in condor deaths
  100. Lost cat asks for directions
  101. Royal Oak Ordinance Requires $1 Million ‘Dangerous Dog’ Insurance Policy
  102. Trapped ducklings in Windsor saved by cellphone app
  103. Helping a carny-cat plagued by fleas
  104. What the State Birds Should Be
  105. Cat Meows Underwater
  106. The World's Most Awkward Taxidermy
  107. Gator sighting near 'Hooch concerns Cobb residents
  108. Couple Plans To Deliver Baby In Dolphin-Assisted Birth
  109. Couple Plans To Deliver Baby In Dolphin-Assisted Birth
  110. Long-lost feline found
  111. Cicada cam gives users frightening glimpse of ‘swarmageddon’
  112. Tiger vs. Lion -- Who Would Win?
  113. Far-Right Extremists Chased Through London by Women Dressed as Badgers
  114. Kangaroo leads Florida deputies on 10-hour chase
  115. How Turtles Got Their Shells
  116. Animal Behaviorist: We'll Soon Have Devices That Let Us Talk with Our Pets
  117. Utah Deer Dies After Mounting Moving Motorcycle
  118. Female Squid Munch Ejaculate for Healthier Eggs
  119. Husky runs on field during NCAA Tournament Game
  120. Town mails discarded dog poop back to errant pet owners
  121. Thoughts of adopting another Greyhound
  122. San Francisco Giants Fans Find Diamonds Are a Gull's Best Friend
  123. Mega mosquitoes arrive in Central Florida
  124. Deer stuck with Doritos bag on its head gets help
  125. Collars Reveal Why Just How Extreme Cheetahs Can Be
  126. Two-faced kitten born in Oregon
  127. Secret life of the cat: What do our feline companions get up to?
  128. Mom: Officer shot kittens in front of my kids
  129. All hail! Bacteria that control their squid overlords
  130. Dogs and neighbors
  131. Posh Ottawa neighbourhood deporting squirrels across border into Quebec
  132. Pit bull puppy chews off owner's toes
  133. My cat Zane has passed away
  134. Tiger photobombs couple’s wedding photo
  135. Snake! Woman says she found one in bag of potatoes from Wal-Mart
  136. I need advice about my cat
  137. 'Rusty the Panda' Is Missing from the National Zoo
  138. Medieval pet names
  139. My cat won't stop pooping on the carpet
  140. Birdwatchers gather to glimpse rare bird, watch it die instead
  141. Finally: A Way to Collect Semen from Parrots
  142. Arizona Jaguar Versus Copper Mine
  143. Beijing Police Seek ‘Large and Vicious’ Suspects (With Wet Noses)
  144. What is the most annoying bird?
  145. Confirmed: Spiders Are Even More Terrifying Than Previously Thought
  146. Swede bloodied in surprise beaver attack
  147. 'Frankenstein' rabbit goes viral online
  148. Squirrel Accused of Vandalizing SUV
  149. Injured Kitten Wears Mushroom Costume as Treatment
  150. Feeding Stray Cats In Radnor Could Leave You Responsible For Their Health
  151. Brazilian man dies after cow falls through his roof on top of him
  152. I Are Cute Duckling AWW
  153. These Sea Creatures Are Clearly From Outer Space
  154. Snake bites man's penis
  155. What bug is this?
  156. Baby Red Panda Cam!
  157. The Corvid Blog -Tail Pulling
  158. Baby hippo born at Switzerland zoo
  159. San Francisco Giants stumped by gulls gone wild
  160. Miniature cow calf looks like panda bear
  161. Tuna capsizes boat, drags fisherman into pacific before Coast Guard rescue
  162. Whales & Squid: Three Million Battles A Day
  163. Seagull flies off with woman's dentures
  164. Calf has spots that form smiley face
  165. How do I stop a counter surfing dog?
  166. Kitten Fed Strict Vegan Diet by Owners, Nearly Dies
  167. Don't get a dog [if you plan to have kids]
  168. Seagulls drunk on flying ants are attacking people
  169. Video of Stranded Pilot Whale at SeaWorld Causes Outrage
  170. Dog eats paralyzed Arkansas man's testicle
  171. Video appears to show bears 'twerking'
  172. Armed agents raid animal shelter for baby deer
  173. Bear steals entire dumpster from restaurant ... twice
  174. Dog eats paralyzed man's testicle
  175. Shark Cull Announced By France Follows Second Fatal Attack Off Réunion Island
  176. The 60 foot long jet powered animal you’ve probably never heard of
  177. This Hairless, Dwarf Rabbit Needs More Sunscreen Than You
  178. Dead shark is found in NYC subway car
  179. Cat accidentally raises $1,000 for charity with viral photo
  180. Tiger cubs born at DC's National Zoo
  181. As Dolphin Deaths Rise, U.S. Declares 'Unusual Mortality Event'
  182. Pit Bull Bites Off Part Of Man’s Tongue
  183. Urban-based birds 'learn to rap'
  184. Check out Deep Sea TV
  185. Animal-welfare group vandalizes butter cow
  186. No charges filed after dog dragged behind truck in Bartow County
  187. Scandinavian Swimmers Warned About Testicle-Attacking Monster Fish
  188. Dangerous Turtle At Large in Bavaria
  189. Dog owner makes special suit for blind dog
  190. Atlanta zoo welcomes first eastern black rhino newborn
  191. Alberta hotel hires Marcus the dog
  192. Dog Donates Blood, Saves Cat’s Life
  193. Sumatran Tiger Livestream
  194. Hamster eats whole ear of corn
  195. Kittens halt New York subway service
  196. Peru Declares State of Emergency in Puno as Temperatures Drop
  197. Could an asbestos-coated tarantula be on the loose in Cardiff?
  198. The cat is TOO affectionate!
  199. Millipedes – Yes, Millipedes – May Be Responsible for Australian Train Crash
  200. Days apart, cat, dog fall 43 stories from same high-rise balcony
  201. NH’s Famous ‘Ugly Cat’ Dies Of Heart Complications
  202. How One Nuclear Missile Base Is Battling Ground Squirrels
  203. Dallas Zoo brings in pet puppy to calm down cheetahs
  204. Feral pig ‘drinks 18 cans of beer, fights cow and then passes out drunk under tree’
  205. State probes mysterious dog illness killing pets
  206. Officer kills lizard found menacing chickens
  207. Orangutans Plan Their Future Route and Communicate It to Others
  208. Rocket frog takes a flying leap
  209. Family dog sniffs out baby abuser, hidden tape leads to confession
  210. 'Bear scare' leaves Swedish hunters cowed
  211. Wedding ceremony stalls when owl fails to deliver rings
  212. This Fall’s Hottest Accessory: Fake Service Dogs?
  213. Odd cat behavior
  214. Family Cleans House, Finds Pet Tortoise Missing Since 1982
  215. Couple Find Six Double-Yolked Eggs in a Single Package
  216. I must share the adorable feline that has entered my life
  217. Canine blended family - managing different approaches
  218. RIP Leela April 7 1997-Sept 25 2013
  219. Migrating Spiders Sailing Through North Texas Skies
  220. One-Eyed Kitten Dons Pirate Costume To Raise Money For Animal Shelters
  221. 19 people stung to death by hornets in China
  222. Tiger Woods outfoxed by feral friend?
  223. Deadly Lake Natron Turns Animals Into Ghostly 'Statues'
  224. Are there alternative forms of food for cats?
  225. Tiger rips off woman's arm at zoo
  226. Hiding up your nose is a clever strategy for ticks
  227. Dog having seizure-like symptoms when frightened
  228. Lost dog runs half marathon
  229. Elephants Get the Point of Pointing, Study Shows
  230. Air Canada loses dog, accidently sends news station an 'inappropriate’ email
  231. The little-told story of the massive WWII pet cull
  232. Pit bull saves cat from hungry coyotes
  233. Bear perforning tricks
  234. Seal wants to snuggle woman sitting on beach
  235. You Are Within 6 Feet of a Spider Right Now
  236. Cat reportedly carried drugs into prison
  237. Shake it, baby!
  238. Adoptable Friends
  239. Drunk French Teenagers Steal Circus Llama And Take It On Tram Ride
  240. Baby lion befriends pug and house cat at Nova Scotia zoo
  241. De-stresssss with an Indonesian snake massage
  242. Jellyfish taking over oceans, experts warn
  243. Police break door down in Kilburn after cat dials 999 and hangs up
  244. We found an injured squirrel
  245. Stray cat is regular visitor to pet shop
  246. Sunbathing kitty timelapse
  247. Toddler Naps with His 2-Month Old Puppy Every Day
  248. Suddenly getting the Greyhound's call name
  249. Camera-craving cat pounces on CBC crew
  250. 20 Dogs Were Busted in the Act. Now They're Being Hilariously and Adorably Shamed