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  1. College miscellany
  2. Ducks, beware
  3. 10-Year-Old Gets Perfect 800 on Math SAT
  4. UNC Chapel Hill Valentine's Day Public Break-up
  5. Snappy answers to difficult questions
  6. BCS band performance
  7. Hole in pyjamas reveals Internet plagiarism
  8. Dispelling Some Hopkins Myths
  9. Stern School of Communication
  10. The College Prank as Viral Video
  11. Freshman 15: Is it a myth?
  12. Mortarboard injuries
  13. Texan schools attacked by Smurfs?
  14. Wrong scholarships awarded; makes no difference
  15. Food for thought
  16. Dr. Seuss
  17. School prepares you for working in a factory?
  18. University of Missouri-Columbia State Pen
  19. UGA sorority tradition: Young and in a rush
  20. Myths, legends and UF
  21. Shocking tales of the underground
  22. The Search for Authenticity
  23. Rejection letter
  24. Student suspended for tricking rival fans into insulting themselves
  25. Top 10 party schools
  26. Zero score on T/F test
  27. Tennessee fraternity suspended for a century
  28. Students De-Stress During Finals
  29. The big 'Playboy party school' mystery tied to beltless pants?
  30. College hopefuls try the creative approach, but gimmicks rarely work
  31. RISD sports team names
  32. Crumbling WVU building designed by students
  33. University of Michigan does not have snow days
  34. Teaching works by dead authors only
  35. USC student all wrapped up
  36. Auburn's flag on the moon
  37. Locker numbers mistaken for IQ scores
  38. The ten weirdest exam questions
  39. Markers award students for writing obscenities on GCSE papers
  40. Princeton salads
  41. Legendary school pranks
  42. Exam legends
  43. MIT celebrates all things 'Smoot'
  44. Dartmouth subway
  45. Furman University Christian Knights
  46. True family values, or their lack, make a difference
  47. How Not to Get Into College
  48. Failed architecture student designs college building
  49. "Love Story": an American classic
  50. Shocking Cambridge University initiation ceremonies revealed
  51. Scholarship for white African
  52. Perpetual student funded by bequest
  53. You can't fool the principal
  54. Unlucky day revives urban legends at University
  55. Economics professor teaches socialism
  56. Ivy League
  57. Toilets, circles, Scooby at center of UMass urban legends
  58. Galileo at Harvard
  59. Free tuition for automobile accident victims
  60. William & Mary/Rutgers and the Ivy League
  61. Harvard accreditation
  62. Chemistry explosion
  63. College prank elevates flamingo's status
  64. Watch your step! Campus curses abound
  65. Massachusetts Institute of Technology rickrolled
  66. Cement life jackets
  67. Unclaimed scholarships
  68. Professor dies shielding students from explosion
  69. Instructors must grade failing classes on a curve
  70. Debunking SDSU's scary urban legends
  71. Link between Shrek, Notre Dame turns out to be myth
  72. Emma Watson at Brown
  73. Fahrenheit 451
  74. Med students get teacher's body at first autopsy
  75. What, Me Worry?
  76. Students at NU face 'brothel rule' being enforced
  77. Lobster dinner myth debunked
  78. Snappy answers
  79. You may use notes and Feynman
  80. Why teachers drink
  81. Even statues have to ‘shave’ at BYU
  82. Fifteen-minute late professor policy is a myth
  83. Were Brutalist Buildings on College Campuses Really Designed to Thwart Student Riots?
  84. Univ. of Michigan never closes for weather due to a lawsuit
  85. 'Helping with an exam' legend