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  1. Ex-FBI employee claims she saw angels at Flight 93
  2. Georgia church declares ID cards 'Satan-free'
  3. Man nears 3 millionth mile in beloved '66 Volvo
  4. Study Finds Increase in UFO Sightings in Canada
  5. Escalator found to be full of human feces
  6. Road Crew Paints Line Over Dead Raccoon
  7. Garbage Man Saves Woman's Wedding Ring from NYC Dump
  8. Man faked his own death to propose
  9. Boy loses beloved toy monkey; three years later Mom finds it on eBay
  10. Tycoon Offers £40m Dowry for Lesbian Daughter
  11. Druridge Bay skinny dippers miss out on world record
  12. Woman wets herself then showers on subway
  13. ‘Bagel head’ saline injections are new body art fad
  14. Man Finds Huge Eyeball on Beach
  15. Hundreds of exploding fake Heinz ketchup bottles discovered in New Jersey
  16. Shock as Brazilian man turns up at own wake
  17. Ex-mayor of Flint, Michigan Erects Statue of Himself Surrounded by Lions at His Home
  18. Anna, 105, offered spot in Swedish preschool
  19. North Korea's top leader named The Onion's Sexiest Man Alive for 2012
  20. The Serbian village that's warning of a vampire on the loose
  21. Man quits job when 666 appears on his tax form
  22. The Mystery of the Tiny Door in a Tree
  23. Gate to Hell Found in Turkey
  24. Brit woman wants new unhaunted house
  25. Woman finds ghostly couple in cellphone photo
  26. Former Sen. Mike Gravel says White House suppressing evidence of ETs
  27. Loch Ness Has Competition: Underwater 'Monster' Filmed in Ireland
  28. 'Pre-historic' whale wash-up
  29. New York man sells his ’100% virgin hair’ on Craigslist
  30. State puts 'used' giant morgue refrigerator up for sale on eBay
  31. Man Who Named Son After Hitler Shows Up For Family Court Hearing Wearing Nazi Uniform
  32. ‘Vampire’ mum who drinks people’s blood: I feel stronger and healthier
  33. English official says he has a child by an alien
  34. God of death statue starts SPINNING on its own in Manchester museum
  35. Canadian dentist hoping to clone John Lennon from tooth
  36. World's longest dreadlocks are longer than a BUS
  37. News site 'passes off Battlestar Galactica as aircraft carrier'
  38. $30,000 coffin comes with music system
  39. Canada Gloriously Punk’d By Network’s Story On Youth Soccer ‘No-Ball League’
  40. Uri Geller mystified by letterbox on Thames Sonning Bridge
  41. Baseball-sized meteor blows up over Alabama
  42. Superman super fan undergoes 19 plastic surgery procedures to look like his hero
  43. Minnesota high school misspells own name on yearbook cover
  44. Man attempting trans-Atlantic crossing using hundreds of multicolored balloons
  45. Flight 666 goes to HEL on Friday the 13th
  46. Lagos student "scientifically proves" that gay marriage is improper
  47. Creepy clown terrifying residents by standing on street corners staring at passersby
  48. That’s the spirit: The dating service for ghosts that’s haunting the web
  49. Weatherman eats cat vomit during live news broadcast
  50. Principal cancels school due to 'beautiful' day
  51. Florida Orphan's Appeal Prompts 10,000 Inquiries
  52. Meeting set on Iraq vet's SpongeBob gravestone
  53. Facebook bans discussion of British foodstuff
  54. Sweden's Ice Hotel told to get fire alarms
  55. 'Hoarder' kept mom's remains in storage
  56. One missed call and 48 texts from 'Satan'
  57. Man sets camera to catch ghosts, catches his GF having an affair with his son
  58. Bunny butchered in cut-throat figure skating feud
  59. Craigslist ad says unicorns for sale
  60. The carpet at Portland's airport has a cult following
  61. Iceland's Hidden Elves Delay Road Projects
  62. 2013 Failed and Forgotten Psychic Predictions
  63. Dead chickens being left at New Mexico cemetery
  64. Iranian news agency reports US has been run by Nazi space aliens since 1945
  65. Dirtiest man in the world smokes animal feces and hasn't bathed in 60 years
  66. ‘Yeezianity’ is a new religion that recognizes Kanye West as its savior
  67. What's Inside This Mystery House In North Carolina?
  68. Central Railway in India is being terrorized by a 'serial pooper'
  69. North Korea confirms it has landed a man on the Sun
  70. Dad with cancer writes daughter 826 notes
  71. Cleaning Woman Throws Out Artworks
  72. Pope accidentally drops Italian version of f-word during sermon
  73. Pastor ‘bans women from wearing underwear at his church’
  74. Ala. congressional candidate post[ed] video of himself sitting on the toilet
  75. Women Everywhere Can Now Buy Their Very Own Tiny NFBSK Statue (NSFW)
  76. In one month, couple hits lottery three times for more than $2 million
  77. McDonald's receipt tattoo recipient gets another strange tattoo
  78. Kurt Cobain conspiracy theorist sues Seattle over new death photos
  79. Man aspires to own every VHS copy of 'Speed'
  80. Dracula's Castle Up for Sale
  81. HBO star makes surprise cameo shortly after 7-year-old girl’s shooting
  82. ‘I did it Dad’: Graduate’s goal will bring tears to your eyes
  83. Whitehall residents: Gold in drinking water
  84. EPA Employees Told to Stop Pooping in the Hallway
  85. Man claims monster photographed in Chinese films is him peeing
  86. Spielberg accused of poaching dinosaur - Facebookers fooled by 'Jurassic Park' photos
  87. 3,000 pingpong balls dropped by plane onto Interstate 15 during Blackfoot Pride Days
  88. Woman learns husband is long-lost brother
  89. Brazil’s valley of beauties appeals for single men
  90. An Icy Solution To The Mystery Of The Slithering Stones
  91. Urban Outfitters Sparks Controversy With Offensive Kent State Sweatshirt
  92. Woman undergoes surgery to add third breast
  93. Ghost caught on camera at Espanola police station, officer says
  94. Redneck Christmas Parade canceled for being too 'trashy'
  95. A Tree That Flowers With 40 Different Fruits
  96. Stuart Little helps find lost Hungarian avant-garde artwork
  97. So what is the mystery creature captured by Google Earth off the coast of New Zealand
  98. Krampus the Christmas Devil Is Coming to More Towns. So Where's He From?
  99. Man has Same ‘Supernatural’ Christmas Tree for 40 Years
  100. This Amazing Son Paying Off His Parents’ Mortgage Is The Best Christmas Video Yet
  101. Stranger gives single mother new car for Christmas
  102. Fourth grader suspended for bringing Sauron's One Ring to school
  103. Video: Naked cowboy takes a stroll on I-75 in snow
  104. Yellowstone Bigfoot Video Goes Viral
  105. Charles Manson calls off wedding; fiancée wanted to display corpse
  106. Indian bride marries wedding guest after groom has epileptic seizure during ceremony
  107. Mystery tunnel near Pan Am games site stumps Canadian authorities
  108. Paedophile teacher immortalised in school memorial with the words 'He touched us all'
  109. 'Fairy control' to halt tiny doors in Somerset woods
  110. WTF of the Day: Child’s Ghost Photobombs Family in Australia
  111. High school soccer star saves dad’s life
  112. Erroneous Denver thermometer really hates spring snow
  113. Man left in dumpster as baby in 1989 reunites with cop who saved him
  114. Box found in Tampa attic has coins, a map, a hand and a mystery
  115. Man offers to buy Malia Obama's hand in marriage for 70 sheep, 50 cows, and 30 goats
  116. Mystery of the Day: Backwards Plane Perplexes Viewers at French Open
  117. 92-year-old Woman Adopts 76-year-old Daughter
  118. Remains of sea creature washed up in Far East
  119. Squirrel sought in $100k nut heist
  120. Hundreds of sex toys dangling from power lines in Portland, Oregon
  121. Creepy Clown Trespasses At Chicago Cemetery, In Dead Of Night
  122. SAS sniper saves father and eight-year-old son from being beheaded by ISIS maniac
  123. MYSTERY: Who’s wearing dark cloak, dropping raw meat on playgrounds?
  124. No Liquid Allowed in Carry On, Woman Drinks Entire Bottle of Cognac at Airport
  125. What Is This Mysterious Underwater "Robot" That A Chinese Fisherman Caught?
  126. Finally, a good, safe, story
  127. Is This Marshenge? Stonehenge-Like Formation Seen On Mars
  128. Locals are spooked after a shadow of a hanging man appears at Dead Man’s Cross
  129. Historic flooding has caskets floating to the surface in South Carolina
  130. The lost rivers that lie beneath London
  131. Is the Jersey Devil in Galloway Township?
  132. At London Zoo, Meerkat Keeper Fined For Attacking Monkey Handler Over Llama Custodian
  133. Space anomaly gets extraterrestrial intelligence experts' attention
  134. Bedbugs May Be Hitching Rides Into Your Home on LIBRARY BOOKS!
  135. Mysterious Boats Carrying Dead Bodies Wash Ashore
  136. Couple married 90 years share secret to staying together
  137. The 'vampire girl' who drinks her boyfriend's BLOOD
  138. St. Cloud homeowners find catfish in mailboxes
  139. Rare Weather Event Produces Spontaneous Snowballs in Idaho
  140. NASA releases recording of 'outer-space type music' from far side of the moon
  141. The World's Largest Desert Island Is in...Canada?
  142. Enormous, mysterious blob from the sea washes up on beach
  143. Everyone mistook a priest for a KKK member
  144. Scientists discover 1,500-year-old mummy in ADIDAS boots
  145. Texas Pastor Claims WF Cake had Homophobic Slur
  146. Divine Surprise: Evansville mom shares holy ultrasound picture
  147. Boy sells lemonade to help pay for his adoption
  148. Naked Gardening Day: the spirit of horticulture?
  149. NPR story I can't find
  150. 19th century boat found under New Jersey home
  151. Cowboy jumps on horse, lassos suspected thief
  152. Chilling photo of fatal wreck goes viral after people claim to see spirit
  153. Dozens of clowns terrorizing California
  154. Server receives $500 tip after simple act of kindness
  155. Migrants lured by sex into Egypt's backstreet kidney trade, says report
  156. This Small Town Will Give Land and a Job to Anyone Willing to Move
  157. Man Dressed as Batman Is Chasing Off Frightening Clowns in North England
  158. Wreckage of U-boat sunken by 'sea monster' found off UK
  159. Mystery foam fills street in Santa Clara
  160. This City's Nighttime Wildlife Cam Got Real Weird, Real Fast
  161. Creationist Ken Ham's Giant 'Noah's Ark' To Feature Dinosaurs vs. Giants Diorama
  162. Whipped Cream Explosion
  163. Lobster Weighing Over 20 Pounds Spotted In Logan Luggage
  164. Wish you were beer: Man checks in single can on flight
  165. Lucky carrot: Alberta woman finds mother-in-law's lost ring on a carrot in garden
  166. Engineers battle 143-ton "total monster" in London sewer
  167. Colorado police hunt 'Mad Pooper' jogger
  168. Famous fake news writer found dead outside Phoenix
  169. Delta flight takes unplanned potty break in Billings
  170. Man declared dead snores to life right before autopsy
  171. 'The story of a weird world I was warned never to tell'
  172. NASA accused of alien ‘cover-up’ of evidence of life on Mars
  173. Hello Lamp Post
  174. Sewage spills onto Dodger Stadium field, game cut short
  175. Pilots report close encounters with UFO over Arizona: 'Something just passed over us'
  176. Detroit Zoo is giving away free buckets of poop
  177. Worker finds body in wall in Calgary mall washroom
  178. Helicopter dropped box of ammunition over Parkland Elementary, causing outage
  179. The 'unbearable stench of an unwashed man'... forces airliner to divert
  180. A woman's tongue was inseminated by a squid after eating undercooked seafood
  181. Police Get Spooky 911 Call From Empty Funeral Home
  182. Satanists want a Baphomet statue installed at the state capitol
  183. Officials detonate unexploded mine floating in Pugent Sound
  184. Pumpkin boat paddled down River Ouse in York
  185. Huge Rotating Ice Disc Forms In Maine River
  186. The 26 weirdest government stories of 2018
  187. What are 'ghost apples'? Record low temperatures create freaky phenomenon