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  1. Hoax article on Wikipedia for 5 years
  2. The Answer is 9. Really, it's 9
  3. Looking for a Windows file management app
  4. Will Self-Driving Cars Change the Rules of the Road?
  5. Department of homeland security recomends disabling Java
  6. The Lenski dialogue
  7. Problem with USB wireless adapter
  8. Different wireless connections?
  9. Wanted: 'Adventurous woman' to give birth to Neanderthal man
  10. Does anyone here use KeePass?
  11. DNA links early human to present peoples
  12. Peugeot Citroen 'air-hybrid' prototype boasts 117 MPG
  13. Help me buy my sister a laptop
  14. Carbs were key in wolves' evolution into dogs
  15. Working Model of Stephenson's STEAM ENGINE made of GLASS
  16. When modems used to hiss
  17. Record Setting Asteroid Flyby
  18. Help needed making a smart phone comparison
  19. Next Xbox will use persistent ’Net connection to block used games
  20. George W. Bush's private photos hacked, put online
  21. UK scientists use 3D printer to print human stem cells
  22. 11 Things Fossil Dung Scientists Found in Fossilized Poop
  23. The Internet Will Literally Kill You By 2014, Predicts Security Firm
  24. This Guy's Car Got Stuck at 125mph — for an Hour
  25. Cancer-Detecting Bra May Be Game-Changer For Women
  26. Meteor Streaks Across Russian Urals, Leaves At Least 1000 Injured
  27. Scientists create 'sixth sense' brain implant to detect infrared light
  28. Chemical velcro sticks underwater
  29. New Anti-Piracy System to Hit U.S. Internet Users on Monday
  30. Net providers begin warning of illegal downloads
  31. Boy scares off lions with flashy invention
  32. Titanic II Interior Plans Revealed
  33. Heroic man builds Oreo separator machine
  34. Intercontinental Mind-Meld Unites Two Rats
  35. How do you get rid of Adware on a Mac
  36. PC dropping internet connection
  37. How do I plot a line Graph with dates for both axes in Excel 2007?
  38. Mystery of Hindenburg air catastrophe solved
  39. Is Facebook Losing Its Cool? Some Teens Think So
  40. Meet the Ancestor of Every Human, Bat, Cat, Whale and Mouse
  41. My friend is worried that he damaged his laptop
  42. Misleading TracFone advertisement
  43. It’s time to kill the email signoff
  44. How do convert a DVD to a digital copy?
  45. On Pi Day, finding strength in numbers
  46. Higgs Boson Discovery Confirmed After Physicists Review Large Hadron Collider Data
  47. Understanding and installing WiFi
  48. “Ratters” – They Watch Through Your Webcam
  49. Describe an app you're looking for
  50. Are we getting close to replicators?
  51. Voyager 1 has entered a new region of space, sudden changes in cosmic rays indicate
  52. The Universe Is 13.82 Billion Years Old
  53. Google Objects to 'Ungoogleable'
  54. Advert turns air into drinking water
  55. The Internet: It's like never leaving junior high
  56. The Math Problem in 'Good Will Hunting' Is Easy
  57. Hate robocalls? FTC hopes these guys have an answer
  58. New York Times Turns Its Stories Into Haikus
  59. Why a Mars Comet Impact Would be Awesome
  60. Researchers use 3D printer to create human-like cells
  61. What’s the Most Scientifically Inaccurate Part of Jurassic Park?
  62. Scientific Articles Accepted (Personal Checks, Too)
  63. Shodan: The scariest search engine on the Internet
  64. Baseball Meets Internet of Things: Bye, Bad Umpires?
  65. Students invent hug-giving coat as 'substitute girlfriend'
  66. Teacher Knows If You’ve Done the E-Reading
  67. Who Stands Where in a Crowded Elevator and Why?
  68. Study: Taste Of Beer Makes People Want To Drink More
  69. App to prevent 'accidental incest' proves a hit with Icelanders
  70. Bacteria churn out first ever petrol-like biofuel
  71. Six Reasons Organic is NOT The Most Environmentally Friendly Way To Farm
  72. Listen to world’s first recording of Alexander Graham Bell’s voice
  73. Campaigners call for ban on "killer robots"
  74. Einstein Proved Right on Gravity — Again
  75. Want to learn SharePoint
  76. White House Decrees That GIF Is Pronounced With a Hard G
  77. What Happened When One Man Pinged the Whole Internet
  78. Budweiser unveils beer glass that connects to Facebook
  79. Graphene: the nano-sized material with a massive future
  80. Technologies that never took off
  81. Using technology to fight cheating in online education
  82. Trees Make Sounds When They're Running Out Of Water, Lab Experiments Suggest
  83. New brain research shows two parents may be better than one
  84. I’m still here: back online after a year without the internet
  85. 10 Coolest Mathematics Results
  86. Google's Schmidt Concerned by Lack of Internet 'Delete Button'
  87. What Left These Spooky Trails in the Sky?
  88. When Earth is Scarred Forever
  89. Is this (finally) our flying car?
  90. The E-Book Piracy Debate, Revisited
  91. Fungus Is The Internet Of The Plant World
  92. Facebook kills social suicide app Social Roulette
  93. Swedish prosecutor asks court to block file-sharer Pirate Bay
  94. Making Gold Green: New Non-Toxic Method for Mining Gold
  95. Future of planet-hunting Kepler spacecraft uncertain after malfunction
  96. Jet-Pack Boats: The Future of Special Operations?
  97. Robot exoskeleton suits that could make us superhuman
  98. Online appeal unearths historic web page
  99. Microsoft’s new Kinect patent goes Big Brother, will spy on you for the MPAA
  100. Student science experiment finds plants won't grow near Wi-Fi router
  101. A question for network gurus about transfer speeds
  102. Global warming caused by CFCs, not carbon dioxide, study says
  103. Was a squirrel discovered on Mars?
  104. Memory of Mankind - burning data to clay tablets
  105. Islands and the CounterIntuitive Effect They Have on Tsunamis
  106. Paleontologists have discovered the oldest complete primate skeleton
  107. Could anyone help me with my blogger template?
  108. Looking for a 220v to 120v converter
  109. How the Human Face Might Look in 100,000 Years
  110. Robot Wars
  111. Firefox Web browser to move ahead plan to block tracking
  112. Pinholes, Plastic Wrap Send Sound Through Wall
  113. On Climate Change, Do Electric Cars Miss The Point?
  114. What is wrong with my computer?
  115. Anybody have advice on buying a tablet computers?
  116. My barber gave me a head orgasm: the strange world of ASMR
  117. Your Testicles Have Taste Receptors
  118. Another Wall Street Journal Global Warming Article Misses the Target
  119. Deserts 'greening' from rising CO2
  120. Did new Florida law make computers and phones illegal?
  121. Wonderful Things: Don’t Eat the Pink Snow
  122. Modest Debut of Atlas May Foreshadow Age of ‘Robo Sapiens’
  123. Bill Gates says Microsoft Bob will make a comeback
  124. Urine-powered mobile phone charger lets you spend a penny to make a call
  125. Non-Adaptive Origins of Life’s Complexity
  126. The Universe is a SuperSpirograph?
  127. Help me buy a camera
  128. Possible car starter, alternator, or battery issue
  129. How do I access images stored as .sbs files?
  130. Should a car water pump seep?
  131. Archaeology: The milk revolution
  132. Getting black screen when pressing ctrl-alt-del
  133. Your TV might be watching you
  134. Disappearing mass from Uranium fuel
  135. You Shouldn’t Fear GMO Corn:How Elle botched a story about genetically modified food
  136. G.M. Had a Version of OnStar in 1966
  137. More than 100,000 want to go to Mars and not return
  138. Florence tomb opened in quest to find 'Mona Lisa'
  139. The Pirate Bay Offers Web Browser to Avoid Censorship
  140. Can anyone advise me on how to upload the school website?
  141. Holy sh*t! Smart toilet hack attack!
  142. NASA Finds A Pink Planet
  143. The Internet as seen in 1997
  144. Japan Studies Ice Wall to Halt Radioactive Water Leaks
  145. Master’s Degree Is New Frontier of Study Online
  146. Beetles eat greedy offspring Edinburgh University research finds
  147. Study finds novel worm community affecting methane release in ocean
  148. Help AdBlock put ads for AdBlock
  149. Hurricane season slow to start
  150. I'm having trouble with the audio on my PC through HDMI
  151. Evidence for new periodic table element boosted
  152. Does Money Inspire Us to Cooperate?
  153. How do I get Excel to display just the numeric value of hours in the total column?
  154. 'Walkie-Talkie' skyscraper melts Jaguar car parts
  155. 85 Million Have A Shot At Seeing Tonight's Moon Launch
  156. We still don’t know why we look like our parents
  157. Tickling Rats for Science
  158. Sound pioneer Ray Dolby of Dolby Laboratories dies at 80
  159. Iran may put persian cat in space
  160. Why Are Some People Left-Handed?
  161. Why do you want to eat the baby?
  162. Apple Maps flaw results in drivers crossing airport runway
  163. Midwest fireball ignites buzz
  164. TomTato combines two plants in one
  165. Lightsabers could become reality after incredible physics breakthrough
  166. Phony Web Traffic Tricks Digital Ads
  167. Could my TV be going bad?
  168. Somersaulting MIT cube robots can self-assemble
  169. Fake Cancer Study Spotlights Bogus Science Journals
  170. Opening old QuickTax files
  171. MIT's Iron Man Suit to Give US Soldiers Super Strength, Night Vision and Liquid Armor
  172. Argentine scientists tap cow burps for natural gas
  173. Turn Your Smartphone Into a Digital Microscope!
  174. Why do Americans pay so much for home broadband?
  175. Science has lost its way, at a big cost to humanity
  176. FAA to allow tablets and e-readers during all phases of flight
  177. NASA Is Not Out of Business
  178. University physicists study urine splash-back and offer best tactics for men
  179. Should I buy a new poewr supply for my computer?
  180. Windows 7 or Windows 8?
  181. The Man Who Would Teach Machines to Think
  182. 3D drops raise hopes of cure for baldness
  183. Why Guys Have Bigger Noses Than Gals
  184. Double Nobel Prize winning biochemist Fred Sanger dies at 95
  185. Volcanic eruption creates new land off coast of Japan
  186. Mysterious filling of hard drive
  187. Giant prehistoric toilet unearthed
  188. Any snopesters have Straight Talk cell service?
  189. Jade Rabbit: Liftoff for China’s First Lunar Probe
  190. End of the windshield wiper?
  191. Welcome to the Internet of Thingies: 61.5% of Web Traffic Is Not Human
  192. Why Do Lottery Players Think They Can Defy Odds?
  193. Any tech support/users of MS Visual FoxPro?
  194. The Cubli: a cube that can jump up, balance, and 'walk'
  195. ExoTerra hopes to raise $5 million for moon mission
  196. Scientists create the world's first glow-in-the-dark PIGS
  197. XP support is ending soon
  198. Obit: RIP, light bulb
  199. The Intelligent Plant
  200. Back to the future? Time travel missing on Twitter
  201. Scientists: Americans are becoming weather wimps
  202. My car won't start unless boosted
  203. 1984, The Year Of Online Shopping?
  204. Donating Orgasms to Science
  205. What if natural products came with a list of ingredients?
  206. ‘Duct tape, wire nets’ used to repair leaking radioactive water tanks
  207. Why the knight is the best piece on the chess board
  208. "I spend a lot of time on this task. I should [make a plan to] automate it"
  209. "Password" unseated by "123456" on SplashData's annual "Worst Passwords" list
  210. The Shortest Science Paper Ever Published Had No Words, and Was Utterly Brilliant
  211. Facebook Is About to Lose 80% of Its Users, Study Says
  212. he Drowning of Hippasus of Metapontum
  213. Pirate Bay ban lifted in Netherlands as blocking torrent sites ruled ‘ineffective’
  214. Feeling Small Makes People More Paranoid
  215. School Science Project Gone Bad
  216. I cannot find books I earlier downloaded on Kindle
  217. Plastic shopping bags make a fine diesel fuel, researchers report
  218. Nike will release self-tying sneakers from 'Back to the Future II' in 2015
  219. Einstein's Lost Theory Uncovered
  220. The World's Most Advanced Building Material Is ... Wood
  221. Texas City Working To Turn Sewer Water Into Tap Water
  222. Is my laptop haunted?
  223. Invalid SSL certificate
  224. How Misplaced Fear of Formaldehyde Remade Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Shampoo
  225. The Forgotten Legacy of the Banqiao Dam Collapse
  226. Disney Bets $1 Billion on Technology to Track Theme-Park Visitors
  227. 10 Reasons Why Handheld Devices Should Be Banned for Children Under the Age of 12
  228. Chemists discover new class of antibiotics
  229. Printhead alignment fail message
  230. Several U.S. States, Led by Florida, Are Flatter Than a Pancake
  231. The Secret To Better Teeth Found In Beer Breweries
  232. Gravitational Waves from Big Bang Detected
  233. Europe backs call for universal smartphone charger
  234. Embrace Hunting: Excessive Deer Populations Hurt Native Plant Biodiversity
  235. Chocolate Really Is the Secret to Happiness
  236. Dwarf planet discovered at solar system's edge
  237. Astronomers find first asteroid with rings
  238. I'm looking for an old video game: Zeek the Geek Part 2
  239. How do I fix a corrupt zip file?
  240. Prepare to Hang Up the Phone, Forever
  241. The Orgasmatron: Strange tale of a pleasure implant
  242. Goodyear reveals its new bigger, faster, Zeppelin-style airship
  243. Computer made with dominoes
  244. Stanford scientists discover a novel way to make ethanol without corn or other plants
  245. Is butanol the next big thing in biofuels?
  246. There Are No Such Things as ‘Scientists’
  247. Got a new computer
  248. Should You Be Worried About Your E-Cigarette Exploding?
  249. Cornell study finds children who eat chicken on the bone are more aggressive
  250. World’s worst job: latrine odor judge.