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  1. Daisylegs Gang Strikes Again
  2. Jimmy Savile abuse allegations
  3. Stupid 911 calls
  4. Woman hiding with kids shoots intruder
  5. Prison guards catch cat with escape tools taped to its body
  6. Man videotaped sheriff's deputies and got charged for it
  7. Identity Thief Forgets to Change Shipping Address, Sends Victims His Loot
  8. Northeastern Indiana boy abducted in 1994 found living in Minnesota
  9. Homeowner shoots naked intruder found choking dog
  10. 3 charged with dragging man behind truck
  11. Mexico City residents call prosecutors’ dog-killing theory improbable
  12. Woman murders girl, 2, feeding her chili powder
  13. Lantana man allegedly sold over 40 gallons of moonshine to state agents
  14. Deaf man stabbed over 'gang signs'
  15. Woman accused of sex with dog
  16. Young California Boy Found Guilty of Killing Neo Nazi Father
  17. Dad Poses As Gunman To Test His Child's School Security
  18. Wedgie-spree at Florida theater lands prankster in jail
  19. Teen girls beat woman for fun at school bus stop
  20. Police Shoot, Kill Dog When Going to a Home by Mistake
  21. Baby died after his parents rubbed heroin on his gums when he was teething
  22. Man bit off girlfriend's thumb during argument
  23. Florida Creep Pleads Guilty To Enema Tampering
  24. Two women weigh in to schoolgirl fight
  25. Teenage gunman kills 5 in New Mexico home
  26. Falcons fan's throat slashed in parking lot after NFC Championship game
  27. Two Exotic Dancers Brawl Over $1 Bill
  28. Vegas policeman, wife, son dead in apparent murder-suicide
  29. Texas college shooting results in multiple injuries
  30. Man busted for sticking Chihuahua in hot oven after getting bitten
  31. Mystery surrounds missing Coast Guard officer found alive
  32. Cleaning fairy arrested while shoveling driveways without permission
  33. Actor behind voice for Charlie Brown arrested for stalking ex-girlfriend
  34. Boy fakes own kidnapping to stop parents from meeting teacher
  35. Naked assailant terrorizes family
  36. Man stole 166 manhole covers
  37. Police Charge 71-Year-Old with Prostitution in Glastonbury
  38. Man accused of fraud after taking wife's last name
  39. More Than 300 Motorcycles Shut Down Freeway for Marriage Proposal
  40. Deadly Alabama school-bus shooting leads to standoff with suspect, 6-year-old
  41. Drunken naked man serenades Gretna police officers, cops say
  42. ATF's Milwaukee sting operation marred by mistakes, failures
  43. Georgia man shoots and kills young Latino who accidentally pulled into his driveway
  44. School officials confirm shooting at Atlanta middle school
  45. Man Charged with Murder After Shooting Victim with Bow and Arrow
  46. Body Found That Matches Phoenix Gunman
  47. Deputies: Man arrested for discussing drug deals in 9-1-1 call
  48. Anarchist bookstore firebombed
  49. Ex-Navy sniper killed at Texas gun range
  50. Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker [Saves] Woman from Bear-Hugging Jesus
  51. K-9 team stumbled unto pot grow-tent during training exercise, deputies say
  52. Mans Walk Out of Costco with 24 Quarts of Oil
  53. Women delivering newspapers shot in manhunt for ex-cop
  54. Mom calls 911 after hearing horror movie screams from kid's cell
  55. Gay men murdered in Queens
  56. Couple cited for parking lot sex
  57. Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality paints disabled space around parked car, tow it
  58. Oscar Pistorius faces murder charge
  59. Year five boys 'plot to kill girl at US school'
  60. Woman fined for bedazzling her court-ordered ankle monitor
  61. 'I chase him, I bite him'... the crime report written by a DOG
  62. What Happens When Someone Else Gets Your Tax Refund
  63. $50 million in diamonds stolen at Brussels airport
  64. Former Hopkins Doctor Found Dead In His Home
  65. Teens use iPhone to mimic police lights
  66. Corpse found in L.A. hotel's water tank
  67. Baristas arrested for stripping at drive-thru
  68. Woman Guilty of Poisoning Boyfriend with Eye Drops
  69. FBI declares war on "The Scooter Store."
  70. Man shot by driver after his dog runs into street
  71. Las Vegas seen as dangerous even as crime drops
  72. Drunken man passes out in drive-through lane, starts chase
  73. ‘Chili Finger Lady’ arrested again
  74. Landlord whipped tenant on bare buttocks
  75. Six Ways To Tell If You're Staying in a Murder Hotel
  76. N.Y. wife: Officer wanted to kill me, eat others
  77. Police Arrest Son Of Woman Whose Body Parts Were Found In The Bronx
  78. Accused Killers Confessed to Having Sex on the Bodies, Police Reports Reveal
  79. Gold Coast woman eight times legal limit
  80. Moped tries to outrun patrol cars, chopper
  81. Stonington woman kills herself, grandsons
  82. Dead Westminster Show Dog Might Have Been Poisoned
  83. 'Fresh Prince' voicemail leads to school lockdown
  84. Woman brutally attacked for defending bullied boy
  85. 'Batman' brings in suspect to Bradford police
  86. Home Health Aide Left Feces in Client’s Appliances
  87. JPD: Woman charged with DWI after trying to drive off in toy truck
  88. Suspicious fires hit churches, homes in Bend
  89. Student who fried hamster sentenced
  90. Cops: Naked man ran around professing his love of cocaine
  91. Man arrested after making threats to multiple schools
  92. 'Rifleman' host killed by gunman
  93. Man accused of stealing $19,000 worth of Girl Scout Cookies
  94. Waitress asks patron for ID, gets own stolen driver’s licence in return
  95. Homeless Houston Veteran Cited for Dumpster Diving in Search for Food
  96. Teens 'impersonated police, tried to pull over officer'
  97. 32 Arrested in Miramar Beach After House Party Bust
  98. Man openly masturbated in library
  99. Swiss tourist gang-raped in India: police
  100. FBI: We know who was behind massive 1990 Boston art theft
  101. 645 pills found in body cavity search
  102. Seal video brings national spotlight on animal abuse
  103. Man laments leaving dope unsmoked
  104. Abortion clinic worker describes cutting babies
  105. Thieves steal entire bridge in western Turkey
  106. Ohio prosecutor seeks death penalty for Punxsutawney Phil
  107. Woman 'urges child to pepper spray shop workers'
  108. Man Banned from 'All the Libraries on the Face of the Earth'
  109. Trio Of Family Members Attack Bar Security Guard After DJ Won’t Play Song
  110. Amanda Knox to be retried for murder
  111. Grandmother chaperones elementary school field trip while drunk
  112. Arsenal of Weapons Found in Newtown Gunman’s Home
  113. Pair of eyeballs found in trash in Kansas City
  114. Man accused of using fake penis for drug test
  115. Police: Pimp Forced Girl To Tattoo Eyelids With His Name
  116. Easter Bunny on Motorcycle Stopped on Freeway for Failing to Wear a Helmet
  117. Trooper fired for offering Florida lawmaker break on speeding ticket
  118. Man held for 42 years in deadly Arizona hotel fire ordered freed from prison
  119. ‘Horrible’ video of father beating daughters for twerking sparks outrage, goes viral
  120. Police: Va. Minister Painted Racial Slurs on House Before Setting It On Fire
  121. Man sentenced for driving while ‘intoxicated’ on drum and bass music
  122. Two dead in Quebec day-care shooting
  123. Man pawned wedding ring to pay for prostitute
  124. Oroville (CA) Business Owner Fights Back After String Of Burglaries, Catches Suspect
  125. Woman accused of hanging boyfriend's dog in garage
  126. $100,000 hamburger theft
  127. Witnesses: Man drove 90 mph with genitals hanging out the window
  128. Hermit Living in Wild for 27 Years Arrested
  129. Shop owner with baseball bat defeats gun-toting bandits
  130. 10 Strange Things People Steal
  131. Woman Faked Having Cancer to Get Money for Drugs
  132. Explosions disrupt Boston Marathon
  133. Chicago Man Accused of Smothering Baby While Girlfriend Watched
  134. Carjacker caught because he couldn't drive stick-shift
  135. Philadelphia medical examiner not sure babies born alive at clinic
  136. Cop fired for Trayvon Martin targets posts YouTube plea
  137. Ricin sent in letter to Obama, early tests show
  138. Wife of former official charged with murder in Texas DA killing
  139. Teacher denies molestation charges; claims she doesn't like to touch black children
  140. Cop in slow McDonald's line accused of aiming gun at customer ahead of him
  141. MIT officer dies after campus shooting
  142. Are Boston snopesters okay?
  143. Mich. man who allegedly desired sex with dead body gets at least 56 years for murder
  144. Samurai sword-wielding Mormon bishop saves Ut neighbor chased and attacked by stalker
  145. Vegas Man Jailed After Car Driven Into Church
  146. Gun carrying man ends stabbing spree at grocery store
  147. Police called after woman sees kittens having sex in her yard
  148. Woman's Police Mug Shot Drives Men Crazy, Prompts Marriage Proposals
  149. Man shoots self in face with harpoon, avoids brain damage
  150. Elderly couple blasts Iron Maiden in neighbor revenge
  151. Man lived with corpse on sofa
  152. Student wrongly tied to Boston bombings found dead
  153. Mom forced girl, 14, to inject sperm
  154. Man on meth charged after eating carpet lint at department store
  155. 300 gallons of urine found in home
  156. Peeping Toms fall through ceiling of women’s bathroom
  157. Coronation Street Actor Bill Roache Held on Suspicion of Rape
  158. Police say student activist threatened self with rape in hoax, framed conservatives
  159. Teen girl arrested for "science project gone bad"
  160. Man shot and killed at Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport
  161. Man kept step-daughter as sex slave
  162. Soccer referee punched by player in Utah dies
  163. Cops called on grandfather, girl playing at beach
  164. Man accused of stealing says he took store's sign literally
  165. Air Force sex assault prevention chief charged in sex assault
  166. Woman Arrested For DUI Was Celebrating End Of Previous DUI
  167. Cleveland police: Missing teens found alive after a decade, appear to be OK
  168. Man clings to woman's car hood for 2 miles
  169. 30 dead dogs found in man’s freezer
  170. Woman accused of slapping deputy so she’d go to jail and quit smoking
  171. Landlord mistakes tenant’s tomato plants for pot, calls cops
  172. Police Say Man Sexually Abused His Peacock
  173. New Orleans Mother's Day parade shooting injures 12
  174. Saudi man arrested in Detroit after statement on pressure cooker
  175. Diaper change in Starbucks seating area ends with store calling Denver police
  176. Chinese Girl Subjected To Horrific Abuse
  177. Police: Man drank beer, smoked, cooked while in grocery
  178. Woman accused of using Bible as a weapon
  179. Woman attacked sandwich worker over pickles
  180. Girl's organs vanish after vacation death
  181. Man ejaculated on women’s hair
  182. Couple Arrested After Fixing Up 'Dream' Home That Wasn't Theirs
  183. Man on honeymoon busted in prostitution sting
  184. Motorist Blames "Bad" Chinese Food For His Decision To Flee Accident Scene
  185. Tampa doctor's son accused of killing unborn child
  186. Prison for man in 'telepathic rape' case
  187. 'Mean man' accused of burning neighbor's home over lawn
  188. Lotion squirted during road-rage incident
  189. Sex refusal led to penis biting
  190. Doggy daycare worker accused of kicking pup in his care
  191. Cricket Prank Bans Seniors from Graduation
  192. Gay Teen Charged for Underage Girlfriend
  193. Three may face federal charges for jumping on manatees
  194. Suspected terrorist attack in south-east London
  195. Man held suspected of eating his grandmother
  196. Cops: Man steals 195 sticks of deodorant
  197. Police: 'Thong Cape Scooter Man' not breaking law
  198. Operation Swill: N.J. officials charge 29 bars with selling cheap liquor as premium
  199. Naked Woman Arrested for Doing 'Adam and Eve', Police Say
  200. No injuries in apparent dry-ice Disneyland blast
  201. Girl rode in a dog cage on turnpike
  202. Yearbook Prank Leads to Columbia Student’s Arrest
  203. Dad allegedly bashes 6-week-old girl, puts baby in freezer to stop crying
  204. Missing man walks up to news crew reporting on … missing man
  205. Via Rail terror suspect unable to find lawyer who uses Qur'an, not Criminal Code
  206. Murder investigation ends when Dan Aykroyd recognized in film
  207. Woman claimed pill bulge was her nipple
  208. Mumbai to ban lingerie mannequins as anti-rape measure
  209. 101 students kicked off AirTran flight
  210. Judge accepts insanity plea in Colorado theater shooting case
  211. Oregon woman loses $500 worth of sex toys in car break-in
  212. "Chili-finger lady" to get two years for new hoax
  213. Girl's slaying came day after mom's protective order expired
  214. Parole denied for Manson follower Leslie Van Houten
  215. 'Price is Right' exposes fraud when claimant spins the big wheel
  216. Texas Says It's OK to Shoot an Escort If She Won't Have Sex With You
  217. Man gets 30 months for returning used enema kits
  218. Bolivian villagers bury suspected killer/rapist alive
  219. Serial Killer Richard Ramirez Dies
  220. 2 dead, 4 wounded near Santa Monica College
  221. Woman discovers online ‘friend’ is actually ex-husband
  222. Boy, 4, takes loaded gun to day care
  223. Princeton Evacuated after Multiple Bomb Threats
  224. Man calls police to complain about prostitute's looks
  225. Psychic Owes Family $6.8 Million for False Tip
  226. Police: Teens Use Lost Credit Card for Movie Tickets, Photo Booth
  227. Man Arrested for Beating Disabled Man with His Own Prosthetic Leg
  228. Democratic Convention Organizers Claim $500K of Lost Electronics
  229. Man, 63, charged with DUI on shopping cart
  230. Day-care worker charged with drugging children
  231. Woman, 36, bears child of 11-year-old boy
  232. Mother, son accused of stealing gopher feet
  233. Driver who went 112 mph: I was drying car
  234. Teen Threatens to Kill His Little Sister If J. Cole Doesn't Retweet Him
  235. Man charged with tossing wife off cruise ship
  236. Parents’ Facebook ruse halts kidnap of their daughter
  237. Paraplegic castrated at assisted living facility
  238. Pirate Bay Swede sentenced for hacking, fraud
  239. KKK and Synagogue Foil Anti-Muslim Plot
  240. 2 Women Arrested After Getting Drunk in Wal-Mart
  241. Police: Women, Found Having Sex In McDonald’s Bathroom, Assaulted By Customers
  242. Teen who murdered baby in dad's arms gets 90 years to life
  243. Man arrested after exiting car and defecating in Holland Tunnel booth
  244. Man accused of poking holes in meat packages
  245. 'Bingo-for-biscuits' Brits fined in Portugal
  246. Cops: Robber fatally shot in Little Five Points
  247. 2 Men Rob Erie Man Of Condom At Knifepoint
  248. Mich. man recognizes mom as bank robbery suspect
  249. 25 bike cops catch pair having sex in park
  250. Mom, 52, tried to pose as 19-year-old daughter for exam