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  1. SSRIs and sexual side effects
  2. Premature Orgasm Affects Women Too, Study Suggests
  3. Waitress strips naked for final shift at Brooklyn pizzeria
  4. Calif. teacher with past in porn loses appeal
  5. Lawyer who had affair with client bills her for time spent having sex
  6. Saucy email couple resign from firm in embarrassment
  7. More housework, less sex for married men: study
  8. Adult Film Star Ron Jeremy Hospitalized In Critical Condition
  9. IRS Agent Accused of Using Tax Penalty Threat As a Coercion for Sex
  10. Watching porn boosts support for same-sex marriage
  11. Allegations of preschool oral sex shock parents
  12. Men's friendships with women 'driven by sexual attraction'
  13. Insecure About Your Vagina? Sharing a Photo on the Internet Won't Fix That.
  14. Deep Inside: A Study of 10,000 Porn Stars and Their Careers
  15. Men’s sexual performance tied to wife’s earnings
  16. Naked man’s bum deal at hotel
  17. Ann Summers credits Fifty Shades trilogy for run on nipple clamps
  18. Harry Reems, Star of ‘Deep Throat’ Film, Dies at 65
  19. Develop the Next Generation of Condom
  20. Company releases new bacon-flavored condoms
  21. Whale bone porn’ at Vancouver museum should be censored, says offended mom
  22. Rare pictures of pinup queen Bettie Page to be auctioned off
  23. Who are Beijing's naked 'sex doll' couple?
  24. Why I Study Duck Genitalia
  25. Porn Search Terms by State and Country
  26. Science proves women like men with bigger penises
  27. Porn addict rushed to hospital after he puts live eel up bum
  28. Apollo 10 astronauts had poop problem
  29. Teenager exposes India's 'one month wives' sex tourism
  30. Idaho teacher investigated for saying ‘vagina’ during biology lesson
  31. Detained and Interrogated at the US Border for Carrying Condoms
  32. Paul Ryan’s ‘Sole Intern’ Is the Delightful Sextortin’ Sociopath You Expected
  33. How Often Should Married Couples Have Sex?
  34. A Real-Life Window Into How Virginity Obsession Hurts Teen Girls
  35. Rapper Danny Brown’s Onstage Antics Spark Oral Sex Controversy
  36. 'Twerking': The pornification of the culture
  37. Why I'm uncomfortable with the hookup culture
  38. Yes! Yes! No... when orgasms just don't match up to porn
  39. How to Fight Revenge Porn
  40. Sex Fetish Festival Canceled In Canton
  41. The Joylessness of Sex on TV
  42. 10 Most Absurd Sex Tips from the Christian Right
  43. Making a sex tape a crime for troops, court rules
  44. Denmark's 'naked lady' TV show causes furore
  45. Friday Weird Science: The Concrete Enema
  46. Headmaster asks for a penis exam because of infidelity rumors
  47. Officials Claim Hoax in ‘Swinger’ Scandal
  48. How Marital Infidelity Became America's Last Sexual Taboo
  49. Female Israeli soldiers disciplined for posting pics in underwear and fatigues
  50. Sex After Dementia
  51. What Do Women Want? Sex. Why Don’t They Know That? Men.
  52. Ex-student poses nude at school as ‘revenge’
  53. The Crotch Shot Revenge
  54. That Tattoo Makes You Look Promiscuous
  55. Too Fat to Fornicate?
  56. Jam Out With My Clam Out Wins Air Sex Championship 2013
  57. China asks if 'happy ending' services are illegal
  58. Clash over sex worker rights in rural Australia
  59. Why do we have sex at night?
  60. Is Catholic Birth Control Based on Science?
  61. Oral Sex Study: Can Cunnilingus Ward Off Infidelity?
  62. Transit bus driver caught masturbating at wheel
  63. Average penis size of American men is 5.6 inches, researchers find
  64. Ken Cuccinelli Really Wants to Ban Oral Sex
  65. UCLA Study Suggests Sexual Addiction Isn’t A Real Disorder
  66. Shirley Jones' Sex Bombshells & 6 More Racy Memoirs from Slightly Older Stars
  67. Swedish politician bares all in Instagram gaffe
  68. Porn Sex is Different Than Real Sex?
  69. CNN Host Reports Humans Have ‘Hunted The Dildo Into Extinction’
  70. Varys, Game of Thrones, and the Modern Eunuch
  71. International Day Of The Female Orgasm Brings Pleasure To Brazilian Women
  72. Hawaii senator Brian Schatz involved in simulated sheep rape rituals
  73. Porn photos mistaken for 'real execution'
  74. Tooth-brushing-induced orgasms. Look ma, no cavities!
  75. UK Moves to Ban Phones Designed to Fit Up Prisoner Butts
  76. 55 gallon water based personal lubricant
  77. Porn production shut down after HIV positive test result
  78. Topless blogger gives Kelowna, B.C. mayor an eyeful
  79. Girl performs sex act on boy. Photo goes viral. She's a 'slut'. Boy's a 'hero'
  80. US women selling positive pregnancy tests online
  81. Jeff Gord of 'House of Gord' website dead at 67
  82. Sexiest parts of the body revealed by neuroscientists
  83. Boy's penis prank may put him on register
  84. 'Revenge porn' victim devotes life fighting to change nation's laws
  85. Women, girls travel to Syria to commit ‘sex jihad’ by sleeping with multiple Islamist
  86. At first blush, posts upset Scott residents
  87. This Is a Condom
  88. 12 Shocking Sex Facts
  89. Goat sex drama: How young is too young?
  90. Meet Fukuppy, the inadvertent Fukushima mascot
  91. The dick-shaped Christian church in Dixon, Illinois!
  92. Tori Spelling offered lucrative porn deal for sex tape
  93. Sex Machines
  94. NSFW: Nude "goddess of the train" stops CTA Red Line at Granville
  95. After condom law, porn film permits plummet
  96. What Orgasm Wars reveals about Japan's sexual culture
  97. Women shun intimate grooming, and men prefer a more natural look on partners
  98. Man broadcasts naked, passed out wife live online with his PlayStation 4
  99. UPS Investigates Racy Photo Taken in Delivery Truck
  100. France: It's not sexting, it's textopornographie
  101. What Porn Stars Do When the Porn Industry Shuts Down
  102. Ware: the porn capital of Britain?
  103. Novelist's Ex in Bizarre Handgun Threat Arrest
  104. Burdensome Indonesian school curriculum blamed for teen sex video
  105. Kellen Winslow Jr. found masturbating in SUV outside Target
  106. 7 Hilariously Predictable Porn Trends from Across the Globe
  107. Google Glass App Promises Unique Sexual Experience
  108. New Sex Toy Helps You Hook Up With Strangers, lets you touch random people
  109. Stay of execution for vagina mural at Swedish middle school
  110. White People Have More Oral Sex
  111. 'Masturbation classes' rumour sparks boycott
  112. Duke porn starlet says hardcore career necessary to defray $58,000 Duke price tag
  113. Panty Protests In Russia And Kazakhstan Sparked By Lace Lingerie Ban
  114. Mapping the long and short of sex
  115. Bums bared in bid to break world record for the largest nude ocean swim
  116. Two dudes busted trying to make cow-and-dude porn on a dairy farm
  117. New York Men Charged with Sexual Abuse of Cows
  118. 18 hilariously terrible sex tips that all men should ignore
  119. Chinese Company Debuts World's Thinnest Condom
  120. Teen explains why he had sex with a hot pocket
  121. Adult Advertisements Spark Controversy during Spring Break
  122. Your porn is not Canadian enough, CRTC warns erotica channels
  123. Boston Public Schools replace suggestive condom wrappers
  124. Are there really two kinds of female orgasm? Science weighs in.
  125. Airbnb renter returns to ‘overweight orgy’
  126. Walmart Weirdo Sought In Toe Sucking Scheme Cops: Suspect posed as podiatry student
  127. Members Only: A Penetrating Look at the World’s First Penis Museum
  128. 'Do it for Denmark!' campaign tells Danes to have more sex
  129. Wingman, an App for Hookups at 30,000 Feet, Wants To Be the Tinder of Airline Travel
  130. US Airways apologizes for accidental pornographic tweet
  131. Would You Have Sex with a Total Stranger? An Inside Look at the Study That Found Out.
  132. Map of British and Irish Stereotypes
  133. Lab mice fear men but not women, and that's a big problem for science
  134. Are Wide-Hipped Women Promiscuous?
  135. Women Wear Too Much Makeup Because They Mistakenly Think Men Like It
  136. Morality Police in Your Checking Acct: Chase Bank Shuts Down Adult Entertainer Accts
  137. 'Paranormal Activity 2' actress Blasick claim she had two experiences of ghost sex
  138. All Women Like to Be Catcalled, According to Buenos Aires' Mayor
  139. Couple Arrested For Sex Acts On Church Lawn; Cops: Utah pair trysted through wedding
  140. Brooklyn love shack gets makeover as swinger haven
  141. Camden County Officer Removed From Duty For Alleged Lewd Act In Starbucks
  142. Porn Stars Unite Against Mandatory Condom Bill
  143. monokini 2.0: Who says you need two breasts to be a beach babe?
  144. There's No Such Thing as a Slut
  145. Global Warming Makes Couples Cheat
  146. Bus Sex Teen Cops Plea In Queef Beef Case
  147. For One Night Stands, Girth Matters
  148. Japan bans child porn, but excludes manga, anime
  149. UnFunk Your Habitat, the HabitatRPG and other ways to play house and win
  150. Casual Sex Is Actually Excellent for You, If You Love Casual Sex
  151. Man gets stuck inside a statue of a vagina
  152. Chilean porn star celebrates team's World Cup with 12-hour sex session
  153. Pornhub Users Won’t Quit Posting The Brazil-Germany Soccer Match
  154. Australian judge says incest may no longer be a taboo
  155. Frustrated husband creates spreadsheet detailing wife's reasons for rejecting sex
  156. Why So Many People Care So Much About Others' Sex Lives
  157. Meet the Performance Artist Who's Having Sex With Someone New Every Day For a Year
  158. Sex toy accident proves fatal for British man
  159. Incest a 'fundamental right', German government committee says
  160. Donkeys reunited at Polish zoo after sex scandal
  161. The vaginal orgasm doesn't exist - clitoris holds the key to female pleasure
  162. Watching Porn at the Office: 'Extremely Common'
  163. Why I Visit Prostitutes
  164. These Are the Most Common Sexual Fantasies
  165. Australia’s Brothel Boom
  166. Career-Minded Women Turn to Male Escorts for No-Strings Fun and (Maybe) Sex
  167. Swedish children’s TV dancing genitals cartoon sparks parental outcry
  168. One coach’s nightmare—sending his wank video to female players
  169. 'Woman on top' is most dangerous sex position, scientists conclude
  170. Chicago seeks to dismiss lawsuit over topless rights
  171. ‘Phallic’ cloud statue causes a stir in New Zealand
  172. Bills Targets Pornography Viewing on Govt Computers
  173. Montana lawmaker says yoga pants should be illegal
  174. 9 Reasons Why Having Sex In Space Is Gross
  175. A crude comeback becomes reality
  176. Naked art lovers attend after-hours tour of Australia's national gallery
  177. California Porn Professionals React to Proposed Rules Requiring Goggles, Condoms
  178. Mpls. private school takes students to adult novelty store for sex ed lesson
  179. Columbia University anti-rape activist Emma Sulkowicz releases sex video as art piece
  180. Happy Liners: "I buy the kind that he likes"
  181. Mum's outrage over teddy bear with 'totally inappropriate detail' on girl's cake
  182. CNN mistakes sex toy flag for Islamic State banner
  183. Do You Live in a "Bitch" or a "****" State? American Curses, Mapped
  184. Japanese attitude toward prostitution?
  185. Woman Sues Porn Company After Unknowingly Giving Her Brother A Blowjob
  186. Building that looks like couple having sex is slammed as 'architecture porn'
  187. Texas woman admits to killing small animals on video for money
  188. Virginia couple admits to getting drunk, having sex in middle of shopping center park
  189. Sunrise Man Charged In “Rough Sex” Murder
  190. Model Tries to Extort $2,000 From Jaromir Jagr With Post-Sex Selfie, Fails: He DGAF
  191. How Number of Sex Partners Differ by Gender, Height, and Body Mass
  192. Florida escort, porn star flashes judge during bond hearing
  193. Playboy to drop nudity as internet fills demand
  194. This Hawaiian Mushroom Makes Women Orgasm Just By Smelling It
  195. Monkeys' Balls Show How Men Overcompensate
  196. Canadian scientist thrills the web by live-tweeting spider sex
  197. Pornhub wants you to give your family porn this holiday
  198. Woman aged 91 suffocated during sex game with married neighbour
  199. Police: Blast Debris Kills Man in Bungled Condom Machine Robbery
  200. My Night With the World’s First Bionic Penis
  201. In a Japan seemingly obsessed with sex, few seem to indulge
  202. Virtual reality 'sex suit' lets men experience realistic intercourse all on their own
  203. Female Ted Cruz Lookalike Agrees To Do Porn For $10,000
  204. The world's first armpit-smelling date night
  205. Villagers thought sex toy was an angel
  206. At U.P.'s only strip club, hunters are big business
  207. The Fifty Shades Generator
  208. Ghost-hunters hear groans in a graveyard, turns out to be a porn shoot
  209. Why do Greek statues have such small penises?
  210. Locals up in arms over new adult baby fetish store in Illinois town
  211. Pornhub now offers porn for visually impaired
  212. Pounded by the pound: Brexit inspires its first erotic novel
  213. The One Real Way to Get Better at Sex, According to a Sex Researcher
  214. The Internet of Dildos Is Watching You
  215. 31 Adorable Slang Terms for Sexual Intercourse from the Last 600 Years
  216. Semen reshapes immune system to boost chances of pregnancy
  217. The Complete List of Lewd-Sounding Town Names in America
  218. After “lewd acts,” NYC’s free Internet kiosks disable Web browsing
  219. Man Gets Tired Of Sitting In Traffic, Hacks Into Electronic Billboard to Stream Porn
  220. Man allegedly exposes himself to woman on Orange Line after bringing up election
  221. Could lunch-hour sex boost employee morale? Swedish politician says yes
  222. Texas Lawmaker’s ‘Satirical’ Bill Fines Men for Masturbating
  223. Ezekiel Elliott pulls down woman’s top at parade
  224. California Boy Scout Battles Porn Scourge in His Community
  225. Introducing ... the Boobgasm!
  226. MD Atty General: It's OK to ban toplessness at Ocean City
  227. New Sex Robots With 'Frigid' Settings Allow Men To Simulate Rape
  228. Man discovers his uncle was 'killed in sex session', not accidental house fire
  229. A Brief History of 'NSFW'
  230. After @tedcruz liked a porn tweet, Sen. Ted Cruz blamed ‘a staffing issue’
  231. Facebook asks users for nude photos in project to combat revenge porn
  232. NYC strippers strike: Dancers say nearly naked ‘bottle girls’ are grabbing their cash
  233. School worksheet quizzed students on "boy toy," "trophy wife" and affairs
  234. U.S. Navy pilot draws obscene pictures over Washington state
  235. Cops: Naked man drives into tree while having sex; baby in backseat
  236. Samantha the Sex Robot Needs Repairs After Abuse at Trade Show
  237. Scientists Say Japanese Monkeys Are Having 'Sexual Interactions' With Deer
  238. What did we get stuck in our rectums last year?
  239. Airline apologizes for risqué in-flight "performance"
  240. New Jersey Cop Fired For Being Dominatrix Says She Was Just Acting
  241. Craigslist Just Took Personal Ads Offline Because Of A New Anti-Sex Trafficking Law
  242. Man has 'world's worst' super-gonorrhoea
  243. Edited TV chef video
  244. No evidence sex robots have any health benefits, report says
  245. Doctors warn women against putting wasp nests in their vaginas
  246. Report: President Has Mushroom Dick
  247. Indonesian policewomen must be pretty and virginal
  248. Samantha the Sex Robot Needs Repairs After Abuse at Trade Show
  249. Check out this beautiful sky penis the Marines drew over California
  250. Hookerween 2018