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  1. Christmas tree fire destroys a living room in under a minute
  2. Mom says boy didn't steal plane in Alabama crash
  3. Artist found burned to death on top of his masterpiece
  4. Woman's short drive becomes 1200km journey
  5. Cleaning lady steals train and crashes into house
  6. 'Stand closer to the rhino' results in grave wound
  7. Man Hit by Subway After Defecating Between Cars
  8. Did Google run over a donkey in Botswana?
  9. Man killed after dog steps on gas pedal
  10. Mother and Son Killed in Rockaway Township House Fire
  11. 5 injured after firearms go off at gun shows
  12. Drunken man loses leg after he's run over by subway train
  13. Woman Suffers Broken Jaw, Sternum After Huge Boulder Crashes Into Bedroom
  14. Norway goat cheese fire closes tunnel
  15. Fireworks cause deadly highway collapse in China
  16. The X Games, Driven by Risk, Have First Death
  17. Students Sever Fingers in Game of Tug-of-War
  18. Skier Lindsey Vonn Airlifted After Serious Crash
  19. Desperate, last plea of woman plagued by neighbours from hell
  20. 2-year-old dies after drinking cleaning solution
  21. Busted toilets, hot rooms, headaches after fire strands cruise ship in Gulf
  22. Meteor shower causes damage, injuries in Russian Urals
  23. Sheriff: Man Who Died In Fire May Have Spontaneously Combusted
  24. Woman shot by oven while trying to cook waffles
  25. Florida man swallowed by sinkhole under his bedroom, feared dead
  26. Zimbabwe: Lion Mauls Woman to Death as She has Sex with Lover
  27. Spring breaker dies in alcohol-related incident
  28. Man unsure how screwdiver got in head
  29. Man Crushed To Death In Elevator Shaft At SF Montgomery Station
  30. LIRR President: Woodside Station Elevator Has ĎVertical Urinal Problemí
  31. Guard shoots finger to get wedding ring off
  32. A daughter's spring break death, a mother's lifetime crusade
  33. Woman sets fire to snake, burns down home
  34. Anus-Ripping Nearly Killed Me
  35. Unlucky 2013 for french "Survivor"
  36. Woman hit in FACE by home run ball after the man she's with jumps out of the way
  37. Woman unwittingly lived with brother's mummified corpse for years
  38. Driver of Vehicle that Killed Rabbi Had Mental Health Issues
  39. Man hit and killed moving injured rabbit
  40. Boy, 4, accidentally kills deputy's wife
  41. Daydreaming while driving more dangerous than texting, study claims
  42. Off-Duty Firefighter Saves Man Who Cuts Himself with Saws at Home Depot
  43. Man pinned under 3,000-pound tractor saved by teen daughters
  44. Toddler's legs severed in lawn mower accident
  45. Explosion hits fertilizer plant north of Waco, Texas
  46. Oklahoma Teenager Inspired by 'Into the Wild' Missing in Oregon Wilderness
  47. Meet the Man Who Witnessed Both the Boston Bombing and the Waco Explosion
  48. China quake: Rescue teams blast roads amid aftershocks
  49. Woman, 80, swallows diamond at Fla. charity event
  50. Pavement explosion in Pimlico, central London
  51. Man Dies After Falling Into Meat Grinder At Oregon Packaging Plant
  52. 5-year-old kills his sister, 2, with 'My First Rifle'
  53. Venom killed Ariz. climber covered with bee stings
  54. Australians Demand to Know Who Threw at Sandwich at Their Prime Minister
  55. Man Electrocuted After Shooting Down Power Line to Steal Copper
  56. Details emerge about how worker died in pressure cooker
  57. Man Hit and Killed by Train Didnít Hear Horn Because He Was Wearing Earbuds
  58. Woman jumped from ship, boyfriend followed
  59. Air India pilot locked out of cockpit after toilet break
  60. Two-mile-wide tornado slams Oklahoma City area
  61. I-5 bridge over Skagit River collapses, cars with people in water
  62. Child run over by mom in Centerville getaway in critical condition, police say
  63. Drunk Driver Was Having Sex Before Crash
  64. 4 Houston firefighters die
  65. Drowning Doesnít Look Like Drowning
  66. Self-help radio hosts found dead after suicide pact
  67. Soy Sauce Overdose Nearly Kills Teen
  68. 'Today' show suicide attempt shocks fans
  69. Woman hasn't eaten since May 3, plans to go on
  70. Parents' Fear of Vaccination Nearly Killed Their Son
  71. Search suspended for missing, nude camper
  72. '100 to 1 Odds': Man Survives 15-Story Fall
  73. Boy Dies in Car While Parents Attend Funeral
  74. Teen Impaled on Horn of Texas Tech Bull Statue
  75. Woman killed by runaway trolley which sped down escalator at Chinese store
  76. Canadian military airdrops supplies to tourists stranded on Arctic ice floe
  77. Woman's breast implant explodes
  78. Man on mushrooms tore off part of own penis
  79. Dry lips lead to sticky situation
  80. 19 firefighters killed in Arizona fire
  81. Teen sisters shot dead over dancing in the rain video
  82. Cirque du Soleil dancer plummets to her death in Las Vegas
  83. Teens fighting for life after freak parasailing accident
  84. Man survives Baltic Sea ordeal after ferry fall
  85. Massive explosions strike Quebec town after train carrying oil derails
  86. Boeing 777 Crashes at San Francisco International
  87. Firefighters Free Man's Genitals from Sex Toy
  88. Man Swims 5 Hours to Save His Family After Their Boat Capsized
  89. Santa Rosa man severely burned in cannabis oil explosion
  90. Chinatown building roach-bombed into collapse
  91. Apple to probe death of Chinese woman who used iPhone when it was charging
  92. Man accidentally shot by gun that dropped out of his holster
  93. At least 20 children are dead after eating school lunch in India
  94. Woman hit tree while trying to run down ex-boyfriend
  95. Man dead after attempting backflip at beach
  96. Company razes house, but wrong one
  97. Foul ball rips through net behind plate, hits woman at Nationals game
  98. San Antonio's Iron Rattler shut down after fatal Arlington ride
  99. Dozens of commuters help free woman trapped under train in Japan
  100. You're More Likely to Die a Violent Death in Rural America Than in a City
  101. Woman gets head stuck in banister during sex
  102. Cumming motorcyclist hit and killed by car
  103. 13-year-old dies at camp from peanut allergy despite receiving medicine
  104. Man, Woman Jump in Front of LIRR Train in Apparent Double Suicide
  105. Firefighter killed, 2nd injured on fire west of Sisters
  106. 2 children dead after python escapes pet store
  107. Man accidentally shoots himself after argument over speeding
  108. Ferry captain suspended after car falls in water
  109. Woman suffers burns to 30 percent of body after fire in apartment
  110. Man killed after 65-foot fall during Braves-Phillies game
  111. Man shoots, kills himself in hospital room after wife gives birth
  112. UPS Jet Crashes Near Birmingham Airport, 2 Dead
  113. Chinese man was nearly shipped to US in container
  114. After Fatal Crash With Cyclists, Driver's Tweets Help Spur Murder Charge
  115. Man falls to death during bachelor party
  116. Huge riot breaks out, over cup of noodles
  117. Utah town in shock after girl dies when gust of wind lifts trampoline
  118. 'Damn good pilot' hailed for safe Yellowknife belly landing
  119. Man lodges fork in penis
  120. Spontaneous goat manure fire stinks up Vt. town
  121. Spontaneous combustion baby: Parents claim 3-month-old infant burst into flames
  122. Tennessee woman hospitalized after hiding $5,000 in her rectum
  123. New York Rider Dies Protesting Motorcycle Helmet Law
  124. Man killed by remote control helicopter in park
  125. Student gives birth in dorm room, bleeds to death
  126. Fan falls, dies at Candlestick during 49ers-Packers game
  127. Batman, Captain America Rescue Cat From Burning W. Va. Home
  128. East Point mattress factory catches fire
  129. Florida girl, 12, found dead after bullies said 'kill yourself'
  130. Russian shot in quarrel over Kant's philosophy
  131. 5 dead in Ottawa bus/Via Rail collision
  132. Oklahoma deputies pull bodies from lake; may date to 1960s, 1970 disappearances
  133. Wedding delayed when man enters church with severed testicles
  134. Shooting Victimís Bleeding Mistaken For Menstruation
  135. Frantic 911 call from wife of Ionia road rage victim details double-shooting
  136. Teen dies in Halloween prank
  137. Chip packet kills father and children
  138. United pilot suffers fatal heart attack on flight; plane makes emergenc
  139. Woman dies having sex on railway tracks
  140. Man sets himself on fire on National Mall
  141. Two Suspected Burglars Killed When Blow Torch Ignites Fireworks In Safe
  142. London firefighters urge 'common sense' after penis freed from toaster
  143. Sixth-grader dies from asthma complications, no school nurse on duty
  144. 5 minutes of trucks crashing into the same bridge
  145. Missing Woman Found Dead In S.F. Hospital Stairwell
  146. Man's body found hanging in apartment after eight years
  147. 7.3-magnitude quake rocks Japan
  148. Trucker on Facebook at time of fatal crash
  149. Helicopter Suicide: Passenger Leaps To Death
  150. Derailment snarls Stockholm rush hour
  151. Child burned after gasoline poured on slide ignites
  152. Man dies after opening 'Pandora's box'
  153. Pregnant mistress fights bride at wedding
  154. Witness: 'No explosion,' just quiet after helicopter crashes into pub in Scotland
  155. Man survives 3 days at bottom of Atlantic
  156. Crash Victim Rescued After Spending 6 Days Lying Atop Dead Driver
  157. Washington state woman live-tweets husband's fatal auto accident
  158. Man Jumps to His Death After Girlfriend Insists on Buying More Shoes
  159. Bullet hits Florida man in the head, bounces off
  160. Mom Learned of Sonís Death Upon Seeing It On Facebook
  161. Ceiling collapses in London Theater
  162. Driver crashes SUV, is flung 50 feet off of overpass, and survives
  163. 10 truly bizarre Victorian deaths
  164. Michael Schumacher fights for his life after ski accident
  165. Worker Crushed To Death By 100-Foot Rock Salt Pile In Bucks County
  166. Girl gets stuck in washing machine during game of hide-and-seek
  167. Woman has toe bitten off at Boston party
  168. Norfolk helicopter crash: Four people dead
  169. Man Killed by Underwear Suffocation
  170. At least 50 scalded by boiling-to-frozen water trick
  171. Girl gets tongue stuck to flagpole in real-life "A Christmas Story" moment
  172. Dog with deodorant can causes explosion
  173. New Year's reveler knocked out Alaskan town's Internet
  174. Southwest suspends pilots who flew plane to wrong airport
  175. Trans Canada Highway in Montreal reopened after falling block
  176. Boy Dies from Drinking Meth at Border Crossing
  177. Naked man freed from washing machine with olive oil
  178. RI School Warns Parents About Snorting Smarties, Possible Nasal Maggots
  179. Cyclist: Driver didn't see me stuck in windshield
  180. Ghost Ship Filled With Cannibal Rats Poised To Crash Into British Coast
  181. Falling porcupine lands on woman's head
  182. Electrical burn causes star-shaped cataracts in patient's eyes
  183. Flatulent cows start fire at German dairy farm
  184. 16-year-old girl falls 3,000 feet in skydiving accident -- and survives
  185. Man Survives Going Through Wood Chipper
  186. Woman strangled to death by scarf in a freak subway accident
  187. Castaway claims he drifted 13 months in Pacific
  188. Drain death followed night of drinking
  189. Bounty's sinking result of 'reckless' decision in Hurricane Sandy
  190. 800-Pound Runaway Snowball Slams Into College Dorm, Knocks In Wall
  191. Dad Sees Wife, 4 Kids Die In Fiery Fresno Area Crash
  192. Arkansas man charged with killing a 15-year-old prankster
  193. 3 year old YouTube sensation dies
  194. Independence Township man shoots, kills himself while demonstrating gun safety
  195. Fire In Underground Vault Causes Outage (and explosion)
  196. Golden Gate Bridge hits milestone in 2013 with 46 suicides
  197. Pregnant Mom Caught On Video Driving Minivan Into Ocean With Her 3 Kids Inside
  198. Malaysia Airlines loses contact with plane en route to Beijing with 239 aboard
  199. Family eats LSD-tainted meat
  200. 'I'm dying': 'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin's last words
  201. Horror as train arrives with body stuck on front
  202. Fatal Accident Fuels Safety Concerns On Hollywood's Sets
  203. Oso mudslide, 8 dead and 108 missing
  204. Terrifying Footage Of A 61-Car Pileup On Minnesota's Highway 55
  205. Two firefighters die in Beacon Street blaze
  206. Video of Rescue During Houston AIG Fire
  207. X-Ray Released of Tree Trimmer with Chainsaw Embedded in His Neck
  208. Blundering bomber 'blew himself up after forgetting to put his watch forward
  209. Student fell to death after eating pot cookie
  210. Skydiver almost hit by meteorite
  211. Woman Left by Lover After Falling Down a Well During Sex
  212. Crowd severely beats pickup driver who stopped after hitting boy
  213. Housing Complex Clerk Mistakes Suicide Jumperís Body For April Foolsí Prank
  214. Bus taking poor students on college visit in collision and explosion
  215. Toddler runs off, gets stuck in 'the claw' toy vending machine
  216. Teen gets kicked in head while taking selfie next to moving train
  217. Wu-Tang Clan-Affiliated Rapper Cuts Off Penis, Attempts Suicide
  218. South Korea ferry: Hundreds missing as ship sinks
  219. Texting Driver Who Slammed Cyclist: I, Like, 'Just Don't Care'
  220. Schoolboy in coma after lunch time testicle squeeze prank
  221. Avalanche kills 12 guides on Mount Everest
  222. Couple married 70 years die 15 hours apart
  223. Teen OK after riding in wheel well of Hawaii jet
  224. Snack cakes spill onto Bartow interstate
  225. Dan Bilzerian throws porn actress off roof, breaks her foot
  226. Woman dies driving while posting on Facebook about Pharrell's 'Happy'
  227. Pilot missing in midair plane crash over San Pablo Bay
  228. Naked man doing push-ups in road hit by car and killed
  229. Philadelphians fume after concertgoers treat neighborhood like giant toilet
  230. 85-foot yacht sinks at launching in Washington
  231. Tractor-Trailer Driver Cited In Crash That Freed Millions Of Bees In Delaware
  232. Crocodile injured by falling accountant
  233. 19-year-old holds breath entering tunnel: 4 injured
  234. Video captures man catching baby in mid-air after fall from second-story window
  235. Two planes involved in crash at Logan Airport while the jets were still on the tarmac
  236. Man hurt as elevator zooms 31 floors, hits roof
  237. Hoarder dies after 1st floor falls into basement
  238. Boy finds mummified body hanging in Dayton, Ohio, home
  239. Mom tries to put out fire with water from dog bowl, finds daughter filled it with gas
  240. Bride snaps selfie, dies 8 mins. later
  241. United planeís evacuation slide deploys mid-flight
  242. Dozens stuck for 4 hours in SeaWorld San Diego ride after power failure
  243. Woman Sets House on Fire to Kill Spider
  244. Man blows off hand in Fourth of July firework accident
  245. People trapped about 40 feet above ground on Magic Mountain ride
  246. Man dies in Custer hot dog eating contest
  247. Man loses fingertips on Pirates of the Caribbean ride
  248. Malaysia Airlines Passenger Plane Goes Down Over Ukraine Near Russian Border
  249. Man on California beach dies after getting buried in 10-foot deep hole in sand
  250. Passersby Struck by Car Amid Comic-Con Zombie Walk