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  1. No more Twinkies? Hostess plans to shut down
  2. At Disney Parks, a Bracelet Meant to Build Loyalty (and Sales)
  3. Florida Record Store Goes the Way of the 8-Track
  4. WalMart stops selling firearms?
  5. 25 weirdest job interview questions of 2012
  6. FAA grounds U.S. 787s
  7. Subway ‘Crisis’: Is Footlong Sub Really 11 Inches?
  8. Kid Sends Perfectly Blunt Cover Letter for Wall Street Internship
  9. Panera's "pay-what-you-can" restaurant" now open in Boston
  10. CBC picks Canada's coldest jobs
  11. Commercials that shoot themselves in the foot
  12. An Apple Conspiracy? Theories on That $500 Close
  13. 44% of U.S. families live week-to-week
  14. Land owner seeks revenge on neighbours by selling it to travellers
  15. Postal Service to say goodbye to mail delivery on Saturdays
  16. In the Future, All Space Marines Will Be Warhammer 40K Space Marines
  17. Canada drops penny from its currency
  18. Restaurant gives family a discount for having well behaved kids
  19. Man accused of slapping crying boy on Delta flight is out of a job
  20. The Pirate Bay to sue over look-alike site
  21. US tyre boss mocks ‘crazy’ French unions
  22. DKNY
  23. Amazon row over 'rape' T-shirt
  24. Pizza delivery boy gets $10 tip for $1,500 order
  25. Proposed rule changes could put app maker Uber out of business in Colorado
  26. Judge strikes down NYC sugary-drinks size rule
  27. Online dating company offers to buy town’s name
  28. Electronic Arts Chief Resigns, Sending Stock Up
  29. Myths of the Rich and Famous
  30. The cash register rings its last sale
  31. The Trader Joe's Lesson: How to Pay a Living Wage and Still Make Money in Retail
  32. Australian store charges customers a $5 'just looking' fee in bid to stop showrooming
  33. Police restrain crowd from taking food after supermarket eviction
  34. Wal-Mart may get customers to deliver packages to online buyers
  35. Ford Apologizes for Offensive Car Ad We Were Never Supposed to See
  36. Controversy still stewing over chicken plant rules
  37. Oops: Macy’s marks down $1,500 necklace to $47
  38. Guess the Actual Product Game - ThinkGeek
  39. Airline to charge overweight passengers more
  40. Target in Twitter trouble over 'Manatee gray' color
  41. More than 300,000 homes are foreclosed "zombies," study says
  42. Wal-Mart Customers Complain Bare Shelves Are Widespread
  43. Virgin America best U.S. airline, United worst: study
  44. Tracking workers' every move can boost productivity — and stress
  45. Where Have All the Secretaries Gone?
  46. 'Kool-Aid Man' gets a new look -- and a personality
  47. Woman takes dad's ashes to the bank to prove death
  48. Hackers compromise AP Twitter account - report explosions at White House
  49. Hostess plans to reopen Columbus baking facility
  50. New $100 Bill to Go Into Circulation in October
  51. $2 Trillion Underground Economy May Be Recovery's Savior
  52. Delaware restaurant Padi faces criticism after posting racial slurs about customers o
  53. 1913 nickel fetches more than $3.1M at auction
  54. Police: Walmart Worker Turned Tricks In Store
  55. Store pulls nuts for lack of warning about nut content
  56. Sir Winston Churchill to feature on new banknote
  57. Biz travelers like Starbucks, Subway, McDonalds
  58. Businesses Find Too Much Downsizing Can Hurt the Bottom Line
  59. Lingerie firm launches women’s underwear for men
  60. Game Dev Tycoon developers give pirates a taste of their own medicine
  61. Man loses $2,600 at carnival game, gets stuffed banana
  62. IBM Creates 'World's Smallest Movie'
  63. NYC Realtor Offers Employees Pay Raise For Getting Tattoo Of Company Logo
  64. Alex Jones: Conspiracy Inc.
  65. Smashed U.S. cars get a second chance in Afghanistan
  66. My friends' weddings are putting me deep in debt
  67. Abercrombie and Fitch burns its old clothes?
  68. North Carolina May Ban Tesla Sales to Prevent “Unfair Competition”
  69. Airlines' on-time rating falls below 80 percent
  70. Airline prioritises passengers without roller bags
  71. Airline sends couple to wrong continent
  72. Steak 'N Shake Waitress, Gets Huge $446 Tip on $6 Meal
  73. Man finds comic book worth $100,000 being used as wall insulation
  74. Whey Too Much: Greek Yogurt’s Dark Side
  75. Papa John's CEO Apologizes for Delivery Man's Racist Rant
  76. The Internet destroyed the middle class
  77. Japanese funeral home ad re-creates skeleton with flowers
  78. Starbucks toilet coffee prompts anger in Hong Kong
  79. Like magic, the price to enter Disneyland just went up
  80. Affordable Care Act spurs hiring blitz in California
  81. Saudi prince drops $20 million at Disneyland Paris
  82. New York Sushi Restaurant Eliminates Tipping Because It Pays Waiters a Salary
  83. Woman says bank problem showing her $300 million in debt
  84. Companies may rethink unpaid internships
  85. Europe's Most Famous Fictional Bridges, Brought to Life
  86. 7-Eleven Stores Operated 'Modern Day Plantation System,' Feds Claim
  87. 'Shame on Kraft' campaign slams company over naked 'Zesty Guy'
  88. McDonald's franchise is sued over fee-laden debit card used to pay employees
  89. Red Robin ad under fire for dissing vegetarians
  90. 'Friendly's' bar offers most unfriendly bill
  91. Man orders tie from Gap, gets employees SS#s and tax records instead
  92. My Startup has 30 Days to Live
  93. What Do Armani, Ralph Lauren and Hugo Boss Have in Common? Bangladesh
  94. Target Stores co-founder dies at 88
  95. In The World Of Air Travel, Not All Passengers Created Equal
  96. Talking train window adverts tested by Sky Deutschland
  97. Telephone companies to abandon land lines
  98. Toddler Buys Car on eBay, Parents Keep It
  99. Venice finally conquered by Google Street View
  100. Sharknadoes may be covered under insurance
  101. PayPal email tells man he's a quadrillionaire
  102. City Council to Address Nudity Claim at Local ‘Breastaurant’
  103. Florida restaurant owner fires employees by text message
  104. The city of Detroit files bankrupcty
  105. NYC restaurants sued over tipping practice
  106. Original copy of Schindler’s list up for sale on eBay
  107. Vinton County Woman Wants Possessions Back after Bank Tried to Repossess Wrong House
  108. Obamacare Call Center Will Not Offer Health-Care Benefits to Employees
  109. We Could Have Fixed the Underwater Mortgage Crisis a Long Time Ago
  110. Prepare to Be Shocked!
  111. The 10 most easily stolen ATM card PINs
  112. Bribing among airline passengers reaches new heights, as seat choices get scarce
  113. New York Times Company Sells Boston Globe
  114. Woman tricked into buying 2 actual apples she thought were iPhones
  115. Taming the Megabanks
  116. Washington Post to be sold to Jeff Bezos
  117. McCain hopes $1 coin leads to bigger tips for strippers
  118. When compassion for customers flies out the window
  119. Goodwill employee finds $10,500 cash in donation
  120. Not even death stops banks from deducting fees
  121. An AOL Employee Was Publicly Fired During a Conference Call
  122. Two men with same name win $1 million prize over casino error
  123. Google Maps camera-toting teams map the beaches
  124. What Happens When You Abolish Tipping
  125. Atlantic City Casino Promotion Bashed By Watchdogs Is a Big Hit with Gamblers
  126. Man denied life-saving surgery over 26-cent insurance dispute
  127. China: Zoo Claimed Mastiff was Lion and Foxes were Leopards
  128. Walmart is blaming you for its weak sales
  129. Upper West Side condo has separate entrances for rich and poor
  130. Apparently Advertisers Are Obsessed with Boston Terriers Right Now
  131. Minimum wage at $15 an hour: Would it help or hurt?
  132. Tesla Is Outselling Cadillac, Chrysler, Porsche, and Mitsubishi in California
  133. Maybe You Get Bad Customer Service Because You're a Bad Customer
  134. Pret a Manger's NYC stores playing Christmas music in August
  135. Time to Defriend? How Your Facebook Friends Could Determine Your Credit
  136. What Happens When Co-Workers Are Nasty to Each Other
  137. Men enter closed store by accident, pay for purchases
  138. Highest-paid CEOs often fired or fined, study says
  139. Brothels in Nevada Suffer as Web Disrupts Oldest Trade
  140. Man turns the tables on telemarketers by charging them to call him
  141. Company Invents Way To Detect Date Rape Drugs In Drinks
  142. Having trouble with your aim? Chinese contraption helps you 'Pee Straight'
  143. Japanese Maglev Train Begins Full Speed Testing at 310 mph
  144. Hey, Pro Athletes: Your Tattoo Is Going to Get You Sued
  145. IRS Rule Leads Restaurants to Rethink Automatic Tips
  146. Electronics store applicants asked to dance during job intervews
  147. Meet 'Titstare,' the Tech World's Latest 'Joke' from the Minds of Brogrammers
  148. United's $5 Tickets: To Honor or to Cancel, That's the Question
  149. Forbes List: The Rich Get Richer, and Gates Is on Top
  150. How Detroit went broke
  151. Parisian cat cafe offers "purr therapy" to animal-lovers
  152. Gold Rolling Papers Attract Smokers with Money to Burn
  153. Half of British pilots admit to falling asleep in cockpit
  154. 5 Things You Should Know About The New Health Insurance Marketplace
  155. Michigan proposal would mandate beer pints include at least 16 ounces
  156. Vin Scully will record your voicemail message for $299
  157. Starbucks asks customers to sign petition
  158. Air Canada Loses Woman’s Dog, Spokesman Dismisses Inquiries In Accidental Email
  159. Opening of Madison's Snuggle House delayed by city concerns
  160. 870,000 Toyotas recalled for spider-related problem
  161. Seattle thrift store finds 2.5 pounds of marijuana in donation bin
  162. French bank apologizes after posting picture of squirrel's testicles
  163. Zombie Ads on British Buses Get Complaints
  164. Southwest CEO Opens Door to Baggage Fees
  165. Secret Google Barges on both coasts
  166. Which professions have the most psychopaths?
  167. Your late fees are waived: Blockbuster closes
  168. Cider advert features famous teetotaller by mistake
  169. Bacon Scented Deodorant
  170. Anti-rape clothing causing controversy
  171. As shopping season expands, is Black Friday dead?
  172. Bacon deodorant latest offering from Seattle company
  173. Ketchup Shakeup: McDonald's Switches Brands
  174. U.S. Postal Service to deliver Amazon packages on Sundays
  175. The Hot Underwear Models Selling This Motorcycle Are Not What You Would Expect
  176. Arizona regulators adopt $5 monthly solar fee
  177. Company fining woman $3,500 for negative review she posted online
  178. $1 coins: Unwanted, unloved and out of currency
  179. Amazon testing delivery by drones
  180. Cost of Items in '12 Days Of Christmas' Tops $114,000
  181. Fast-food protests over minimum wage continue
  182. Teenager Pays $747 for Photo of an Xbox One
  183. Crisis Quickens at Quiznos
  184. This Smart Bra Will Stop You from Eating Your Feelings. Ladies, Rejoice!
  185. Ikea stuffed wolf sells out amid Hong Kong fury
  186. Best Flight Ever: Canadian Airliner Made Passengers' Christmas Wishes Come True
  187. Unhappy campers: VW announces the end of the line for iconic ‘Bus’
  188. The Double Bacon Extra Cheese Problem
  189. Inside the Rainbow Gulag: The Technicolor Rise and Fall of Lisa Frank
  190. Mother upset after UPS leaves Christmas present in trash can
  191. What can you do when your airline offends you? Not that much.
  192. Temp Work Isn't Only Insecure -- It's More Dangerous Too
  193. UK retailer M&S apologises after Muslim worker refused to sell alcohol
  194. UPS system overload delays holiday packages
  195. Hollywood struggles against new film meccas
  196. Stolen Enterprise rental Mustang has woman facing $47K bill
  197. Amy’s Baking Company owners named to worst-bosses list
  198. Penis drawing on business card could cost man his unemployment benefits
  199. Delta retires last DC-9, oldest plane in US fleet
  200. Return of the Messerschmidt?
  201. University Probing Possible Sperm Swap at Fertility Clinic
  202. Customer: Elderly Squatters Take Over Queens McDonald’s, Just Won’t Leave
  203. 'Vomit fee' proposed for Toronto taxicabs
  204. Almost No Poor Nations By 2035? That's What Bill Gates Says
  205. Expedia Books a Painful Trip Down Google's Search Results
  206. 9 Iconic Brands That Could Soon Be Dead
  207. Yes, A Super Bowl Ad Really Is Worth $4 Million
  208. Foul-mouthed Facebook tirade costs worker her job
  209. Rare aluminum cent to fetch a pretty penny
  210. Phone number in Old Spice ad leads to free Super Bowl tickets
  211. 'Breaking Bad' still a big business presence in Albuquerque
  212. Man Who Sold Fur Coat To Namath Says Business Booming Since Super Bowl
  213. CVS To Stop Selling Tobacco, Sacrificing $2 Billion In Sales
  214. Canceled! Airlines scrap record number of flights
  215. Groupon discounts U.S. history, declares Alexander Hamilton president
  216. How Much Would You Pay to Use a Luxury Bathroom in the Middle of Manhattan?
  217. Couple finds $10 million in buried treasure while walking dog
  218. Confessions of a RadioShack shopper
  219. My Life as a Retail Worker: Nasty, Brutish, and Cheap
  220. Regions bank to end ‘deposit advance’ loans
  221. Herbalife faces FTC investigation
  222. Why Would Anybody Ever Buy Another Song?
  223. Quiznos Follows Sbarro Into Bankruptcy as Competition Grows
  224. Amazon’s sick brutality and secret history of ruthlessly intimidating workers
  225. Angry gas station employee leaves note for late boss: 'Learn to be on time'
  226. OKCupid asks users to boycott Firefox because of CEO's gay rights stance
  227. Rogue alcoholic court reporter kept writing ‘I hate my job’
  228. You're not crazy, those cereal box characters are definitely staring at you
  229. Dartmouth College gets $100 million anonymous donation
  230. Pest Problems: Cockroaches Rain From Ceiling at Blue Ribbon Sushi
  231. Mathematicians have the best jobs, lumberjacks have the worst
  232. Older Americans Working Longer and Fighting to Stay in the Jobs Market
  233. Introducing, The KFC Chicken Corsage
  234. Burger King brings back Subservient Chicken
  235. Detergent pulled in Germany over neo-Nazi code
  236. Is Wal-Mart law coming to the US? Retailer adds lawyers on site for Toronto-area shop
  237. Where Have You Gone, George Bailey? How the federal government is killing small banks
  238. The fast food strike: the hard facts behind the Big Mac attack
  239. Suspended Cabbie Insists He Has Right To Wear Nazi Armband
  240. McDonald’s new happy meal mascot terrifies some on social media
  241. eBay hacked, requests all users change passwords
  242. World’s Worst Employee Makes Dozens of Bomb Threats to Get Out of Work
  243. How Disney learned to stop worrying and love copyright infringement
  244. Supervisor caught on camera ‘recklessly’ throwing packages into mail truck
  245. Restaurant that wants 'men to act like men' tells gay couple 'we don't serve fags'
  246. Do Customers Even Care About Amazon's Hard-Nosed Negotiations?
  247. Tesla wants to kill gasoline by sharing its electric car technology with everyone
  248. Starbucks to subsidize U.S. workers' college degree
  249. The Only Three Purchases That Are Worthy of Debt
  250. Man sues airline after flying to Grenada instead of Granada