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  1. Commercials you actually like
  2. Do you hear what I hear: The mondegreen thread
  3. Doctor Who
  4. What new shows are you watching?
  5. Movies you've seen recently
  6. What video games are you playing?
  7. Commercials you hate
  8. Rifftrax Launches Kickstarter to Riff on 'Twilight' Live in Theaters
  9. Damsel in Distress: Part 1 - Tropes vs Women in Video Games
  10. Game of Thrones, season 3
  11. Iain Banks has revealed that he is dying of gall bladder cancer
  12. Cmdr Chris Hadfield sings from space
  13. 'Ugly stuff' to come in Michael Jackson death trial
  14. Spirituality And Sprite, Aisle 1? What An Artist Sees In Wal-Mart
  15. Deana Durbin dies
  16. What music are you listening to?
  17. Simpsons Inspiration Margaret Groening dies
  18. Hollywood effects wizard Ray Harryhausen dies at 92
  19. Jimmy Connors implies he got Chris Evert pregnant and she had an abortion
  20. Ender's Game Trailer (2013)
  21. Tim Tebow fans in Jacksonville plea for Obama's help
  22. The First Question: Doctor... WHO?
  23. Hyperbole and a Half is coming back
  24. Wentworth, Prisoner Cell Block H
  25. Nazi-themed Wagner opera cancelled in Germany
  26. Between the Lines - Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
  27. Same Old Song? Not Exactly.
  28. Looking for a video
  29. Rich moms hire handicapped tour guides so kids can cut lines at Disney World
  30. ABC to Air Toy Story Special in October
  31. London in 1927
  32. TNT Cancels ‘Southland’ & ‘Monday Mornings’
  33. Eurovision
  34. NASCAR legend Dick Trickle commits suicide at 71
  35. Paul McCartney: Yoko Ono didn’t break up the Beatles
  36. Animal Planet's Mermaids Swim Again
  37. Kickstarter: Become a Movie Hero (aka help save my local theatre)
  38. Alan O'Day, of "Undercover Angel" fame, dies at 72
  39. Things video games need to stop doing
  40. Canadian singer apologizes for U.S. anthem botch
  41. Ray Manzarek, keyboardist for the Doors, has died at 74
  42. My Cat from Hell
  43. Xbox One
  44. Sergio Garcia apologizes for saying he'd serve Tiger Woods 'fried chicken'
  45. Jerry Lewis repeats his distaste for female comics
  46. Sticks and Stones
  47. Equestria Girls: How Did My Little Pony Go So, So Wrong?
  48. Snopes MMO guilds
  49. YEARS, music produced from tree rings
  50. Barbara Eden, 78, dons iconic 'I Dream of Jeannie' costume
  51. Jack Vance dies aged 96: master of bold and bizarre science fiction
  52. Ringo Starr unveils unseen Beatles photos in e-book
  53. "Get Smart" opening sequence
  54. Downton Abbey and Call the Midwife Will Return to PBS in 2014
  55. "All in the Family" star Jean Stapleton dies at 90
  56. Hannibal
  57. Evita by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice
  58. Hands-free Whopper holder introduced by Burger King
  59. Fox News 'mole' resurfaces with book
  60. Anyone have ideas for things LDR couples can do online?
  61. Jesse Eisenberg branded a 'jerk' after mocking blogger in cringe-worthy interview
  62. 101 Best Written TV Series
  63. 20 baseball players may face suspension in doping scandal
  64. Nostalgia Critic - Are Video Games Art?
  65. No crazy theory can save Mad Men's disappointing sixth season
  66. Archie, Betty and Veronica get a live-action movie deal
  67. Esther Williams, Swimming Champion Who Became a Movie Star, Dies at 91
  68. Rock Hudson's Wife Secretly Recorded His Gay Confession
  69. Actor John Malkovich comes to rescue of bleeding man in Toronto
  70. Bridezillas
  71. Chewbacca's lightsaber triumphs over TSA
  72. Psychic show canceled due to 'unforeseen circumstances'
  73. The Desolation of Smaug (2013)
  74. How accurately does Blackadder reflect history?
  75. From ‘I Hate Her’ to Icon
  76. At The Movies, The Women Are Gone
  77. Arnold Schwarzenegger confirms return as the Terminator, Conan
  78. Nigella Lawson appears to be choked by husband during public argument
  79. NationStates
  80. What video games are you looking forward to?
  81. Slim Whitman dies
  82. James Gandolfini dead at 51
  83. Stricken Gandolfini found by family member
  84. How LEGO Built The World’s Biggest Star Wars Toy
  85. Iconic Sci-Fi Author Richard Matheson Dies at 87
  86. Time Team Archeologist Mick Aston Dies Age 66
  87. Jackie Chan is not dead
  88. Help me identify a movie
  89. Crush the Castle 2: Updated
  90. Bittersweet at No. 1: How a Japanese Song Topped the Charts in 1963
  91. French athlete Alain Mimoun died last week
  92. Baseball's little gestures mean a lot
  93. Mexican amusement park simulates illegal border crossing
  94. Geek culture's victim fetish
  95. Who else is a Billy Joel fan?
  96. Most Gamers Today Can’t Beat the First Level of Super Mario
  97. The Rock ’n’ Roll Casualty Who Became a War Hero
  98. I need recommendations for British dramas
  99. Abandoned Renaissance Faire photos
  100. The Thirteen Dumbest Band Names in Rock History
  101. Songs you're not supposed to like
  102. Vatican asks: is the Hulk Catholic?
  103. Report: Turtleman TV show faked a snake in Danville pool; filming wasn't approved
  104. Man wants Browns pallbearers so team 'can let him down one last time'
  105. Randy Travis in critical condition
  106. Is Alexander's Ragtime Band racist?
  107. Dungeons & Dragons and the Influence of Tabletop RPGs
  108. 'Jungle Book' Live-Action Reboot in the Works at Disney
  109. Watch North American City Skylines Sprout In 3-D Video, From 1850 To Today
  110. TV shows you're not supposed to like
  111. TV shows you once liked, but now, not so much
  112. How To Train Your Dragon 2 teaser trailer
  113. 'Glee' star Cory Monteith found dead
  114. INSIDE TV 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' pilot ordered by Fox
  115. Viruses Don’t Care About Your View: Why ABC Shouldn’t Have Hired Jenny McCarthy
  116. The Pixar Theory: Every Character Lives in the Same Universe
  117. Margaret Cho says outing John Travolta is 'like outing Liberace'
  118. How Did Women Wear Hoop Skirts?
  119. Movies that had a lasting effect on you
  120. Comic Con: 16 hours in line and thousands of dollars spent
  121. Superman is coming back -- this time with Batman
  122. Michael Nesmith on His Recommitment to the Monkees
  123. Dennis Farina 'Law & Order' Star Dies
  124. J.J. Cale Dies from Heart Attack at Age 74
  125. Movie link conjures up nightmare for family
  126. Understanding Game of Thrones as an American
  127. Quotidian Record
  128. Actress Eileen Brennan dies
  129. Taylor Swift 'biggest fan' contest canceled after 39-year-old man wins
  130. Trekkies Weep Over Shuttlecraft Unveiling in Houston
  131. Trask Industries: Your Future (X-Men Days of Future Past teaser)
  132. 10 anime you should watch (and that are easy to find!)
  133. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)
  134. Michael Ansara, Kang on ‘Star Trek,’ Dies at 91
  135. The “Greatest, Most Epic” Movie Trailer (and How It Was Made)
  136. ESPN Rick Reilly column on unusual football game; fans cheered for the other side
  137. Gay, narcissistic and kinky – Batman as you always suspected him to be
  138. William Shakespeare’s Star Wars
  139. Boy claims he was cheated over 'Jeopardy!' spelling
  140. At 'Hunger Games' summer camp, kids fight to the 'death'
  141. MTV orders virgins reality show
  142. NC: Sailor Moon
  143. Russell Brand Jokes About Sex with Katy Perry
  144. Muppets Most Wanted - Official Teaser Trailer
  145. 'Captain Kangaroo' puppeteer Cosmo Allegretti dies
  146. Meet the Air Force's brony squadron
  147. Quit defending the Eagles! They’re simply terrible
  148. Karen Black dies at 74
  149. Top Gear embroiled in another row over faked scenes
  150. Weird Al's "Albuquerque" - The Breaking Bad Music Video
  151. Popular singer Eydie Gorme dead at 84
  152. Bands that could have made it in earlier times
  153. The Unsung Heroes of That Video You Just Watched
  154. McCartney could regain rights to Beatles' songs
  155. Footage Surfaces from Jerry Lewis' Infamous 'Day the Clown Cried'
  156. Lisa Robin Kelly dead at age 43: 'That '70s Show' actress dies
  157. Ashton Kutcher “Teen Choice” award speech
  158. Help me pick one MST3K episode to introduce someone to the series
  159. Dolly Parton’s recording of “Jolene” slowed down by 25% is surprisingly awesome
  160. Disney actor Lee Thompson Young dead of apparent suicide
  161. Dick Van Dyke's ride is toast, but he's unscathed after car fire
  162. Are Hollywood studios cranking out too many animated films?
  163. 'Hot-Dog Legs' Tumblr Will Make You Never Trust A Beach Selfie Again
  164. Wentworth Miller comes out in letter turning down St. Petersburg film festival invite
  165. Ben Affleck is the new Batman
  166. Singer Linda Ronstadt says she has Parkinson's disease
  167. Blue Sky - He and She
  168. A Group of Men who Have Been Playing Tag for 23 Years
  169. What games to play on a Wii?
  170. Squirrels Teaser Trailer (2014)
  171. Did Bobby Riggs throw the Battle of the Sexes to settle mob debt?
  172. John Lennon 'was closet conservative and fan of Reagan'
  173. Mandy Patinkin on The Princess Bride
  174. 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Casts James Spader as the Film's Legendary Villain
  175. Favorite original TV theme songs
  176. Sir David Frost, broadcaster and writer, dies at 74
  177. An Alien Invasion And The Power Of Radio
  178. Candy Crush: You play, you're hooked. Now what?
  179. Animator Hayao Miyazaki to retire from making feature films
  180. Which TV shows are you waiting to return? And when are they returning?
  181. Family kicked out of Universal Studios because dad wore police shirt
  182. Collaborating with a 4-year Old
  183. Curious Fact of the Week: Worlds Smallest Park
  184. Evil will always triumph because Good is dumb!
  185. Help identifying a commercial actor
  186. Robocop (2014)
  187. 'The Star Wars' that almost was
  188. Rubber-Suit Monsters Fade. Tiny Tokyos Relax.
  189. DC Comics Contest: Draw a Naked Woman Committing Suicide
  190. French Bakers to Kanye West: We Will Serve No Croissants Before Their Time
  191. Cookie Monsters sings Tom Waits' "Hell Broke Luce"
  192. Showman car salesman Cal Worthington dies at 92
  193. Exclusive: Harry Potter 8 Confirmed by J.K. Rowling
  194. Favorite TED talks
  195. TV shows you appreciate now that you're an adult
  196. Chipotle's Scarecrow App
  197. Game Theory: Video Games Predict YOUR FUTURE!
  198. Bob Newhart wins his first Emmy
  199. 'Walking Dead' spin-off series is officially in the works
  200. The Snopes Family Band Serves Up Spicy Sounds
  201. TV plots you'd like to see
  202. “The Secret Meeting that Changed Rap Music and Destroyed a Generation”
  203. Atlas Shrugged producers turn to Kickstarter for help warning others against moochers
  204. Dark Horse Relaunching ‘Serenity’, Just Can’t Stop That Signal
  205. Oh Goody: A Haunted House You Walk Through Naked
  206. Do You Know Your Harry Potter MBTI?
  207. Disney's 'Frozen' official trailer
  208. 'Sherlock' star in 'Fargo': Martin Freeman cast in limited FX series
  209. Don't Call This 12-Year-Old Concert Pianist a Prodigy
  210. 'The Simpsons' to kill off character this season
  211. Author Tom Clancy has died at age 66
  212. This fanmade short film is torture for Wonder Woman fans
  213. Barbara Sinatra: Mia Farrow's son isn't Frank's
  214. Sinead O’Connor pens open letter to Miley Cyrus
  215. Should I get an extended warranty with my Kindle Fire HD?
  216. Treehouse of Horror XXIV Couch Gag by Guillermo del Toro
  217. Hulk Hogan Spoofs Miley Cyrus, Wears Thong and Rides Wrecking Ball
  218. Marilyn Monroe plastic surgery notes, X-rays up for auction
  219. Over 100 long-lost Doctor Who episodes found by dedicated fans - in Ethiopia
  220. Super-authentic 'Star Trek' fan series warps into Kickstarter
  221. Stop fact-checking the movies
  222. "The Walking Dead" Season 4 - spoilers
  223. Hollywood Steps Up Security to Keep Scripts Secret
  224. Take the Tom Hanks Movie-Hair Quiz
  225. An Open Letter to New York Comic-Con: Protect Our Secret Identities!
  226. Game of Thrones Bad Lipreading: "MEDIEVAL LAND FUN-TIME WORLD"
  227. Patrick Rothfuss' Twitter game!
  228. Neighborhood play on its last legs in baseball?
  229. Superman 75th Anniversary Animated Short
  230. Bum Phillips, Colorful Football Coach, Dies at 90
  231. 'I am David Cassidy's secret love child'
  232. 3 minutes to a proper British accent with U of A Prof David Ley
  233. Captain America The Winter Soldier trailer
  234. Star Wars VII shakeup: Screenwriter leaves, Star Wars legend returns
  235. Lou Reed, Velvet Underground Leader and Rock Pioneer, Dead at 71
  236. Movie plots that wouldn't work as well if they were made today
  237. Pianist panics as she realises the orchestra has started the wrong concerto
  238. X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST - Official Trailer
  239. Star Wars Blooper Reel
  240. Mr. Peabody and Sherman movie trailer
  241. Questions linger over World Series play of Red Sox's David Ortiz
  242. Internet Explorer 11 - The [ANIME] Trailer!
  243. Star Wars: Episode VII to open December 18, 2015
  244. Winter's Tale trailer
  245. Commercials the employees must have hated
  246. Disney's 'Maleficent' Official Teaser Trailer
  247. Last-surviving 'I Love Lucy' actress Shirley Mitchell dies at 94
  248. John Lewis Christmas Advert 2013 - The Bear & The Hare
  249. Justin Bieber Releases 5 New Singles in 5 Weeks: No Airplay, No Sales
  250. Is Andy Kaufman alive?