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  1. Living in Wal-Mart
  2. 50% of lottery winners declare bankruptcy
  3. Aspercreme slogan
  4. Best of the year's business blunders
  5. Baby born aboard Portuguese train gets free rail travel for life
  6. Income tax distribution
  7. Retail secret codes
  8. Wealthy Portuguese man selects heirs at random from phone book
  9. Cheap airline tickets on Tuesdays?
  10. Shirt pocket genesis?
  11. Free drinks for AA chips
  12. The Chinese Rejection
  13. VHS and Betamax
  14. EEOC interviews
  15. Timberland
  16. 9 weirdest tax write-offs
  17. The American Dream Game
  18. Marks and Spencer denies mirrors claim
  19. Man's severance paid in small change
  20. The price of roses
  21. P&G Suing Utah Company for 'Satan' Remarks
  22. Paying in pennies
  23. Coca-Cola 'Whites only' ad for South Africa
  24. Lilt drink
  25. Tales from the world of retail
  26. China bans firm from selling land on the moon
  27. Getting a job by doing tricky
  28. H.E.B
  29. Dodging audits, other urban legends
  30. Tuborg beer
  31. "Ohhh, we'll sing of Lydia Pinkham..."
  32. Daisy Alexander's will
  33. Justice department sues "We the People" to stop tax scam
  34. Clear Blue Pregnancy Test
  35. American Data Services - bogus refund
  36. "Door close" fake elevator button
  37. How can you win at slots in Las Vegas?
  38. The high price of Boniva
  39. More companies owned by religious groups
  40. Bad business is good business
  41. Tommy Hilfiger to appear on 'Oprah'
  42. Target Giftcard Settlement
  43. Guernsey/Jersey Pound
  44. In Gold We Trust
  45. Writers need 2 novels before a publisher is interested.
  46. Loblaws
  47. More KKK-affiliated businesses
  48. Vet Facebook Photo
  49. Google's name
  50. Believe it: Upscale cookie recipe is free
  51. It's No Free Ride
  52. Zippo is burning brighter than ever
  53. How to Get a Meeting Back on Track
  54. Posted Federal Govt jobs already taken?
  55. Paid to grow fingernails
  56. Oprah boycott
  57. Postal Worker Can't Leave Truck
  58. Company Rumors Debunked
  59. Big Mac pays royalties
  60. Jared from Subway dropped?
  61. Cheap petrol an urban myth
  62. Social Security checks
  63. Airliner crash? Hide the logo!
  64. Spelling mistake costs eBay seller
  65. Lather, Rinse, Donate
  66. New Jersey exit tax
  67. Stamps as currency
  68. International Hotel Law
  69. iPhone publicity stunt
  70. 50 Facts about credit cards
  71. Out of the market before the crash
  72. Milk is always at the back of the store
  73. Closed Thursdays for lynchings
  74. Google interview questions
  75. Consulting mom during a job interview
  76. Make UK 0800 numbers free from your mobile phones?
  77. Togo's soup-sandwich chain
  78. Starbucks owns Peet's
  79. Hotel drinking glasses exposť
  80. An L.A. legend you've never seen or heard
  81. Summer travel season busier than holidays, analysis shows
  82. JNCO Jeans
  83. U.S. Has 4 Years to Replace Its Light Bulbs
  84. Boycott Red Lobster because they kill seals!
  85. Did Coke really turn Santa red and white?
  86. USPS conspiracy to lower rural carrier salaries
  87. Tommy Still Can't Hilfiger Out Racist Allegations
  88. Budweiser owns all of the world's clydesdales
  89. Zyklon brand ovens
  90. Logos that became legends: Icons from the world of advertising
  91. Color-coded Wal-Mart roofs
  92. Sorry, There's No Free Ice Cream
  93. 10 Creepy Old Ads
  94. PETA Headstone Hides Anti-KFC Secret Recipe
  95. New charity CEO cuts perqs
  96. The Great Escape
  97. Travel Myths
  98. Ted's Montana Grill
  99. Economic stimulus rumors
  100. KFC's Secret Recipe was originally Minnie Pearl's
  101. What a Nasty Letter for a $16.96 Debt!
  102. Free admission to Alton Towers with garden gnome
  103. Target fires reservists
  104. Valentine's Day invented by Hallmark
  105. The name game
  106. Car letter sent to 'passed away'
  107. MapQuest is owned by oil companies
  108. Buy the business, keep the carpet
  109. Capital One credit card hurts your credit
  110. Taco (Death) Bell
  111. Mailing a house
  112. Buying out a competitor to shut it down
  113. Mary Kay makes millionaires
  114. Deep Discount DVD owned by Scientology
  115. James Cash Penney hated Roosevelt (dimes)
  116. All Alaskan oil is sold to Japan
  117. More companies associated with hate groups
  118. Japanese watches preset to 12/7/1941
  119. Walkaway homeowners: Trend or myth?
  120. Diapers & Beer at Wal-Mart
  121. Bob Barker, prison magnate
  122. Wal-Mart gas is 50% ethanol
  123. Banks are failing!
  124. Product placement
  125. Pennies in landfills
  126. Roebuck was black?
  127. Bottle cap hoax upsets residents
  128. TQM business failures?
  129. Phony cell phone antennae
  130. Mistakenly diagnosed man gives away savings
  131. No more 35mm film after this year
  132. Upcoming week-long bank holiday
  133. Michelob origins
  134. The Monster Under the Bed
  135. UPC indicates country of origin?
  136. Accidents must be dropped off your auto insurance after 3 years?
  137. Councillors' outrage at "unpatriotic" coffee chain
  138. No tax on tea
  139. Michelin employment test for executives
  140. $1 million to each Saudi newborn
  141. The man who outsourced himself
  142. Oprah says "tip 10 percent"
  143. Small Businesses Create 2/3 of Jobs in US
  144. Candles killed Yankee Candle owner
  145. Redesign of Pepsi logo
  146. Bricks of gold
  147. Toronto's lease is up
  148. Name brand electronics at Wal-Mart are made differently?
  149. GM changed "employee" to "employe"
  150. DuPont pays all Delaware sales taxes
  151. IRS deductions for Canadian/Mexican dependents
  152. Copper coins hedge against hyperinflation
  153. Bolted-down laptops
  154. HOAX: TSP Fund Manager Arrested
  155. Birth certificates are bonds
  156. Tax deductions for kidnapped children
  157. Demand American customer service reps
  158. Why the stock exchange is closed on Good Friday
  159. Sewing machine frenzy in red mercury hoax
  160. Innovation legends
  161. Randomly pulling components off the assembly line
  162. Guaranteed, no splinters
  163. Cell phones set off store anti-theft alarms
  164. Checks endorsed "without recourse" won't bounce
  165. Credit card interest will be charged on zero balances
  166. Free gum from Wrigley in 1915
  167. Irn Bru secrets to be passed on
  168. Millionaire panhandlers
  169. KA-BAR knives
  170. Cookie recipe
  171. Kid fined for competing with the Post Office
  172. Tango can spells out obscenity
  173. Who's in the KKK?
  174. Long voicemail greetings rack up phone charges?
  175. Outlet stores are scams
  176. Free drinks for your AA medallion
  177. WalMart pays no property taxes
  178. A. Duie Pyle
  179. Actors don't pay income tax?
  180. Menís Underwear as an Economic Indicator
  181. Airline passengers must use the bathroom before boarding
  182. All you can eat for Hershey's employees
  183. Innovation from low bidder on pipeline
  184. "80% of millionaires are first generation"
  185. Coca-Cola single share millionaires
  186. Aluminum can tabs contain titanium?
  187. FDIC confiscates inactive accounts?
  188. BING = Because It's Not Google
  189. Illegal for banks to close more than 3 days in a row?
  190. Canadian Club 'Hide-a-Case' promotion
  191. Tax refunds will be issued as savings bonds
  192. The myth of the Sony 'kill switch'
  193. Armored truck crews must keep their belongings in mesh cages?
  194. IRS warns Americans about frivolous tax defenses
  195. The origins of the Snuggie
  196. Birth on Bolivian plane; baby gets free flights
  197. Casino chips in Lake Mead
  198. Virgin Media wrote letter addressed to 'Mr Illegal Immigrant'
  199. Business facility designed to be converted to other use
  200. BP will profit from oil spill
  201. Listerine made up 'bad breath'
  202. Japanese soap genius
  203. $22,000 cell phone bill
  204. Redemption rumors
  205. No urban legend: NBA will donate merchandise of Game 7 loser to charity
  206. 1% tax
  207. Starbucks wastes water
  208. Joint accounts frozen when one person dies
  209. 'Payment in full'
  210. Inventor of Kool-aid married inventor of JELL-O?
  211. Donated homes mortgaged, foreclosed
  212. Cussing at automated voice menus
  213. Barbie based on German sex toy?
  214. Job satisfaction study
  215. Selling Mexican pot
  216. A myth about start-ups, debunked
  217. Canlis "don't come back" card
  218. Safeway
  219. Tales from a Christmas Tree Vendor
  220. Suicide of Victoria's Secret founder
  221. WalMart locks in the overnight shift
  222. Here Are the Non-conforming Parts As Requested
  223. Henry Ford refused credit
  224. Supply and demand
  225. No holes in the setting, your diamond is fake
  226. Don't use 'cum laude' on resumes
  227. Blacks were not permitted to drink Coke
  228. McDonald's loses money on food
  229. Der Wienerschnitzel name change
  230. Whole Foods employee's rant goes viral
  231. NHS hospital 'usual equal opportunities rubbish' job advert sparks investigation
  232. Plastic caps for cancer care? Sorry, it's a hoax
  233. Suburban beggar
  234. Why no green LEGOs?
  235. ATM noise
  236. 10 Shattered Myths About Workplace Rights
  237. Racist pants color
  238. The Mob sent Pizza Hut public?
  239. Snapple is Anti-Marijuana?
  240. Books for Dummies
  241. Apple factory suicides
  242. Rolex repair
  243. What Were They Thinking? 10 Ads That Sparked Controversy
  244. Lululemon
  245. U.S. athletes taxed on Olympic medals
  246. Limit one coupon per purchase
  247. Nibs: a candy with an allegedly racist beginning
  248. The Myth of the Black Friday Deal
  249. Buying a business to fire an offending worker
  250. Elmer's glue = non-dairy creamer