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  1. Trade your kids for a PlayStation 3
  2. Ignorant tourists in your country
  3. Eskimos kill their young?
  4. Holocaust Suvivor & Lottery Winner
  5. ‘Monkey Fishing’ Author Admits to Falsehood
  6. Red Velvet Cake
  7. Polish toughness contests...
  8. Lost lighter
  9. Another manufactured memory
  10. Shoes hanging from power lines
  11. E-mail Hoaxes: Old Stories in New Packaging
  12. "Photo Finish," or too much time on my hands
  13. Area teacher proves egg-standing urban myth
  14. Barry L. Beyerstein (1946-2007)
  15. Liz Claiborne, World's First Internet Hoax Victim?
  16. Baby for adoption through online classifieds?
  17. Lonely Planet guides (not) confiscated in China
  18. Vatican Library Sinking Due to Weight of Books
  19. Posh & Becks Swindle Party Place from Newlyweds
  20. Something just too dumb to be true
  21. Urban Legends and the People Who Love Them
  22. Chinatown's urban legend
  23. Persistence of Myths Could Alter Public Policy Approach
  24. In a Sept. 11 survival tale, the pieces just don't fit
  25. Crystal Ornament Causes House Fire
  26. Urban legends spawn outrageous myths that are really hard to swallow
  27. Museum goers never read labels
  28. Legendary Detroit
  29. George Turklebaum
  30. Tunnels under Fresno's Chinatown
  31. Let The Young Have Their Fun (Three Stories I Just Remembered)!
  32. Tall tales: The rise of the urban legend
  33. Cracking the snow day secret code
  34. Dispelling the mystery of the urban myth
  35. Beware the Deal of the Century
  36. The (One-Armed) Karate Kid
  37. King of Prussia, PA
  38. Innocent gestures can translate poorly, traveler warns
  39. Pipe dream - glorious history of Scotland's iconic instrument is made up, says expert
  40. Tall Ships festival would really rather have a Buick
  41. Box in the road
  42. 6 Most Frequently Quoted BullNFBSK Statistics
  43. Beware of the hoax
  44. Native Americans have a good head for heights?
  45. A Bra's Tale
  46. Highest Traces of Cocaine Found on U.S. Bills
  47. Historical London Underground legend
  48. Reader ignites “urning” for truth
  49. Your brain lies to you
  50. Online sweethearts turn out to be neighbours
  51. Depilatory in shampoo bottle
  52. Fact or fiction? We check out the north state's most enduring legends
  53. Springfield's urban legends
  54. Alphabet Juice
  55. Seven states visible from Lookout Mountain?
  56. Pronounciation of "911" as in the emergency number
  57. Something smells fishy
  58. Enough with the Internet rumors already
  59. "Do you take cream or sugar in your eye?"
  60. Don't get punchy on Boxing Day, India says
  61. Getting 'Reno-Vated': The 'ring' of truth
  62. Tourist can enter Buckingham Palace by signing the visitors' book
  63. The truth about 'urban legends'
  64. Life's a funny thing, especially when those stories come true
  65. Shakespeare Lady of New Haven
  66. Bug bombs blast apartment
  67. Manuscript shredded instead of copied
  68. Local legends
  69. Justice, and other urban legends
  70. Lies of Mass Destruction
  71. The Net's Most Heinous Hoaxes
  72. 6 Creepy Urban Legends That Happen to be True (Part 3!)
  73. Yule never believe this story
  74. The urban legends and truths about Christmas
  75. New York marks 75th year of gator legend
  76. Some area legends live longer than others
  77. Architectural quirks
  78. Myth no more: Coca-Cola bottle part of Fox Theatre's starlit sky
  79. Seed sign story grows into legend
  80. Recessed cigarette filters
  81. False memories: Did you lock the door or just imagine it?
  82. The power of urban myth
  83. Golden Gate Bridge suicide attempt survivors report change of heart?
  84. Folklore of the North York Moors
  85. Tall tale of a gift from beyond the grave
  86. Houdini, Crop Circles and the Need to Believe
  87. Steve Jobs vs James Bond
  88. Urban legends more thrilling than reality
  89. Getting your art into a museum
  90. Camel dung
  91. Educators worried by rise of students who snort crushed candy
  92. The Debunking Handbook
  93. Why People Believe Misinformation, Even After It's Corrected
  94. Ubuntu legend
  95. An urban myth and its real-life understanding
  96. No smoking in airplane bathrooms
  97. The Birthday Problem
  98. New well disrupts village's social structure
  99. Equipment left behind
  100. Couple reunited by radio broadcast
  101. Floating babies
  102. Toronto Urban Legends: The Mad Cows of Osgoode Hall
  103. Poison ivy ruins wedding
  104. If a Story Is Viral, Truth May Be Taking a Beating
  105. Don't die overseas
  106. 10 bizarre facts about Russia you probably didn’t know
  107. Police Chief Apologizes for Citing Urban Legend in Testimony About Pot Legalization
  108. He didn't call because he had amnesia
  109. Do Mumbai's streetside flower sellers really get their roses from graveyards?
  110. The lost train of nowhere
  111. Academic Urban Legends
  112. How common is it for urban legends from a very specific location to spread?
  113. Our appetite for fake Ebola stories and other bunk
  114. Why there are no Unicorns
  115. Slice of Pi
  116. "La-A" The kid is all grown up now
  117. The spreading of misinformation online
  118. Missing 411