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  1. Shoes for the upper crust
  2. World's oldest mom bears twins at 67
  3. Hooked on Facts.com - The Internet's First Dedicated Fact Engine
  4. Folding Paper Problem
  5. Refugees in U.S. use Jan. 1 as birthday
  6. Are all these facts facts?
  7. Facts about the 50 states
  8. World's oldest woman / man
  9. More useless facts
  10. Cracker-eating record
  11. Coin weights
  12. Dyslexic astronauts
  13. Riddle (supposedly from Francis Scott Key)
  14. Proof that the world is nuts
  15. Friday the 13th
  16. World Leaders in 1942
  17. Not stepping on official seals
  18. Farmer's Almanac predicted California snowstorm
  19. Ohio has no natural lakes
  20. Feds' dead reckoning turns out to be wrong
  21. At 1,234 lb., Mexican man weighs into record books
  22. Burj Dubai becomes tallest building on earth
  23. Interesting Human Body Facts?
  24. Factfile: the world's tallest people
  25. The world's strangest laws
  26. Woman who gave birth at 59 claims record
  27. 590 miles of hair
  28. Connecticut Home 20 Times Larger Than Average
  29. Guinness -- weird, wonderful and wacky abound
  30. Truth of earrings, bikinis and sports bras
  31. Leaning Tower of Pisa No Longer World's Most Lopsided Tower
  32. How fast must Santa travel on Christmas Eve?
  33. Coconut water can be used (in emergencies) as a substitute for blood plasma.
  34. Elizabeth II becomes UK's oldest monarch
  35. Michael Jordan vs. Bill Gates
  36. 10 Little Known Sports Trivia Facts
  37. Record for most bars on one street
  38. Early Easter
  39. Average Time Kissing
  40. The Bizarre History of 10 Common Sayings
  41. Child genius is youngest college professor
  42. World's tallest building just got taller
  43. Lebanon chef finds 26 pearls in single oyster
  44. World's shortest man
  45. German company claims puzzle is world's biggest
  46. A treasure trove of trash withers in Simi Valley
  47. Jacket sleeve buttons that don't button
  48. Marrying your (junior) high school sweetheart
  49. Questionable snow facts
  51. Einstein quiz
  52. Grand Central Station ceiling
  53. Ship's captains can perform weddings
  54. Readings Show Four Corners Marker off by 2.5 Miles
  55. 9 out of 10 wildfires are started by humans
  56. 5 Whys
  57. The entire world population can fit into the state of Texas?
  58. World's smallest man turns 18
  59. Secret ZIP codes
  60. The 50 most interesting articles on Wikipedia
  61. World's smallest mom has third child
  62. Dec. 20 most common birthday?
  63. Is Canada really north of the USA?
  64. Date, time align in numerical sequence
  65. Why are there 52 cards in a deck?
  66. John Underwood, Andover, Mass
  67. Average American only walks 350 yards a day
  68. Great Dane is tallest dog ever
  69. 82% meet future spouse by age 16
  70. Return driver's licenses by mail for free
  71. Laura Buxton
  72. Interesting facts
  73. 17% of people over 7 feet tall are in the NBA
  74. $1 in prevention, saves $7 in intervention
  75. True things that sound false
  76. 35 Interesting Facts About The World You Live In That Will Surprise You
  77. How urban legends get started
  78. Facts That Sound Like Lies But Are Actually True
  79. Infographics
  80. Where did the trope about firefighters saving cats from trees originate?