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  1. Computer study claims 1998 baseballs were juiced
  2. Catherine Bell predicted Super Bowl XXXVI details
  3. Cal Ripken destroyed sportswriter's laptop
  4. Rugby humor
  5. 1969 Mets paid off at 1000 to 1?
  6. Super Bowl week, putting the "hype" in hyperbole
  7. Buffalo Bills moving to Toronto?
  8. The Japanese gyroball mystery
  9. The death of Ayrton Senna
  10. Rose admits to betting on Reds every night
  11. Red Sox discount Schilling sock rumor
  12. Andres Escobar murdered for own goal
  13. Home run between pitcher's legs
  14. Toilet Use During Stanley Cup Playoffs
  15. Joe Montana "too old"
  16. Spelling isn't that grate in hoky
  17. At this game, the baseball players didn't pull any punches
  18. Tiger Woods' furniture
  19. Aaron getting due at last
  20. Golf rules during the Battle of Britain
  21. Joe Theismann
  22. Just another baseball myth?
  23. OSU vs. Michigan
  24. Venus Williams, Crip
  25. Student beats 'Chariots of Fire' record
  26. Season tickets as Christmas gift
  27. Pittsburghers didn't see the Immaculate Reception on TV
  28. Guy Lafleur, ski expert
  29. Eating peanuts in the pits of a NASCAR race is bad luck
  30. Muhammad Ali vs Bruce Lee, who would win? And other sporting questions
  31. "I Am Legend" predicts Super Bowl?
  32. Super flush Sunday an urban myth?
  33. Super Bowl bet quashed
  34. Grass-roots approach to clearing a good name
  35. Football games have 12 minutes of action
  36. I'm in Philadelphia, and it's raining
  37. John Smoltz keeps ironing out the truth about urban 'legend'
  38. Albert Einstein, hockey goalie?
  39. Tiger-proofing Augusta
  40. It's a birdie, a plane: Flyover ban is myth
  41. Olympic torch relay evokes memory of Australian hoax
  42. Bruce Jenner had plastic surgery?
  43. Why Olympic events were conducted in the nude
  44. Getting the call, getting it done
  45. Was Baseball Invented in Britain?
  46. Major League Baseball told: Your sport is British, not American
  47. One Fan Makes His Point: Ruth Called That Shot
  48. Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays
  49. In sport, the more far-fetched, the more we want it to be true
  50. Working on my golf swing and trying to remain calm
  51. Analysts: Tough to determine if there is such a thing as clutch
  52. Texas won Pike's Peak in a football bet
  53. Out of Left Field: The Errors In Counting Black Ballplayers
  54. Wrestler throws a match
  55. Who invented the huddle? The story is muddled
  56. Slinging Sammy Baugh Passes at 94
  57. Betting on an 0-16 season
  58. Bobby Layne cursed the Detroit Lions
  59. Red Sox postpone opener for Passover
  60. Betting on high school football
  61. Strewth! Cricket is a foreign import - according to new Australian research
  62. For Free Throws, 50 Years of Practice Is No Help
  63. Ronnie Lott amputated his finger during game
  64. Canadian family planning for hockey
  65. Minor league pitcher strikes out 27 but loses game
  66. Montreal Canadiens
  67. Better Late Ö
  68. Rangers fans tricked into buying Dundee socks?
  69. Marine Corps football
  70. Alabama's No. 12 jersey
  71. Classic Earl Weaver Rant
  72. Adolf Hitler 'did shake hands with Jesse Owens'
  73. Winning and losing pitcher in same game
  74. Change in foul ball rules
  75. Let's cut it out with this Michael Jordan myth
  76. Timeless MLB logo turns 40
  77. Tennis scoring
  78. Jesse Owens got the cash
  79. Line automatically favors home NFL teams by 3 points?
  80. Ground rule triple
  81. 'Lubricate the Trojans'
  82. Blackhawks' feathers and the Stanley Cup
  83. Jam Boys
  84. Curse of the Nike World Cup Commercial, Confirmed
  85. Top 10 Greatest Urban Legends in Sports
  86. Reality tops movie
  87. Umpiresí Signs: The Movie
  88. Fastest World Cup goal
  89. 'No, No, Nanette'
  90. Myth of Baseballís Creation Endures, With a Prominent Fan
  91. A Memorable Line, Fact or Fable, Lives On in Legend
  92. EA Planning Madden Curse: The Movie
  93. Do athletes use crushed antlers as a performance enhancer?
  94. Princess Anne not drug tested
  95. Debate Over Baseballís Origins Spills Into Another Century
  96. Pesky's Pole
  97. Babe Ruth invented the modern bat
  98. Whiff of Scandal Wafts Over 1918 World Series
  99. Gatorade shower killed George Allen
  100. San Diego Sports Curse
  101. Origins of golf
  102. Derby winners end up in Japanese slaughterhouse
  103. All Olympics teams included female athletes?
  104. Architects forgot to add bullpens to AT&T Park
  105. Manti Teíoís Dead Girlfriend Is A Hoax
  106. Umpire underwear
  107. Russell Wilson's broken legs
  108. JaMarcus Russell and the Tale of the Blank DVD
  109. The Olympic host country always wins a medal
  110. Golf ground rules
  111. Ice Bowl
  112. Who invented the huddle?
  113. 1980 Soviet Olympic hockey team carried guns
  114. Ali/Liston I fixed?
  115. Ars Bandeet
  116. Arnold Palmer pooped on a golf course?
  117. Bitten
  118. J.C. Politz blooper
  119. Who Was Ty Cobb? The History We Know Thatís Wrong