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  1. Do We Know How Photosynthesis Works?
  2. Geostationary Banana Over Texas
  3. When celebrities speak on science
  4. Don't put a garden hose in your pool
  5. Asteroid Threat Is Out There
  6. Save the planet, switch laundry detergents?
  7. Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab
  8. Dr.Emoto's message of water
  9. Is taller better?
  10. Perpetual motion machine developed in Dublin, Ireland - resurrected
  11. Weather-predicting goats
  12. Hobbit-sized human is a new species
  13. Hay can cause barn fires?
  14. Aluminum foil cannot be recycled?
  15. Why red is the most powerful colour
  16. Another unusual brain disorder - synesthesia
  17. Eclipse scheduling
  18. Voodoo science
  19. Helium-filled football
  20. Leave your TV on
  21. Mississippi River Runs Uphill: Coriolis Force
  22. Stand up for spring
  23. Speed-reading myth shattered
  24. Cellphone calls likely to remain grounded
  25. Does every atom in your body get replaced every X years?
  26. Do radioactive things glow in the dark?
  27. Down syndrome patients extremely strong?
  28. Did NASA nuke Jupiter?
  29. Bad Buzz on Mosquito Repellers
  30. Darwin's publisher was urged not to publish evolution work
  31. Air Conditioner Tips
  32. Microwave radiation
  33. Petrol lit with a cigarette? Only in the movies
  34. 160db sound can set your hair on fire?
  35. Eyes changing color?
  36. Tuning fork shatters teeth/explodes eyeball?
  37. Cave blindness
  38. Stealing electricity through induction
  39. Cell phones deactivate RKE devices
  40. Use your TV as a tornado detector
  41. Hangar has its own weather system
  42. Smoke alarms require manufacturer-specified battery brand
  43. Clorox + Pine Sol = death
  44. Ocean water pressure and LOST
  45. Half of a year-old pillow's weight is dust mites?
  46. Scientists say 'Iceman' died from arrow
  47. Studies debunk myth of male as stronger sex
  48. The problem of peeing in pools …
  49. HHO gas to replace oil?
  50. Einstein's lost train ticket
  51. Science Quiets Myth of 'Chatterbox' Females
  52. Relativity
  53. Galaxy hoax claims we're aliens
  54. Don't blame Lady Bird for pesky multiflora rose
  55. Plastic used for bottled water
  56. Mosquitoes can't fly against wind stronger than 2 MPH?
  57. Study Debunks Full Moon Injury Beliefs
  58. Can you survive in space without a spacesuit?
  59. Gasoline is not flammable
  60. Experts reject rain-earthquake link
  61. Banana can fix scratched CDs?
  62. Moth study backs classic 'test case' for Darwin's theory
  63. New Zealand MP falls victim to water hoax
  64. Can a singer really shatter glass?
  65. Company claims to have invented personal teleporter
  66. Genovese Syndrome: Fact or Fiction?
  67. Sputnik opened garage doors?
  68. Forensic Entomology: Myths Busted!
  69. Facts Prove No Match for Gossip, It Seems
  70. The Squeeze
  71. The Life and Death of a Climate Hoax
  72. Long pauses will burn DVDs
  73. GFCI inventor tossed a toaster in the tub with his daughter
  74. How secure are U.S.' new 'smart' passports?
  75. DNA's double helix discovered while on LSD
  76. Ancient Tsunami Lore Could Save Lives
  77. Stainless steel soap
  78. Glass is a liquid?
  79. Does gasoline expand?
  80. Stanley Milgram -- Obedience to Authority
  81. Science Lab or Fraternity Initiation in Texas?
  82. DNA changes as you age?
  83. Einstein: Atom bomb might destroy the universe
  84. Why it's a mistake not to wait lazily for the bus
  85. Could finger lengths predict musical and athletic ability?
  86. Human blood kills guinea pig?
  87. Top 10 Craziest Science Stuff You Did Not Know
  88. Scientists Debunk 'Six Degrees of Separation'
  89. Buzz Aldrin left his camera on the moon
  90. Babies (fetuses) start as females?
  91. Steel flow?
  92. When do seasons start?
  93. Fastest Way Up Hills: Zigzag
  94. Global Cooling: The Underlying Problem
  95. ‘Sexed-up’ numbers should not always be accepted as science
  96. The human brain is the most complex structure known
  97. Ball Lightning Bamboozles Physicist
  98. CERN's New Particle Accelerator May Create a Black Hole that Could Destroy the Earth?
  99. Nuking the microwave myths
  100. Don't allow LCD televisions to freeze
  101. Amazing Water Purifier Machine
  102. Why doesn't Pont du Gard fall down?
  103. Walking without Crawling
  104. Sunflowers at North Pole revisited
  105. DNA's name
  106. All tulips are red
  107. The wind always blows from the east
  108. Seeing upside down
  109. Monkey Trial led to reduced math, science funding
  110. 'Biggest drawing' just a big hoax
  111. A single volcano emits more greenhouse gases than all mankind has throughout history
  112. UK television detection vans
  113. Fanning makes you hotter
  114. Adjust your thermostat -- or not?
  115. Compressed air car
  116. Not built to scale
  117. IMAX bulbs
  118. Own saliva gets out own blood??
  119. Rare green streak is there and gone in a flash
  120. The Nature of Glass Remains Anything but Clear
  121. Do they really think the earth is flat?
  122. Lightning Myths & Facts
  123. Subliminal Messages Work, at Least Sometimes
  124. An area in downtown Tampa makes some car systems go haywire
  125. The two-horse rule
  126. Scientist explodes myth about Big Bum Theory and the wrong type of stripes
  127. Chernobyl vs. Three Mile Island
  128. Freezing/boiling: hot water vs. cold
  129. Abandoned cosmonauts
  130. Geneva Fountain
  131. Keep valuable papers in your freezer
  132. Tylenol was an accident
  133. Do amputees have a higher core body temperature?
  134. Cat collapses Golden Gate Bridge
  135. Eye Flicker Explains 'Enigma' Optical Illusion
  136. Continuously-rising sun
  137. NASA report details last moments of Columbia crew
  138. Gallileo went blind from solar observations?
  139. Don't touch light bulbs
  140. Trees are 90% air
  141. Bill Nye booed in Texas
  142. Death by dry ice
  143. Heavy Boots
  144. Flight of the Bumblebee: Inefficient But Precise
  145. Mars Hoax Circulates: 'Big as the Moon!'
  146. Heady Theories on the Contours of Einstein's Genius
  147. The "Not Invented Here" list
  148. How social science ends up as urban myth
  149. Cellphones and airplanes: Why we should hang up
  150. Plasma TVs don't work at high altitudes
  151. Wi-Fi Allergy
  152. Disposable v. cloth diapers
  153. Flipping Out
  154. Scientists decide how fast a man can run
  155. Cell phones deactivate card keys
  156. Leaving a VHS on top of a running VCR erases tape?
  157. Humans: 50% banana
  158. Women have smaller lung capacity
  159. Lowering an object to absolute zero would start a chain reaction?
  160. Tying knots in a power cord will protect against lightning surges
  161. Wire fences slow down bushfires
  162. Coin tosses can be easily rigged
  163. Frozen soda blows freezer door off
  164. How Many Footfalls Can a Bridge Take?
  165. Germinating 3000-year-old seeds
  166. A quarter will stop a train?
  167. New Pluto photos show surface, color changes
  168. Snow inside the Astrodome?
  169. Rains most often on a Saturday
  170. Playing along with the Mozart effect
  171. Scientist tackles magnetic hill mystery
  172. Living in denial: Why sensible people reject the truth
  173. Nuclear testing = x-ray
  174. M80s are equal to 1/4 stick dynamite
  175. Refrigerators must be upright
  176. Farmer claims some corn popped on the stalk
  177. Einstein's wardrobe
  178. Is hair analysis a brush with quackery?
  179. Converting plastic back into oil
  180. Escaped rubber ducks tracked ocean current patterns
  181. The Really Strange Story Behind the Blue Moon
  182. Use a cell phone to test microwave oven leaks
  183. Queen's study debunks optical illusion myth
  184. C battery and a stack of quarters = D battery
  185. 7 myths about the Challenger shuttle disaster
  186. 100s of recorded cases of accidental electrocutions because of hairdryers
  187. Fire services dispel solar power myth
  188. Daylight Saving Time legends
  189. Sucked out the window by updraft
  190. As the World Turns
  191. Special beach sand
  192. 50 million tons of HeLa cells?
  193. Propane balloons
  194. Fliers Must Turn Off Devices, but It’s Not Clear Why
  195. Electrocuted by e-book reader
  196. Cows cause more pollution than automobiles
  197. Apollo 1 Fire Caused by Cigarette
  198. 'Stop wasting money taping your windows for storms'
  199. Metal detector knows how much cash is in your wallet
  200. Hemoglobin and chlorophyll
  201. Stop the Lunacy! 5 Mad Myths About the Moon
  202. 35 Lifechanging Ways to Use Everyday Objects
  203. Frequency of ocean waves
  204. The God particle
  205. Putting out fires with gasoline
  206. Planetary alignment over the Giza pyramids
  207. Hurricane Sandy simulation
  208. Using Just 10% of Your Brain? Think Again
  209. Locked out of the lunar lander
  210. How much gold is there in the world?
  211. Jefferson Memorial -- Five Whys method
  212. Pendulum sync
  213. The ‘glass is a liquid’ myth has finally been destroyed
  214. Psychological/cultural "optical illusion"
  215. Dead Sea sunburning
  216. Dropping batteries tests whether they're good
  217. Winter weather outlook as forecast by wooly worms, persimmon seeds, and summer fog
  218. What happens when you flush a plane loo?
  219. Vault Boy
  220. 9-volt battery fire
  221. Adding all natural numbers to infinity equals -1/12
  222. Telling rice "thank you" prevents it from rotting
  223. Publishers withdraw more than 120 gibberish papers
  224. "Pillar of fire" Australia - in real time
  225. Coke and Pepsi Are Used as Pesticides in India
  226. Full refrigerators are more energy efficient?
  227. The Blue Box White Paper
  228. Warranty restricted to Earth only
  229. Apollo astronauts carried firearms?
  230. A hot air balloon with holes will still fly?
  231. AIDS: Origin of pandemic was 1920s Kinshasa
  232. Where the Dead Become Diamonds
  233. How to make a Free Electricity Source
  234. Ivan Pavlov’s real quest
  235. Penny derailing a train
  236. Do humans, pets, and cattle comprise 98% of Earth's terrestrial vertebrate biomass?
  237. PhD astronomy student cracks source of mysterious radio bursts
  238. Lip-reading technology
  239. We carry live DNA from all sperm ever touched
  240. ‘Natural’ illusions: Biologist’s failed attempt to defend organic food
  241. Uranus might be full of surprises
  242. Don’t Freak Out Over the Funky Flowers That Appeared Near Fukushima
  243. The Dangerously Clean Water Used To Make Your iPhone
  244. Butter In Your Coffee and Other Cons: Stories From a Fitness Insider
  245. Dry ice can kill?
  246. Light Stopped
  247. The train track optical illusion that's bewildering the internet
  248. Claim that jet stream crossing equator is ‘climate emergency’ is utter nonsense
  249. Did Homer Simpson discover the Higgs boson 14 years before CERN?
  250. Food-on-floor "five second rule" debunked