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  1. Jesus and Virgin Mary sightings
  2. God's Hidden Message
  3. To this question, the answer would be a Revelation
  4. Unexplained X-Ray: Hand of God
  5. Documentary makers claim tomb of Jesus found in Jerusalem
  6. Debunking the ‘Suicide for 72 Virgins’ Myth
  7. Wood of the cross
  8. Spare the Rod?
  9. New Translation Prompts Debate on Islamic Verse
  10. Was It a Hoax? Debate on a ‘Secret Mark’ Gospel Resumes
  11. Did the Red Sea part? No evidence, archaeologists say
  12. A child will not be safe in the womb...
  13. No + in Israeli math books
  14. Attempt to revive Jerry Springer The Opera prosecution
  15. Do Jews Belive in the Messiah?
  16. Is Jesus a myth?
  17. Romney candidacy has resurrected last days prophecy of Mormon saving the Constitution
  18. Ayatollah Khomeini pedophilia beastiality comments
  19. Jesus had only 13 chromosomes
  20. Extant manuscripts of the New Testament
  21. The world will end in 2060, according to Newton
  22. A lively debate over the Dead Sea Scrolls
  23. Leonardo: The Man Behind the Shroud?
  24. St. Joesph hears the call of prospective home sellers
  25. Myths Over Miami
  26. Folklore plays role for LDS
  27. Apollo mission Bible reading
  28. Good Thursday, not Good Friday
  29. Religions' objections to tampons
  30. Isaiah 19:25
  31. Gospel Truth
  32. President of UK atheist society finds God
  33. Caganer: The Strangest Christmas Tradition?
  34. Christians urged to “Stamp out” Royal Mail Christmas hoax
  35. Did an Atheist Ever Found a Hospital?
  36. Are the 12 days biblical?
  37. The Many Myths of the Magi
  38. Seeking a Star in the East
  39. Myths and the menorah
  40. Jailed Chinese pastors make Xmas lights by hand?
  41. Documentary Hypothesis
  42. Christians not allowed at Barry Manilow concerts
  43. Milk and eggs not eaten during Lent?
  44. Chariot Wheels Found in Red Sea
  45. Mormons have secret handshake
  46. Buried wafers will halt communion
  47. Remains of Padre Pio, beloved mystic monk, exhumed in Italy
  48. Moses was high on drugs
  49. The man who says he has the lost Ark
  50. The eye of the needle
  51. Less than 1% of prisoners are atheists
  52. Vatican's UN Rep can't sign Human Rights Statement?
  53. Is 'Let Him Who Is Without Sin Cast the First Stone' Biblical?
  54. Isaac Newton predicted world will end in 2060
  55. Tablet ignites debate on messiah and resurrection
  56. For Some Jews, It Only Sounds Like ‘Taboo’
  57. Curse your new-fangled hymns!
  58. Dollar coins not 'Godless' despite urban myth
  59. Shroud of Turin stirs new controversy
  60. Mormons kill those who renounce the faith?
  61. Is that in the Bible?
  62. Mormon Myth-ellaneous
  63. Hoaxes from the Holy Land
  64. Doorway to Hell
  65. Dreidel history/timeline
  66. The 27 Characteristics of the Anti-Christ
  67. A teen commits suicide when miraculous healing fails
  68. Scholar Claims Dead Sea Scrolls 'Authors' Never Existed
  69. Capybara = fish
  70. Who Was the Historical Jesus?
  71. Faith, Proof and Relics
  72. Home sellers seek help from a saint
  73. Fightin' words
  74. Our tattoos, ourselves
  75. Long subject to urban legend, church opens new center for sesquicentennial
  76. Allah tire treads
  77. How to Be a Married Priest
  78. Blue door = marriageable Amish female
  79. Hark! Where's the Bible Ark?
  80. Polygraphs say God doesn't exist
  81. Truth About a Prayer: A Saint’s Name, but Not His Words
  82. 'Miracle' as communion wafer becomes heart tissue
  83. Virgin Mary watches over Chilean mail
  84. Xmas – pronounced Christmas!
  85. Book offers peek at artifacts in Vatican's 'secret' archives
  86. The innkeeper: Still no room at the inn
  87. Mother Teresa stamp protest
  88. What is Good About Good Friday?
  89. "Noah's Ark" Found in Turkey
  90. Jesus did not die on cross, says scholar
  91. Vatican Secret Archives hold tales fascinating ... and not
  92. Muslims build mosques on conquered lands
  93. Dress code for meeting the Pope
  94. The funny things that happen in church
  95. Pigs in (Muslim) Space
  96. The tradition of the Easter ham was born in anti-semitism
  97. Jesus Christ the Man: Does the Physical Evidence Hold Up?
  98. Actually, that's not in the Bible
  99. Devil's Interval
  100. Saint Padre Pio's stigmata 'exposed' by new book
  101. Cremation
  102. Searching for the Star of Bethlehem
  103. Muskrat dinners
  104. Can you be a good Muslim and still have a dog?
  105. Surge in calls over imaginary Gay Jesus film
  106. Are alligators meat or fish?
  107. “The Myth of Persecution”: Early Christians weren’t persecuted
  108. Pope ordered statues to be mutilated
  109. Jesuit oath
  110. Hell
  111. Pope Francis makes a Swiss Guard a sandwich
  112. Artifact "proves" Exodus
  113. Host turns into heart tissue
  114. Swan Quarter United Methodist floating church
  115. Four teachings from Jesus that everybody gets wrong
  116. Experts Debunk Claim Jesus Was a Husband and Father
  117. Facts About Iraq
  118. Secret Bible in which 'Jesus predicts coming of Prophet Muhammad' unearthed
  119. Femaie cosmonaut sees angels in space
  120. “God’s Not Dead 3” comes out soon