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  1. Benjamin Franklin quote
  2. Toscanini quote
  3. Ted Nugent's New Rules for 2007
  4. Rocker Ted Nugent denies making immigrant reference
  5. G.W. Bush on Constitution
  6. James Madison on church and state
  7. Lucille Ball quote?
  8. Dave Barry's 16 Things
  9. Brooke Shields quote?
  10. Dr. Seuss describes love
  11. Henry Kissinger, messiah
  12. Robert E. Lee quote
  13. Andy Rooney on VA hospitals
  14. Bush on Iraq
  15. Close match to ''It doesn't do anything. That's the beauty of it''
  16. British Voice Flubs?
  17. Einstein on Bees
  18. Emma "Hermione" Watson on future 'adult' roles
  19. I love deadlines...
  20. (Bill) Clinton quotes
  21. "Dance like nobody's watching ..."
  22. He may be a son of a bitch, but he's our son of a bitch
  23. The famous speech Nelson Mandela never gave?
  24. John James Audubon on conservationism
  25. Reagan wonders if Olof Palme is a communist
  26. Jerry Falwell on Billy Graham
  27. Jefferson: Guns better than playing ball
  28. Jimmy Carter: Republicans Are Men of Narrow Vision
  29. Al Gore: Think leopards, not zebras
  30. Churchill, slums, saying anything clever
  31. Jeb Bush on truth
  32. George Bush and the First Person Possessive
  33. “Destroying human life in the hopes of saving human life is not ethical...”-GWB
  34. "It's not whether you win or lose..."
  35. Medieval Potatoes?
  36. Plato Beer Quote
  37. But now you're you - George W. Bush
  38. George Orwell quote
  39. Bush on Harriet Meyers: she's a good bowler
  40. George H. W. Bush's alleged remark about atheists
  41. Nancy Pelosi on Osama bin Laden
  42. Patton wants Aggies!
  43. Rudy Giuliani on freedom
  44. Bill Clinton on freedom
  45. Ronald Reagan on George W. Bush
  46. (Hillary) Clinton quotes
  47. Woodrow Wilson ruined America
  48. David Irving: "Austria is a pisspot country"
  49. Quotes on "American Taliban" have no sources
  50. Bush vs. Hitler
  51. Glurgilicious Eleanor Roosevelt quotes
  52. Hillary Cinton: "Nurses are overpaid and undereducated"
  53. Dandy Don
  54. Anne McCaffrey on anal sex
  55. Matt Groening's new Pledge of Allegiance
  56. Politicians Say the Darndest Things
  57. "I want a West Point football player."
  58. Eamon de Valera, "comely maidens, dancing at the crossroads".
  59. Did John Madden really say this
  60. Germaine Greer: "Like all women of taste, I am a pederast."
  61. General Vo Nguyen Giap
  62. Gandhi on customer service
  63. Roger Baldwin, founder of the ACLU
  64. Einstein on evil
  65. I will exchange a city for a sunset ...
  66. FDR: “I murdered my grandmother this morning.”
  67. Henry Kissinger on military men
  68. Hitler's Last Words
  69. Alan Greenspan on Bill Clinton
  70. Remember September 4th!
  71. GWB: Power the power
  72. Ted Koppel commencement address
  73. Ben Franklin on English
  74. John Ashcroft on freedom
  75. "We are the president"
  76. Jane Fonda on gun control
  77. Did McCain call USA "Christendom"?
  78. John Wayne on stupidity
  79. Einstein on World War IV
  80. J.K. Rowling says poor people are inferior to her?
  81. Freud: Psychoanalysis doesn't work on the Irish
  82. Cicero on fixing the economy
  83. Aristotle on chess
  84. Wilt Chamberlain
  85. Music quote from Plato
  86. Life imitates art
  87. Jefferson on Democracy
  88. Larry Niven on immigration
  89. Charles Barkley on politics
  90. Churchill and fried chicken
  91. Henry Ford deathbed quote
  92. Jefferson on hemp
  93. Thomas Edison on solar power
  94. Einstein on problem-solving
  95. George Carlin on environmentalism
  96. Hillary Clinton: "Every nation has to be either for us, or against us"
  97. George III in 1776
  98. Who Wrote the Serenity Prayer?
  99. Did McCain tell this joke?
  100. "We are no longer a Christian nation"
  101. George Washington on firearms
  102. The loneliest monk
  103. Definition of insanity
  104. Isaac Newton on atheism
  105. Quote from Valentinus
  106. Thomas Jefferson on banks
  107. JFK reveals existence of secret plot
  108. Obama on rednecks
  109. Lincoln believes in the people
  110. Fertile Man Dies in Climax: real headline?
  111. Harriet Tubman (Hillary Clinton version)
  112. "When a man stops believing in God ..."
  113. Sarah Palin quotes
  114. Will Rogers quotes
  115. Mussolini: fascism = corporatism
  116. Andrew Jackson on banks
  117. Joe Biden on religion
  118. Einstein on kissing
  119. It takes a left wing and a right wing to fly
  120. Palin on teenage pregnancy
  121. Paris or Zsa Zsa?
  122. Nixon on when it's time for new leadership
  123. Joe Biden on Vietnamese evacuations
  124. Truman Comparing the CIA to the Gestapo
  125. Alexander Haig: "they can protest all they want so long as they pay their taxes"
  126. Martin Luther quote
  127. George Bushisms over the years
  128. Einstein only had three good ideas
  129. "Time to close the book on infectious diseases"
  130. Winston Churchill on displacing indigenous peoples
  131. John D. Rockefeller on wealth
  132. Karl Marx on consumer debt
  133. Norman Thomas on socialism
  134. Netanyahu interview
  135. The Best of Ed Rendell, the Governor of Pennsylvania
  136. Nancy Pelosi
  137. Freud on weapons
  138. Margaret Thatcher on socialism
  139. Jack Welch on globalization
  140. Astronaut sees God, says "She's black."
  141. The Wright brothers' father
  142. John Lennon's aunt said he'd never make money with his guitar
  143. John Wanamaker on advertising
  144. Milton Friedman on government
  145. Sonya Sotomayor on white male oppression
  146. Karl Marx on democracy
  147. Colin Powell
  148. Teddy Roosevelt on bankers
  149. Dorothy Parker slams bad novel
  150. Donald Trump on President Obama
  151. Keep your government hands off my Medicare!
  152. Andrew Jackson's tomb says "I killed the bank"
  153. Ezekiel Emanuel on (rationed) health care
  154. Karl Marx on socialized medicine
  155. Lincoln on Prosperity
  156. Edison on electric cars
  157. "You might say that America is a Muslim nation"
  158. Jefferson on Guns
  159. Golda Meir on when to sack experts
  160. "The world is too big for us"
  161. Sick Transit Gloria Monday
  162. An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory
  163. Franklin quotation on questioning authority
  164. John McCain on spending
  165. FDR/LBJ on welfare programs
  166. Frances Folsom Cleveland: "We'll be back"
  167. Where did the phrase "everyone dies alone" originate?
  168. Lincoln on Happiness
  169. Senator Feinstein on heath care opinion
  170. Ghoti
  171. I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians
  172. Arthur C. Clarke on television
  173. John Lennon quotes
  174. Obama = messiah
  175. Poster child for what is wrong in Congress
  176. Herbert Hoover and Aimee Semple McPherson
  177. Only 10% of human knowledge is on the internet
  178. Nikita Khrushchev on socialism
  179. Mussolini on a proposed mosque in Rome
  180. Col. House on Social Security
  181. Ben Stein on health insurance
  182. Mike Huckabee on national secrets
  183. Coca-Cola CEO on life balance
  184. Nietzsche or P.J. O'Rourke?
  185. Terrorism alert satire attributed to John Cleese
  186. Hitler on trade unions
  187. Churchill on Islam
  188. Bankers' Manifesto of 1892
  189. MLK on death
  190. Oscar Wilde's last words
  191. That's an amazing invention but who would ever want to use one of them?
  192. Thomas Jefferson: "A wise and frugal government..."
  193. Former head of NIH against vaccination?
  194. Sweat on whiskey
  195. Stephen King on Twilight
  196. Political quotes about socialism
  197. Warren Buffett on the debt ceiling
  198. Falser Words Were Never Spoken
  199. Betty White
  200. James Madison on wealth
  201. Was Andy Rooney an outspoken atheist?
  202. Newt Gingrich on Newt Gingrich
  203. Patton on French troops
  204. Ataturk on burqas
  205. James T. Kirk on meetings
  206. Diddling on his organ
  207. Malcolm X
  208. Newt Gingrich on Barack Obama
  209. Ronald Reagan on religion
  210. Goethe on writers putting themselves into their works
  211. Warren Buffett on energy deregulation
  212. We’re all a little weird
  213. Gates of Paradise
  214. "[I]f they're flyin' around the Internet, they're probably not mine."
  215. Lyndon Johnson on the Civil Rights Act
  216. Did Queen Elizabeth really say "kick some ass"?
  217. Miles Davis & Nancy Reagan
  218. Oscar Wilde on spending time alone
  219. George Carlin on men and women
  220. Robert Louis Stevenson on consequences
  221. Obama on birth control
  222. Thomas Jefferson on Obamacare
  223. Donald Trump on Obamacare
  224. Rush Limbaugh on firefighters
  225. Why are we building meteorological satellites?
  226. Thomas Jefferson on guns
  227. Winston Churchill on Indian independence
  228. Alexander Romney on Mitt's deferments
  229. Why Misquotations Catch On
  230. Mark Twain quote about death
  231. Morgan Freeman on homophobia
  232. Mitt Romney on airplane windows
  233. Cherokee proverb
  234. "You just keep pushing" by René Descartes
  235. President Obama quote on Egyptian people
  236. John Adams on national debt
  237. Einstein on technology
  238. Morgan Freeman on Newtown shootings
  239. Fred Rogers on scary news
  240. Alec Guinness on Star Wars
  241. Hitler on disarmament
  242. Orwell on the media
  243. Dianne Feinstein on guns
  244. Ronald Reagan on AK-47s
  245. Soviet leader leaves two letters
  246. Thomas Jefferson on Peace
  247. Unnamed president: "Tolerance today, tyranny tomorrow!"
  248. Pope Francis: "Women are naturally unfit for political office"
  249. Bill Gates in Saudi Arabia
  250. Sartre on the Internet