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  1. Preventing brain freeze
  2. Don't cut yourself with a dull knife
  3. Old wive's tales about hair
  4. Don't burn lightning-struck wood
  5. Manly men have longer ring fingers?
  6. Number of Sneezes has significance?
  7. Don't sit on cold concrete
  8. Don't eat the first snow
  9. How to dry clothes faster
  10. Preserve eggs by dipping them in wax
  11. Alcohol-soaked cloth cures headaches
  12. Pennies in windows
  13. Gray hair from stress
  14. Snapping turtles
  15. Don't put money on the bed...
  16. Preheating the oven
  17. Silence
  18. Gain a Child, Lose a Tooth
  19. Innie and Outie Belly Buttons
  20. Don't store potatoes with onions
  21. Leg-crossing causes varicose veins?
  22. Old Wives' Tales about babies
  23. Cutting cucumbers
  24. Peeing on a jellyfish sting and taking right turns to outrun a black bear...
  25. Japan celebrates folklore's disaster warning systems
  26. Bird portends death
  27. Candy before bed, dream you're dead
  28. Busting Summer Myths
  29. Take a cold shower after being out in the heat and you'll sweat more?
  30. Cameras add ten pounds
  31. Snake chases pregnant women
  32. Best man: Assistant Bridenapper?
  33. Beer before liquor, never sicker; liquor before beer, never fear
  34. Old Farmers Almanac says 2008 will be the warmest year in a century
  35. Alka Seltzer and Cranberry juice for UTI's
  36. Love bugs are here, and legend says that means it's about to get cool
  37. A shrill whistle will hurt an obscene caller
  38. Making nails grow faster
  39. Penny test for anemia
  40. How stewardesses clean pantyhose
  41. Store batteries in the refrigerator
  42. Heartburn means extra baby hair
  43. Washing hair with hot water causes baldness
  44. Hot water slakes thirst better than cold?
  45. Hiccups mean growth spurt
  46. Moon and pregnancy
  47. Ukranian old wives
  48. Bad marriage omens
  49. Add a penny to a vase to make tulips stand up straight
  50. One bad apple spoils the bunch
  51. Rosemary at the garden gate
  52. Don't cut baby's nails
  53. Itchy hands
  54. Use large tomato seeds
  55. Snakes don't like pregnant women
  56. Pouring hot water on a burn?
  57. Scream at your birthday cake
  58. Amber for teething babies
  59. Onions cure ear infections?
  60. Mom's diet seen as factor in whether baby is boy or girl
  61. Don't put hot food in the refrigerator
  62. Hot water boils at a higher temperature
  63. Don't water your lawn in the middle of the day
  64. Don't hold cats; they'll get worms
  65. Never re-freeze a thawed food product
  66. Friday 13th not more unlucky, study shows
  67. Cleaning attracts mice
  68. Now Apologize to Your Grandmother: “Old People Smell” is a Myth, Study Says
  69. Can't sneeze? Stare at a light!
  70. Lettuce helps you sleep
  71. Thunderstorms will spoil soup
  72. Ears and nose never stop growing
  73. Are rubies unlucky?
  74. Wallet in back pocket causes back problems
  75. White lighters are bad luck
  76. Grow in your sleep
  77. Spider wrangling
  78. Pregnancy does not cloud the brain, says Australian study
  79. Pregnant moms pass on taste preferences to kids
  80. One birth, one death
  81. Fish hooks on caps/hats
  82. Wearing black on a hot day
  83. Exploding tree sap
  84. Leaving the spoon in your coffee keeps it hotter
  85. Hungover? Take two eels and call me in the morning
  86. Blame Mom for winter babies' reduced station in life
  87. Don't eat (early) snow
  88. Don't get married on a Sunday
  89. Onions in socks cures a fever
  90. Cure a nosebleed with keys down the back
  91. Are all babies born with blue eyes?
  92. What not to do after a meal
  93. Pregnant women shouldn't reach their arms into the air
  94. Baby survived by eating crumbs
  95. Vaseline causes facial hair
  96. Friction kills germs
  97. Reheating coffee alters caffeine
  98. Don't eat crabapples
  99. Copper nails kill trees
  100. Bay leaf repels bugs
  101. Pepper is forever
  102. Can't get sunburned through glass
  103. Babies born in May are heavier
  104. Gum repels groundhogs
  105. Baby teeth
  106. Don't drink through a straw after a C-section
  107. Stay out of the sun if you're sick
  108. Dark chocolate cures coughs
  109. Your glasses won't fog if you walk backwards
  110. Don't put tin cans in the refrigerator
  111. Does Breakfast Cereal Affect a Baby's Gender?
  112. Blue ceilings on open-air buildings fool wasps
  113. World will end when the last WWI vet dies
  114. Diagnosing thrush
  115. Removing bitterness from cucumbers
  116. Where snakes live
  117. Find the first tooth, buy the first shoes
  118. Don't shave after tanning
  119. For Celebs, Is Death a True 'Triple' Threat?
  120. Menstruating women spoil cucumbers
  121. Sleep in multiples of 90 minutes
  122. Eyebrows don't grow back
  123. Don't water your plants at midday
  124. Don't wash coffee pots with soap?
  125. Fireworks cause rain
  126. Fish + milk = death
  127. Sleeping in bras
  128. Why Shouldn't We Wear White After Labor Day?
  129. The cat knows you're suicidal
  130. Bad eggs float
  131. Body renews itself every seven years
  132. Unwashed new jeans make you sick
  133. Friday 13th: omens of bad and good luck
  134. Dead man's wallet
  135. Too many covers make you tired
  136. Pinching those who don't wear green
  137. Eating before bed
  138. Hanging chicken feet
  139. Does a brick in your toilet tank save water?
  140. Don't boil water more than once
  141. Mothballs deter snakes?
  142. Blue for girls, pink for boys
  143. Dewclaw protects against snakebites
  144. Old wives' tales: the fertility myths
  145. Canadian’s bad luck shows myth not a load of Blarney
  146. Onions treat slivers
  147. The Power of Lucky Charms
  148. Don't stand near a window during a thunderstorm
  149. Cherries + milk = death
  150. Rattlesnake rattles cause blindness
  151. Shooting snakes
  152. Curing hiccups
  153. Deaf people don't get seasick
  154. Sharpen razor blades on arm hair
  155. Ants cause hiccups
  156. Burn remedies
  157. Don't eat oysters with whiskey
  158. Wet hair causes headaches
  159. The origin of "apple a day keeps the doctor away"
  160. Winter thunderstorms presage snow
  161. Snow Day Superstitions
  162. Cooking beans without a lid means less gas
  163. Crying left and right
  164. Coffee grounds in the garbage disposal
  165. Pregnancy myths
  166. Flour prevents burns
  167. Dented cans
  168. Stress makes grey hair?
  169. Eating before bed causes nightmares
  170. Old wives' tales: true or false?
  171. Chase rats with black pepper
  172. Infrequent sex causes nosebleeds
  173. Don't leave plastic water bottles on concrete floors
  174. Best days for haircuts
  175. Kill mice with potato flakes
  176. Peanut butter kills birds
  177. All black cats are male
  178. Ladle spoils the soup
  179. Vinegar socks reduce fever
  180. Stress really does make your hair go grey, scientists find
  181. "Man-flu" is real to a fifth of British women
  182. 8 Old Wives Tales that Are Actually True
  183. 'And his hair turned white overnight' – or did it?
  184. The 5 biggest hair myths
  185. Don't eat mulberries
  186. Human Body Myths
  187. Dyeing turns hair gray more quickly
  188. Floating feces
  189. Fear of public speaking
  190. Thunderstorms curdle milk
  191. Miracle Whip kills head lice
  192. "Wet cold" vs. "dry cold"
  193. Vitamin C may shorten cold, not stop it
  194. Shaving myths
  195. Cold floors cause infertility
  196. Make peanut brittle only on sunny days
  197. How Superstitions Really Work
  198. Cinnamon in the sandbox
  199. When to plant vegetable gardens
  200. Can You Catch Up on Lost Sleep?
  201. Snakes on tires
  202. Avoid south-facing beds
  203. Crows can talk
  204. Human hair repels skunks
  205. It's a Myth: There's No Evidence That Coffee Stunts Kids' Growth
  206. Wooden spoon prevents boil over
  207. Thunder stops eggs from hatching
  208. No, Celebrity Deaths Do Not Come in Threes