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  1. Dogs for sex
  2. Reading between the lines of naughty songs
  3. Pimp my bike
  4. Dog and peanut butter -- Spanish version?
  5. Dog and Peanut Butter video - Royal Canadian Air Farce
  6. Ripping labels = sexual frustration
  7. Baby born with IUD in hand
  8. Most Offensive World Records
  9. Asian sexuality rumors
  10. Dirty 70's Coke Commercial
  11. TV's Mr Tumble in sex fumble
  12. 'Lover Boy' video game, was it real?
  13. Baby chokes on ejaculation
  14. "Deep Throat" grossed over $800,000,000
  15. Britney Spears Topless Photos Now Online: Or Are They a Hoax?
  16. Who flung poo?
  17. Dildos in 'Shrek 3'
  18. Clint Flicker
  19. Storm spurs baby boomlet
  20. Pregnant Teen Daughter Is Victim of Sexual Ignorance
  21. Pheromones fail to pass the smell test
  22. CNN "goatse"'-ed during YouTube debate
  23. Desi Woman Catches Husband Cheating
  24. Unbuilt Maui TV station lands questionable call letters
  25. Hard Lessons in Local Pathology
  26. The Cheating Woman & the Vasectomy
  27. Foot size equals penis size. Myth or reality?
  28. Nude photo of 'High School Musical' star Vanessa Hudgens on the Net
  29. Trick-or-treat
  30. Doctors, hospitals report flurry of blizzard babies
  31. James Woods vs. Sean Young
  32. Sussing Out Fake Letters
  33. Tom Jones & Elvira
  34. What she left behind
  35. Dallas buildings = genitalia
  36. "Tramp stamp" = anal sex
  37. Abortion clinics busiest in February
  38. "What are you doing here?" man asks wife at brothel
  39. Watch out for those green ones
  40. Masturbating with a test tube
  41. The coitus conundrum
  42. Scientists' row over G spot nears a climax
  43. Semen visible under a black light
  44. Direct disposal toilets
  45. Bestiality or laziness?
  46. Big butts
  47. Questionable letter to Ann Landers
  48. Tongue piercing + oral sex = lice in mouth
  49. Hitler's NFBSK
  50. Playgirl's readership mostly male
  51. Husband remains in the dark about wife's nighttime visitor
  52. How not to cheat on one's partner: all you need is love
  53. Fla. Teens believe that Mt. Dew will prevent Pregnancy
  54. Eight Sex Myths You Should Not Believe
  55. Is that really a naked woman in Cheney's sunglasses?
  56. Marilyn Monroe sex film to be kept private
  57. From Twinkies to Gerbils: The History of the Gay Urban Legend
  58. Jimi Hendrix company says sex tape not genuine
  59. A Debunking on Teenagers and 'Technical Virginity'
  60. Forced to 'lick his worms'
  61. Google Maps reveals spouse's affair
  62. Steps in Overcoming Masturbation
  63. Bestiality observed with night-vision goggles
  64. Beware of Pharma Parties
  65. Irish decency league founder dies after seeing sex on TV?
  66. Backseat lovers survive plunge
  67. Donkey punch
  68. Truth behind 'Meatspin'?
  69. Sylvester Stallone trailer sex
  70. I married my sibling!
  71. Richard Gere denies 'that' rumour
  72. Baby booms
  73. Impregnated via hooker
  74. Change You Can Conceive In
  75. Tips for swingers
  76. Saltpeter in prison food
  77. Ball buster
  78. Motley Crue dirty fun fact
  79. Herpes sacs
  80. Lifestyles condoms kill gays
  81. Cheating husband caught on Google Street View?
  82. Internet is 90% porn
  83. Pineapple juice
  84. Secretary accidentally bites off boss’ penis
  85. Obscenity in McDonalds Happy Meal CD?
  86. Man busts wife, mate in porn DVD
  87. Frontal lobotomy seduction
  88. Fun with McDonald's lard
  89. Mom claims daughter got pregnant from sperm floating in pool
  90. Real sex education questions asked of a teacher
  91. 4 women accused in lovers' quadrangle plot
  92. Pair go one sex pose too far
  93. Sting's Tantric sex rep a gag started by friend Bob Geldof
  94. Is OMA's Chinese Masterpiece Pornographic?
  95. Sex bracelets
  96. Rusty trombone
  97. Cape Town's passion gap: sexual myth or fashion victimhood?
  98. Larry Flynt broadcast porn on regular TV
  99. What an anti-climax: G-spot is a myth
  100. Men think about sex 5,000 times a year
  101. Can Having Three Condoms in D.C. Really Get You Arrested?
  102. STD myths arise from "foam parties"
  103. The truth about misassigned paternity
  104. Folk Art (gross)
  105. Egg in vagina
  106. Sex-Lock Hoax
  107. Tito Landrum fathered Tommy Herr's child
  108. Buzz Aldrin left Playboy on the moon?
  109. Swear transplant
  110. Scorned wife's revenge
  111. Oral sex after childbirth = fatal embolism
  112. Men Think About Sleep and Food as Much as Sex
  113. Penis Size Linked to Finger Length
  114. Man bumps into his wife at a lodging
  115. Sting's wife Trudie: Tantric sex claim was drunken boast
  116. French mail order catalogue's naked man goes viral
  117. 100 Year Old Prostitute Still Going Strong
  118. For sex, Christmas outdoes Valentine's Day
  119. Vicar hospitalised with potato up his bum
  120. Woman impregnated at concert seeks father on Craigslist
  121. Hubby watching porn online finds film starring his wife
  122. Pregnancy by shower head
  123. Emergency room bulldust
  124. Do some cultures molest children in order to pacify them?
  125. Cleopatra's sex toy made of bees
  126. Library of Congress porn classification
  127. Pregnancy scam
  128. The Road to El Dorado
  129. How much sex is considered exercise?
  130. Pedophilia now an orientation instead of a disorder
  131. Bunny ears are cuckold horns
  132. Did a Theater Accidentally Show ‘Nymphomaniac’ During a ‘Frozen’ Screening?
  133. Man turns himself in for pedophilia after waking up sleeping with an underage girl.
  134. Dogging and side-boobs – are children’s books really bulging with filth?
  135. Strangers on a Plane: Delta Passengers Arrested for Mid-Flight Tryst
  136. Victorian-Era Orgasms and the Crisis of Peer Review