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  1. How to hit a deer
  2. Lexus design change
  3. Too many keys
  4. No more 'Baby on Board' tags
  5. Animal parts, missile, cause top U.S. traffic headaches
  6. Caterpillar test engine running since 1950s
  7. Seat belts save lives
  8. Oil filter magnets
  9. Bad female drivers? It's just a myth
  10. Infamous Nashua Death Car sold for $165,000
  11. Green cars unlucky?
  12. Unlock your car with a tennis ball
  13. High beam revenge
  14. License plate revenge
  15. Woman Uses Daughter's Key to 'Steal' Car
  16. French auto insurance
  17. Volvo's $1 million guarantee
  18. How far can you drive your patrol car?
  19. Auto-related urban myths deflated
  20. Life expectancy of a pedestrian on a motorway
  21. Lamborghini origins
  22. Revive a dead battery with aspirin
  23. Four-way stop
  24. Which is safer in autos, tempered glass or laminated?
  25. Kickin' Tires
  26. Tying stuffed animals to trucks
  27. Interstate 35 designer committed suicide
  28. Right turns only for UPS drivers
  29. Change Traffic Lights with a Universal Remote
  30. Razor blades in carwash brushes
  31. Better Gas mileage with Acetone?
  32. Did cops receive radar guns from insurance companies?
  33. 'Savings on the reverse' a driving myth
  34. Loopy insurance claims
  35. Ping-pong ball in the gas tank
  36. Driving tips that can help you guzzle less gasoline
  37. How to beat that traffic ticket
  38. So that's what keys are for
  39. Volvo heartbeat sensor
  40. 1957 Chevy produced until 1967?
  41. More on the Volkswagen/Nazi connection
  42. 100% gridlock
  43. Straight antifreeze better than the dilute form?
  44. Bill Gates' Porsche 959
  45. Boost car remote's range with your head
  46. Okay to follow speeding police cars
  47. Not just inflated prices but inflated fuel
  48. Ambulances can be pulled over for speeding?
  49. Hybrid Myths
  50. Don't wash your car at home?
  51. Illegal to put car in neutral at red lights
  52. Bikers use urinal cakes for hygiene
  53. The Big M commercial on The Ed Sullivan Show
  54. Distilled water for car batteries?
  55. Mile Markers in Montana too close?
  56. Saab's free car for a million miles revisited
  57. Lead-free in Canada?
  58. Ticketed for warning other drivers
  59. Service station owners pocket diesel tax
  60. Auto manufacturers must make spare parts for 10 years
  61. Can discount gas crimp your ride?
  62. Sewing machine parts for cycle engines
  63. Sammy Davis Jr.'s accident
  64. Thousands exploit driving test scam
  65. OnStar is watching you
  66. How to set your mirrors. (You're probably doing it wrong)
  67. Helmets Attract Cars to Cyclists?
  68. Safety while speeding
  69. Battery vs. the floor
  70. No high-performance cars for buyers younger than 28
  71. New North Carolina plates
  72. The Parking Ticket Awards
  73. Right turns only save gas?
  74. QEW: Canada's First Superhighway
  75. Man attempts to eat clothing when asked to take breath test
  76. Beat police stops with air bag deployment
  77. Mr. Boston
  78. Good gas tips!
  79. GPS shut downs the car for delinquent payments
  80. It's all a matter of experience
  81. Break a windshield with Jolly Rancher candy
  82. Researchers say they've hacked car door locks
  83. Gas mileage - asphalt vs. concrete
  84. Don’t Believe the 'Legend'
  85. Welcome, stranger. Here's a speeding ticket.
  86. Man Claims Dry Burp Flawed Breath Test
  87. Wishful thinking ticket avoidance
  88. Cost/benefit analysis for Pinto gas tanks
  89. Where is your gas cap?
  90. Embedded chips in NY licenses track speeders
  91. Driving on Nitrogen-Pumped Tires
  92. Helmet law technicality
  93. GM Car Keys Open Other Vehicles: Myth or Truth?
  94. Drunks attracted to hazard lights
  95. Elderly can't see red cars
  96. Change oil every three months?
  97. Prius fumes kill mechanics
  98. Datsun 280Z = Fairlady
  99. Do you know why I pulled you over?
  100. Energy Savings: Myth or Money?
  101. Hey, Speed Racer, get the facts before you get outraged
  102. Turn on the headlights before starting car if it's cold out
  103. Mystery: Empire State Building Zapping Cars Dead?
  104. Orange Saabs
  105. Put a blanket over your car's engine at night
  106. Exploding Pintos
  107. All tractor keys fit all tractors
  108. Sturdy cars make it harder for rescuers
  109. Drivers trust GPS even to a fault
  110. Toyota Prius proves a gas guzzler in a race with the BMW 520d
  111. Do Fuel-Saving Gadgets Work?
  112. Lorry driver banned, court
  113. Running car on vegetable oil is illegal?
  114. Shatter windshield with an onion
  115. Super-speeder uses Cessna engine
  116. Toyota Buying Back 1995-2000 Toyota Tacomas for 150% of Their Value
  117. 8 top traffic-ticket myths
  118. Tires cannot be patched more than twice
  119. The first dent is the worst
  120. Stealing RKE signals
  121. A ritual crossing
  122. American cars are noisier
  123. Fiats made with rusty steel
  124. #1 reason women buy a specific car is cup holders
  125. Bullet bike life expectancy
  126. Gas-saving tips - fact or fiction?
  127. Drivers turn to blow-up dolls to beat traffic rules
  128. Police flip-flop on biker's sandals
  129. Traffic signals yield their secrets
  130. 'Gashole'
  131. Lamborghini Shipped from Qatar to England for Oil Change
  132. This Car Changed America
  133. Can a license plate frame get speeding drivers off the hook?
  134. Low frequency vibrations stall cars
  135. 1899 Horsey Horseless automobile
  136. Using panty hose as a temporary fan belt
  137. Santa Fe man faces fifth DWI charge
  138. Have you belted your kid today?
  139. ‘Strategy’ for evading DUI mostly myth
  140. Busting the open tailgate myth wide open
  141. Maine moose test
  142. I-35: Highway of Doom
  143. Gliding past cop in neutral will turn off cop car lights
  144. Good vision in a downpour
  145. Trial by combat
  146. Zima doesn't register on breath tests
  147. Check engine vs. Service engine
  148. Chicago zeros in on special license plate number
  149. Pregnant woman ticketed for parent parking
  150. Bad timing belt
  151. Antlers are backwards on Deer Crossing signs
  152. Woman finds 'stolen' car in neighbor's garage
  153. Smart Car tossing
  154. Light beer doesn't register on breathalyzers
  155. Propane-charged A/C explodes
  156. The price of vanity plates: XXXXXXX car tag nets man $19,000 in tickets
  157. Driver must attend racing school before buying Corvette
  158. Last 1/4 tank gets worse mileage than first 1/4?
  159. Bad to run a cold engine on idle whilst parked?
  160. Luxury car fleet found gathering dust in 'bored' owner's barn
  161. 1932 Helicron
  162. Route 66 diverted from Santa Fe
  163. Supercar crash: 10 most expensive luxury car accidents
  164. Kosher for Passover cars?
  165. Tail fins killed children
  166. Leaving sun roofs cracked open causes warp
  167. Illegitimate stop signs
  168. Bouncing truck tire
  169. Vandals' weapon: bologna
  170. Sydney's ramp to nowhere
  171. Exploding car windows
  172. Lincoln Continental lemon set ablaze
  173. All parking is free for persons with handicapped placards in California
  174. Ferry mistaken for parking garage
  175. Gore points
  176. Pulled over for speeding? It may be the car you're driving
  177. Vehicle snow fines 'are urban myth'
  178. Highway miles are better for a car than city miles?
  179. Telford roundabout joke’s ‘ring of truth’
  180. Wooden piston
  181. New Year's Day most popular with car thieves
  182. Electrocuted while towing electric car
  183. Manual transmissions reduce accidents?
  184. Rich Saudis abandon expensive new cars
  185. Volvo pays funeral expenses
  186. Driving faster decreases mileage?
  187. What’s the greatest automotive urban legend?
  188. Petrolhead gives old 1967 Chevrolet a top speed of 300 mph with cruise missile
  189. Old driver's license
  190. Auto mis-assembly
  191. Man's Vanity Plates Attract Tickets for Vehicles Without Tags
  192. How Did Thumbs-Up Become the Gesture for Hitchhiking?
  193. Speeding ticket stories
  194. Runaway Saudi Toyota Land Cruiser story is a hoax
  195. Radar guns inaccurate in rain?
  196. Police tap cars during traffic stops?
  197. Debunking fuel-economy myths
  198. Motorists must buy tires in pairs
  199. Obstructing traffic by not speeding
  200. Studebaker Avanti
  201. Urban legend no more: New-vintage Chevys up for auction
  202. Ferris Bueller's Day Off car
  203. Avoid red light camera tickets with brake lights
  204. Do Volkswagen Beetles float?
  205. Drunken Brit, stupid French cop
  206. Increased MPG
  207. Touching a windscreen prevents stone damage
  208. Avoid a DUI by disconnecting your battery
  209. Beat a speeding ticket with a rollcage
  210. Troopers without hats
  211. The forgotten history of how automakers invented the crime of "jaywalking"
  212. You might be wrong about roundabouts
  213. Man claims James Dean's car is hidden in building
  214. "Beep Beep (The Little Nash Rambler)" based on an actual Rambler design flaw.
  215. Parking in 1927