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  1. "Save one for Mainz"
  2. Images of Japanese soldiers
  3. Base Building for Air Force?
  4. Gold Fringe = Martial Law?
  5. Vietnam suicides
  6. USS Arizona still leaking oil?
  7. Landing of hope and glory
  8. Air-dropped condoms
  9. Spitting on returning Vietnam vets
  10. No draft for LSD users
  11. Marines and tampons
  12. John McCain, secret blinker
  13. Fast. Neat. Average.
  14. "Are you happy now?"
  15. 463L origins
  16. Salt and Pepper
  17. Students' Contact Info Given to Military Recruiters as Part of "No Child Left Behind"
  18. Are uniformed military allowed to drink in public?
  19. Report: Tuskegee Airmen Lost 25 Bombers
  20. Hitler's Antarctic base: the myth and the reality
  21. Rank insignia on Soviet uniforms
  22. Dashing the myth of Vimy
  23. Researchers tested pot, LSD on Army volunteers
  24. Marine in historic war photo identified
  25. Striped insignia
  26. Make It So
  27. Johnny Carson: Bronze Star recipient?
  28. U.S. Military Records Now Online
  29. WW2 soldiers taught to read and write in 6 weeks
  30. USS Los Angeles embarks with a piece of submarine history
  31. Coverup theory alive at USS Liberty reunion
  32. Marines won't eat red on green
  33. Penny for the toll
  34. No battleships in the U.S. Navy
  35. Eisenhower threatens reporters
  36. Red Cross charges military for blood
  37. 13 hands on Iwo Jima memorial
  38. String Used As Backup Tank Comms System
  39. Soldiers told that Japs were half blind and stupid
  40. Phantom military base scam
  41. Navy Pulls YouTube Video Made by Airman
  42. Bullet skims the skull
  43. WWI British Combat Helmet brain teaser
  44. 1894 Army Officer's Manual
  45. No blacks stationed at Icelandic AFB
  46. Guns for the Home Guard
  47. Ordering a missile battery
  48. Aircraft engine configuration changed in WWII
  49. Jet test pilot wore gorilla suit
  50. Sgt. York (gun system) versus port-a-potty
  51. The Voice of God Weapon Returns
  52. Kids named Usnavy
  53. A truce for Christmas
  54. Fort Meade
  55. Most D-Day film was lost?
  56. US troops "came ashore" in Japan?
  57. Death photo of war reporter Ernie Pyle found
  58. Last Marine in Iwo Jima Photo Dies at 82
  59. The Lies of Tet
  60. British spies hired astrologer in WWII fight against Hitler
  61. The Nukes of October: Richard Nixon's Secret Plan to Bring Peace to Vietnam
  62. Yo-yos originally designed as weapons?
  63. German pilot fears he killed writer Saint-Exupery
  64. Stepping on a mine
  65. Answers due on WWII mystery
  66. WW2 aircrew carried newspaper to prove date of mission
  67. AVG 777: non-existent volunteer unit
  68. Korea: U.S. troops leave recoiless rifle as trap
  69. Chicken squadron
  70. Sounding 'Taps' for Memorial Day
  71. General quarters bugle call -- words?
  72. Video game caused vet's suicide
  73. Delayed promotion
  74. Vietnam total bullet accountability
  75. Only Alaskan Army National Guard members survived shipwreck
  76. Chef Julia Child among 24,000 spies during World War II
  77. Dog bombs
  78. Nazis salute tortured French resistance fighter
  79. No bombing of university towns in WWII
  80. The Afghanistan syndrome
  81. The Iron Duke
  82. Navy confirms lost WWII sub has been found
  83. Partly cloudy vs. partly sunny
  84. All WWII GIs were Type O
  85. Andorra's military budget
  86. Vietnam stats
  87. Canadians shut down early warning radar for the weekend
  88. Admiral Rickover interview
  89. GM Powertrain Willow Run site
  90. Iranian Air Defense
  91. Military center tracking Santa's sleigh ride
  92. 9/11 Daycare Rescue
  93. "We'll ride her down together"
  94. The Pentagon's purple water fountain
  95. Amy's suicide
  96. MRE dinner date
  97. Army doesn't supply socks
  98. Patton donated his pay to charity
  99. Ike was a war criminal
  100. Marine recruiting poster, 1776
  101. Mortality rate of 2LTs in Vietnam
  102. Shipwreck survivors allowed to wear earrings
  103. Lottery win = honorable discharge
  104. British Monopoly Games used for escape in WWII
  105. Secret file sheds light on blitz raid
  106. Ed McMahon in Korea
  107. Submarine cooks are highest paid non-coms
  108. Tank drivers fear apricots
  109. Blue flashlights and WWII blackouts
  110. Draft-dodging glasses
  111. Marine Dining Etiquette
  112. Service member returns home; finds whole family is dead
  113. Arlington National Cemetery: not a permanent residence
  114. Wellington defeated
  115. Paul Harvey, Section 8
  116. 9/11 Canadian fighter pilots patrolling US skies
  117. Challenge coins
  118. Audrey Hepburn vs. the Nazis
  119. Nuclear sub powered Hawaiian island for 4 days
  120. Military myths explained
  121. Draftee escapes lottery due to DST change
  122. Pearl Harbor: three enduring mysteries
  123. 14-year-old soldier killed in Vietnam?
  124. George Washington brigade
  125. 'Nightingale' code
  126. Eisenhower's don't ask, don't tell
  127. Hidden stash at naval base
  128. The Legend of the Buried Bombers
  129. Fighter shoots itself down
  130. The bunker with a button and one gun
  131. Ike put sidewalks where people walk
  132. Getting to the truth of Pat Tillman's death
  133. Berwick-upon-Tweed and the Crimean War
  134. Leftover Purple Hearts
  135. Hiding out on Guadalcanal
  136. Are there really scissors on top of Army flagpoles?
  137. Golf ball destruction of the Benin Air Force
  138. Martha Raye: singer, comedienne, actress, nurse, and full bird colonel
  139. A 1944 Christmas miracle for Gen. Patton
  140. Fact or fable: hunt is on for buried Spitfires
  141. Navy SEAL dogs have titanium teeth?
  142. 170,000 US WWII dead secretly brought home from Europe
  143. Military dog ranking
  144. Don't wear white after Labor Day
  145. 'Saving Private Ryan' suicides
  146. Killing the cook
  147. Web hoax gets residents riled
  148. EB Green duct tape
  149. The truth behind buried submarine legend
  150. Jeremiah Denton
  151. F-16 divide by zero error
  152. Firing three rounds at a military funeral
  153. Coin messages on military headstones
  154. Ritalin disqualifies you from military service
  155. Message encoded by lack of poor punctuation
  156. Air Force combat pay
  157. Peace symbol at Arlington National Cemetery
  158. James Earl Jones banned from Arlington for urinating
  159. Junior Enlisted Warrior
  160. Bronze star
  161. Women can't throw hand grenades
  162. Wayne LaPierre, hypocrite?
  163. Royal Navy: Concorde catchers?
  164. Brown shoes
  165. Secret compartment on Navy ship
  166. KIA families billed for shipping of body
  167. Vietnam veteran 'found in jungle after 44 years' is hoax
  168. Origins of Memorial Day
  169. Dean Rusk on Vietnam War
  170. G.I. stops German tank with rifle
  171. The myth about the First World War poster that 'never existed'
  172. Arthur McArthur IV
  173. The Battle of Karansebes
  174. No one died on Christmas Day in Vietnam
  175. Lions and donkeys: 10 big myths about World War One debunked
  176. Chewing cordite
  177. Wood for Wood confirmation
  178. Legend: Heer and US army join forces to stop a SS attack on prisoners
  179. Code zero
  180. James Garner in Korea
  181. 4F origins
  182. Ian McKellen vs. Michael Caine
  183. US company sues government and wins
  184. The Nazis Wanted to Beat the British With Exploding Chocolate Bars
  185. Why we picture bombs as round black balls with a burning wick