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  1. Does a bug in our gut make us fat?
  2. Holiday suicide rise a myth
  3. Breast-feeding men
  4. Miscarriage caused by singing
  5. Magnetic insoles attract interest, but do healing claims stick?
  6. The woman who spent Christmas at the world's toughest detox resort
  7. More U.S. Kids Developing Kidney Stones
  8. Exploding nipples
  9. Native Americans don't get vertigo
  10. Don't swallow nickels
  11. To vaccinate or not
  12. Going on a diet is no cinch
  13. "Flu viruses survive in frozen lakes"
  14. Black Cohosh Fails to Relieve Menopausal Symptoms
  15. Bearded Women: Myths and facts
  16. IBS cause revealed
  17. Milk destroys health benefits of tea
  18. Lactic Acid Is Not Muscles' Foe, It's Fuel
  19. The Ashley Treatment
  20. Aromatherapy casts the spell of smells
  21. Dentistry in Britain is still primitive, but the perks are fun...
  22. Zinc pennies eat intestines
  23. Youngest Father
  24. Caffeine Cancels out Vitamin C
  25. No Dairy = Lactose Intolerance?
  26. Growth drugs don't fight aging, researchers find
  27. The Average Mobile Phone Contains More Bacteria Than a Toilet Seat
  28. Everything causes cancer
  29. Chicken pox = no shingles
  30. Popcorn lung
  31. Mother wins dead son sperm case
  32. Ionized water
  33. Media flubs on report of Cell phone use and cancer
  34. Oldest mother lied about age to get in vitro
  35. Chicken Pox vaccine made from aborted fetal tissue?
  36. Hot people setting off radiation alarms
  37. Zinc and vitamin C cancel each other out?
  38. Women Increase by one dress size per decade?
  39. "Smokable" pain drugs promise faster action
  40. Man Living with a Twin Inside Him
  41. Coconut is a cure all?
  42. Taking Vitamin A & Smoking Increases Lung Cancer Risk?
  43. About the air in there
  44. Disease: Real or state of mind?
  45. Vaccinations caused autism
  46. Hypnotherapy
  47. Baby born with brain outside skull (NFBSK)
  48. UK Ballerinas given estrogen to stunt growth?
  49. Preservatives in modern diet slow down decomposition of corpses
  50. Woman Awakens After 6 Years, Slips Back
  51. Circadian rhythms may dictate peak workout times
  52. Undigested Meat in Colon?
  53. Garlic study busts health myth
  54. Another nutrition myth goes sour
  55. Germs have you surrounded, but you can still fight back
  56. Cell phones pose no risk in hospitals, study finds
  57. Heavier girls tend to reach puberty early
  58. Changes for Administering CPR
  59. Chinese man to have massive neck tumour removed
  60. Stress Can Cause Acne?
  61. Not eating beef causes mental illness?
  62. OPI removes carcinogen from nail care products
  63. Needle Biopsy Risks
  64. You Are Also What You Drink
  65. The myth of 8 glasses a day
  66. Cancer Update from John Hopkins Hospital
  67. Report puts a pacifier on 'smarter baby' debate
  68. Hair Dye and Cancer: Myth or Danger?
  69. Eggs will raise your cholesterol, and other myths
  70. Tap water + soap = toxic gas
  71. Vitamins/minerals banned?
  72. Leper Bandages
  73. How to Wash Your Hands
  74. Corn oil's 'qualified health claim' raises eyebrows
  75. Male menopause - myth or reality?
  76. No pregnant pause
  77. Study finds no link between abortion and breast cancer
  78. How to feed the baby? Plastic worries parent
  79. Sun dangers spelled out in UVA, UVB, SPF
  80. Study: Outdoor smoke gets in your lungs
  81. Granny Grows Horn
  82. Woman loses all four limbs after giving birth
  83. Officer sues cold remedy maker, saying he can't smell meth labs anymore
  84. Cat's purr has healing powers
  85. Sneezing danger
  86. Diagnosis and treatment for strokes are seriously flawed
  87. Caution: Some soft drinks may seriously harm your health
  88. Hepatitis and bottle returns
  89. Studies Dispel Myth of Cancer-causing Red Meat
  90. What’s a myth and what’s real when it comes to avoiding UV rays
  91. Cook your fetus in the jacuzzi?
  92. Doctors report rare finding of man whose blood was green
  93. Ovarian cancer has early warning signs
  94. Sunscreens' uneven coverage
  95. Doctors Find 6 Sewing Needles in Baby
  96. Life Support Machine unplugged because it was noisy
  97. Sand more deadly than sharks, claim doctors who study beach deaths
  98. At what temperature should you drink your water?
  99. Body absorbs 5 lb. of make-up chemicals a year
  100. Addiction to virtual gaming is real, report by AMA says
  101. Your little ones get carsick?
  102. White eye reflection = brain tumor
  103. Doctors report evidence of 'anniversary reaction'
  104. Accidental condom inhalation
  105. Medical Facts...or Fiction?
  106. Formaldehyde in pot
  107. Pool Drain Pulls Small Intestine Out of Young Girl
  108. Rugby player finds rival's tooth buried in forehead
  109. Larvae Take Up Residence on Man's Head
  110. Tiny brain no obstacle to French civil servant
  111. Breakthrough Surgery for Tumour Victim
  112. Obesity contagious among friends
  113. Many Americans Believe Cancer Myths
  114. 1 marijuana joint damages lungs as badly as up to 5 cigarettes
  115. Ingesting the placenta: Is it healthy for new moms?
  116. Pencil removed from head after 55 years
  117. Water slide injury
  118. Water 'ionizer' -- A scam?
  119. Printer particles as bad as cigarettes
  120. Surgically alters thumbs to better use iPhone
  121. Support groups don't extend cancer survival
  122. Woman has rare identical quadruplets
  123. Seat Belt 'Heimlich' Saves Choking Man
  124. A Huge Striped Reptile Took Up Residence In My Tummy
  125. Non-stick chemicals may cut birth weight
  126. Zoo always gets this big request
  127. Spreading the flu
  128. Danger to children from food and drink additives is exposed
  129. Foods to avoid to avoid yeast infections
  130. Claims of antibacterial soaps don't wash
  131. Chip Implants Linked to Animal Tumors
  132. Caught on camera: 3D images give early warning of genetic disorders in children
  133. Boy wakes up with posh accent after surgery
  134. Obesity myths
  135. When a ‘Duplicate’ Family Moves In
  136. Study: (Fake) Acupuncture Works for Back Pain
  137. Adult Acne: Culprit or Myth?
  138. Study: Vaccine mercury not harmful to kids
  139. Provocative new theory on sudden infant death
  140. Cigar/pipe smokers live longer
  141. The appendix does have a use - re-booting the gut
  142. In labor, breaking a woman's water may be futile
  143. Soda and Bone Health: Does Drinking Cola Pose a Risk?
  144. Tricky side of treats
  145. Today's illicit drugs were yesterday's tonics
  146. Ground glass in ecstasy
  147. Dr. Spock's deathbed recantation
  148. Matrixx Initiatives Reaffirms Safety of Intranasal Zicam® Cold Remedy Gel
  149. Caution: Don't go near the water pipe
  150. Doctors swim in blood
  151. Colostomy reversal botched
  152. Sleep deficit may be impossible to make up
  153. Temperature itself has a little fever
  154. Can magnets help kick the smoking habit?
  155. Plastic drink bottle cancer link 'a myth'
  156. Breast or bottle? No final answer yet
  157. Small country, tall people
  158. Concerns raised on delay of ezetimibe (Vytorin) data
  159. Germ confusion runs rampant
  160. Disease Turning Black TV Anchor White
  161. Many babies die from suffocation, not SIDS, study shows
  162. Suicide: holidays' darkest myth
  163. Man's skin turns dark blue
  164. Seven Medical Myths Even Doctors Believe
  165. Holiday plant has had a bad rap
  166. Deadliest places to live in the U.S.
  167. Polycarbonate bottles raise questions
  168. More food labels take an ominous tone on allergens
  169. Kinoki foot pads
  170. Hair relaxer penetrates to brain
  171. Eat, Drink and Be Healthy
  172. Germ warfare: How to protect yourself
  173. Sunshine Exposure Is Good Not Bad for You
  174. Infant surgery without anesthesia
  175. Skipping grades makes kids social misfits
  176. To Gephyrophobiacs, Bridges Are a Terror
  177. Saving face
  178. Chewing gum weight loss warning
  179. Cancer patients find strength in numbers
  180. One mother; two fathers
  181. Brother and Sister Born Two Minutes Apart Are NOT Twins
  182. Womb teddy bears make infants stop breathing
  183. Doctors Take on a Notorious E-Mail
  184. NyQuil + Tylenol PM = death
  185. No Such Thing as Bad Cholesterol
  186. Cotton Bud Boy Regains Hearing
  187. British cataract patients in WW2
  188. Ah, that's the spot: Why scratching brings relief
  189. Gargling doesn't work
  190. 20 Things You Didn't Know About Obesity
  191. Moms passed AIDS virus by pre-chewing food
  192. LSD makes your brain act like a cat's
  193. Alarm clocks cause brain damage
  194. Sleepless = insane
  195. Writing with pen on your skin is dangerous
  196. Too much bass can cause a heart attack
  197. Petroleum jelly is flammable?
  198. Study doubts effectiveness of antidepressant drugs
  199. Fertility study builds buzz around cellphones
  200. It's a furphy: health chain emails
  201. Facts on Honey and Cinnamon
  202. More Home Remedies
  203. Miracle drink or the latest fad potion?
  204. Expensive sugar pills work better than cheap ones
  205. Generics: Just as good?
  206. Artificial sweetener: diet aid or saboteur?
  207. Historic, and nutty, treatments for male impotence
  208. Dasani induces labor
  209. You die with your eyes open
  210. Questioning 'science' behind miracle cures
  211. Don't get tattoos while drunk
  212. Fatal fiberoptics
  213. Chimeras and conjoined twins
  214. Aluminum Cans = Brain Damage
  215. Sleeping Cold Burns More Calories
  216. Aromatherapy is in your head, not your nose
  217. Exercise Test: Truth or Myth?
  218. Study raises questions about cell phones and infertility
  219. Why the spring makes us feverish
  220. Research debunks health value of guzzling water
  221. Tooth erosion grinds away at the young
  222. When the problem is Munchausen's
  223. Ionic air purifiers' dirty little secret: They don't get rid of dust
  224. Freaking a mild
  225. Orajel causes choking
  226. Pica: insatiable hunger for an odd diet
  227. Spring's dark side: An upswing in suicides
  228. 9-Year-Old Girl's Twin Is Found Inside Her Stomach
  229. Woman with large cyst told to lose weight
  230. The Cleaner and the Life Support Machine
  231. Native Americans can't hold their liquor
  232. Don't Worry (So Much)!
  233. Mr. T cures coma
  234. Don't lock your knees
  235. Japanese patient's 'tumour' turns out to be 25-year-old towel
  236. Fact or Fiction: Addiction to Lip Products
  237. Waking a sleepwalker is bad?
  238. Ovarian Cancer's Specific Scent Detected by Dogs
  239. Death by hard boiled egg
  240. Sunglasses prevent tanning
  241. Hoax prostate Doc fools kiwis
  242. Oversupply of bodies donated to science?
  243. Do Cellphones Cause Brain Cancer?
  244. 10 Things to Scratch from Your Worry List
  245. The Hollywood heart attack myth: Misleading scenes put lives at risk
  246. Why Do Women Live Longer Than Men?
  247. Carcinogen worries stick to food packaging
  248. Origin of barber's poles
  249. Chemtrails and the red wine spit test
  250. Fewer boys are born in tough times