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  1. Unsolicited merchandise law
  2. Ski masks illegal
  3. Indian giver
  4. Performing CPR on minors without parental consent
  5. Self-prescribing doctors
  6. Don't shovel your sidewalk
  7. Only white women can go topless in Texas
  8. Canadian Interac Fees
  9. French citizenship
  10. Pleading "lunacy"
  11. Cub vs. kid
  12. Fist-fighting tickets/fines?
  13. Spanking children in Oregon
  14. Concealed weapon over 6' in length
  15. Canadian weapons laws
  16. Illegal to return bathing suits
  17. Opposite-sex siblings cannot share a bedroom
  18. Most Ridiculous Lawsuits of All Time
  19. Ten years in the County Jail
  20. Zany punishments
  21. Shoot your spouse in Texas
  22. 'Beware of dog' signs make you liable?
  23. Haunted residence grounds for breaking lease?
  24. Obscure laws
  25. Bizarre lawsuits
  26. The "N" Word is a felony in NY?
  27. Illegal to ban antennas/satellite dishes?
  28. "No Solicitors" signs on residences enforceable?
  29. Sperm donors must pay child support
  30. Tax protestor acquitted on failure to file charges?
  31. Silly lawsuits
  32. Iodine illegal?
  33. Outdated prescriptions are illegal?
  34. Great Wedding! But Was It Legal?
  35. Lifetime warranties
  36. Riches v. Vick
  37. Resignation letter
  38. Divorce, custody, and Pepsi-Cola
  39. Clarence Darrow's cigar
  40. Trademark issue is all thumbs
  41. Women are not legally responsible for actions during labor
  42. Children: No sleeping in room with opposite-sex adults
  43. The "Hangman's Knot"
  44. Top-loading washers banned after 2008?
  45. Die and you're under arrest! Britain's most stupid laws
  46. The World's Weirdest Cases
  47. 'Danger: Avoid Death' Contest Winner
  48. The Queen owns all the swans
  49. Crustaceans considered insects for purposes of animal cruelty laws
  50. Sending cash by mail is illegal
  51. Myth of common law marriage still strong
  52. Pennsylvanian statutory rape law
  53. Red ink is not legally binding
  54. Liquor laws
  55. Compulsory gun ownership?
  56. King Size Rizlas illegal in the US?
  57. Mr. T protects witnesses in court
  58. CPR and the Heimlich maneuver
  59. Illegal to own more than $100 worth of gold?
  60. Ugly laws
  61. Mail in transit is owned by the Queen
  62. $10,000 fine for each pirated DVD brought into the U.S.
  63. The Rainbow Law
  64. If Things Fall Apart, Who Gets the Ring?
  65. Hoarding food illegal?
  66. Shortest legal opinion
  67. Texas road gangs
  68. Britain's oddest laws revealed
  69. Yellow margarine a crime in Missouri
  70. Stealing horses is a capital offense in Texas
  71. Illegal to refuse to provide drinking water in Arizona
  72. Can't copyright/trademark fashion?
  73. Marrying a rock
  74. French laws for naming livestock
  75. Illegal to sell used mattresses
  76. NC deaths can't be buried in SC
  77. Irish planning commission must make allowance for fairies
  78. Can you trademark a number?
  79. Mummy couldn't be shipped without death certificate
  80. Trillium delirium
  81. St. Louis buildings can't be taller than the Arch
  82. Spanish judges - paid by the page
  83. BAR exam
  84. E.T. illegal in France?
  85. Hotel sued for causing divorce
  86. Medical personnel sued for using defibrillators on women
  87. $10,000 Fine for Killing Bigfoot
  88. Saddling servers with restaurant 'dash-and-dine' tabs is illegal
  89. Emoticon has been trademarked
  90. Illegal for restaurants to charge for water?
  91. Illegal to feed someone else's parking meter?
  92. Beat your wife on the courthouse steps
  93. Vagrancy law says you must have $5
  94. Deposition may be used for any purpose
  95. Destruction of marital property
  96. No-show divorce
  97. Nebraska v. Haywood Jablome
  98. Lawyer's children killed by acquitted defendant
  99. Clam chowder
  100. Duelling is legal in Paraguay if both people are blood donors
  101. Federal law prohibits returns on DVDs
  102. Facebook privacy notice
  103. Driving is a right, not a privilege
  104. The Napoleonic Code
  105. Illegal to post a picture of your ballot
  106. Goldfish life insurance
  107. DUI conviction will keep you out of Canada
  108. County sheriffs are the ultimate legal authorities
  109. Texas train law
  110. Mandatory minimum sentence for regicide in Denmark is 6 years
  111. Federal vehicle refuses to pick up stranded motorists
  112. Defacing money
  113. Nothing a Coat of Paint Canít Fix
  114. Maggie May lawsuit
  115. Arkell v. Pressdram 1971
  116. Jilted ex uses restraining order for revenge
  117. Illegal to sell used baby furniture
  118. No smoking with child in the car
  119. Verdict based on astrology
  120. Hands can be "registered as deadly weapons"
  121. Attorney says ignore urban legend: Shovel the sidewalk
  122. Avoid traffic tickets with a 'NOT FOR HIRE' defense
  123. Homeowners required to house bats
  124. Chilean lawyer named Jenaro Gajardo Vera owns the moon
  125. Lawyers ending police interviews
  126. Droid trademark
  127. Police tracking drug shipments must leave some real drugs intact?
  128. Sports events on TV must start on time?
  129. Put your drugs in an envelope
  130. To Serve and Protect
  131. Rejecting pennies as payment
  132. Happy Birthday song copyright change
  133. Judge Gonzalo Curiel was disbarred in California?
  134. Defence lawyer asks sex assault complainant why she didn't clench her legs together