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  1. Death of Aeschylus
  2. Thomas Jefferson, killer
  3. Statues offer clues to Greek isle's past
  4. Chocolate killed the Bishop--or did it?
  5. Ruler Medici poisoned in 1587, study shows
  6. America's forgotten war
  7. Secret Park Avenue Crypt Unearthed!
  8. Hartlepool monkey hanging
  9. Could a Trauma Center Have Saved Lincoln?
  10. Bras in the Olympics
  11. Cancer, not arsenic, likely killed Napoleon
  12. Quilt Code
  13. "Oh, the humanity!"
  14. Not in the stars for Stonehenge?
  15. Russian-language 'Doctor Zhivago' funded by CIA, book states
  16. Robert Hanssen: Master Spy?
  17. Nero
  18. Ancient coin undermines legend of Cleopatra's beauty
  19. A president ruled, ruined by insecurity
  20. A real-life mystery: The hunt for the lost Leonardo
  21. New footage shows JFK moments before he was shot
  22. Re-examining Emmett Till case could help separate fact, fiction
  23. The forgettable Millard Fillmore
  24. Napoleonic Jewelry Finds
  25. Star pair in Ursa Major a traditional test of sight?
  26. Berlin Wall GWP
  27. A United Kingdom? Maybe
  28. Spreading Smallpox
  29. Separating Fact from Blarney St. Patrick's day video
  30. The boastful sculptor and the blind man
  31. Scotsman + Kilt - Underwear = Convenience?
  32. Exhumation of Houdini sought
  33. 20 Greatest Historical Myths
  34. Philadelphia's fictional history tours
  35. Pretty Words, Jane; Would That You Were Too
  36. Earhart's Final Resting Place Believed Found
  37. Researcher Adds to Alger Hiss Debate
  38. Alexander the Great
  39. Joan of Arc bone a hoax
  40. Disease may have fueled Hatfield-McCoy feud
  41. Titanic Letter Recounts Horror
  42. Marx and Tay Bridge Disaster
  43. Ancient Mexicans took sacrifice victims from afar
  44. Predictions from 1900
  45. President Lincoln's son and John Wilkes Booth's Brother
  46. Schumann mangled his hands?
  47. Washington Letter Found in Scrapbook
  48. Movie About Mormon 9/11
  49. Mona Lisa's Identity Revealed?
  50. Pyramids build "inside out"?
  51. Witness to history recalls Hindenburg horror
  52. Remembering the Alamo Is Easier When You Know Its Many-Sided History
  53. King Herod 's tomb found, archaeologist says
  54. A good person’s guide?
  55. Bodhrans and Titanic
  56. Original Lincoln Document Found
  57. Native Americans and poison ivy
  58. Scientists ramp up for pyramid theory
  59. Werewolf kung-fu master
  60. Matching Masterpieces with History’s Flash Points
  61. Study: Ancient Italians were from Turkey
  62. Egypt's Pharaoh Hatshepsut Said Found
  63. Cleopatra's death
  64. Gladiator Truths Counter Movie Myths
  65. CIA used mobsters in plot to kill Castro
  66. Darwin's defense of missionaries
  67. The Myth About the Three-Fifths Clause
  68. Earl of Wellington message
  69. Nixon Wanted to Be Seen As 'Nicey-Nice'
  70. Pirates buried their treasure.
  71. Churchill's advisor/daily prayer?
  72. History mystery: Who left symbol in NYC building?
  73. Chicago Flood of 1885 kills 90,000 people
  74. Gallery says Dutch master is fake
  75. Hitler's secret musical collection - of Russian and Jewish artists
  76. Lincoln May Have Had Facial Defect
  77. Slave had a hand in Freedom
  78. Napoleon's Sister's Breast Cast in Plaster
  79. Ancient Tablet Vouches for Biblical King
  80. New Van Gogh painting found
  81. Warren G. Harding was black
  82. Remains found in Russia may be those of Czar's children
  83. A Minnesota Mystery: The Kensington Runestone
  84. Carbon dating casts doubt on age of St. Francis robe
  85. How to Raise Children (1891)
  86. U.S. Congress banned typewriters?
  87. Church tries to prove Lincoln legend true
  88. Actors question Bard's authorship
  89. Indian chief predicts Washington's presidency
  90. Winston Churchill, a good friend to the Jews
  91. Castro Claims Cuba Helped Save Reagan
  92. Annie Oakley and Hitler
  93. Churchill giving people the finger(s)
  94. Historian Loves a Good (Civil War) Rumor
  95. Contrary Mary, cockle shells and torture?
  96. The American Meat Shortage
  97. Ferdinand Magellan not the first man to circle the world.
  98. Shipwreck archive
  99. Why Columbus called the people Indians
  100. Forensic Tests Support Shakespeare Portrait’s Authenticity
  101. A 'Mona Lisa' Mystery Solved?
  102. Inca children "fattened" up for sacrifice
  103. American Indians did not fight at night
  104. Game canceled due to WWII
  105. The Photo Detective
  106. Canadian $10 bill
  107. Disease made Karl Marx boil with anger
  108. Errors mar exhibit at Kentucky Capitol
  109. First book to deny witchcraft found
  110. We are discovered. Flee now.
  111. Honestly, is that really Abe in 3-D?
  112. Drivers had to stop at green lights during Cultural Revolution.
  113. 'Mythical Roman cave' unearthed
  114. Teacher chips away at Plymouth Rock Thanksgiving myth
  115. Former slave's legacy disputed
  116. Amateurs unravel Russia's last royal mystery
  117. Adolph Hitler, Colorado landowner
  118. Freemason and first president
  119. Frank Lloyd Wright: urinate on copper
  120. Paul Revere: The D.U.I. That Roused a Nation
  121. Indelible images, mystery subject
  122. Creating Christmas: Our contemporary celebration is a potpourri of practices
  123. Hoover Planned Mass Jailing in 1950
  124. The conman in the iron mask
  125. Van Gogh only sold one painting?
  126. New study blames Columbus for syphilis spread
  127. Was Stalin a Rothschild?
  128. Anne Frank's diary written in ball point pen?
  129. Mayans' sacrifices were boys, archaelogists say
  130. Excised passage from Albert Schweitzer's "African Notebook"
  131. Black Death did not kill indiscriminately, experts say
  132. Bronte brother died standing up?
  133. Kilroy Was Here
  134. British innocent of poisoning Napoleon, arsenic study finds
  135. The Republic of Vermont
  136. Ireland's Blarney Stone may be baloney
  137. Is Gaddafi Corsican?
  138. 12 things the Negro must do for himself
  139. Viking Women Had Bra Fashion Shows
  140. Writer Says Holocaust 'Memoir' Not True
  141. What May Happen in the Next Hundred Years
  142. Modern reconstruction of Bach unveiled
  143. Most of Picasso's paintings were on the Titanic
  144. 1888 Photo of Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan discovered
  145. Debunking the myth of the Alamo
  146. Quinceañera = sacrifice
  147. Experts link Leonardo da Vinci to chess puzzles in long-lost Renaissance treatise
  148. Knights and armor
  149. Brown shirts
  150. Researchers Play Tune Recorded Before Edison
  151. Early Picasso nude found in English bedroom
  152. The 5 Most Ridiculous Lies You Were Taught In History Class
  153. A reality check on the Long March
  154. World War Eleven
  155. Scientists may have found Titanic's weak link
  156. Who Cares What Mozart Looked Like?
  157. Flour for snow
  158. Relatives unconvinced John Wilkes Booth was killed inside barn
  159. Socorro County NM is neither American nor Mexican
  160. DNA confirms IDs of czar's children, ending mystery
  161. German poet Friedrich Schiller headless
  162. Iconic Soviet soldier photo was altered
  163. New dig seeks to unearth the origins of Stonehenge
  164. Mummies used for wrapping paper
  165. England's taking the myth
  166. Archaeologists discover statues of Cleopatra, Aphrodite
  167. World's First Telephone Book Surfaces
  168. Portrait identified as wrong royal
  169. Invention of the safety helmet
  170. The Bizarre Origins of 8 Wedding Traditions
  171. Biblical Text-Writing May Have Poisoned Monks
  172. Archaeologists find remains of Washington's boyhood home
  173. Famed Goya, not a Goya
  174. 'Yankee Doodle' turns 250 -- maybe
  175. Hitler was not an allied assassination target during WW2
  176. Leonardo: Artist, inventor, matchmaker?
  177. This is war, use your quotation marks!
  178. Presidents who refused salary
  179. Lincoln's Anger Revealed in Civil War Letter
  180. Original 'Gladiator's' Tomb Unearthed in Rome
  181. Humans made fire 790,000 years ago: study
  182. Longitude Forged
  183. Copy of famed Lincoln letter turns up in Dallas
  184. Who was Hayim Solomon?
  185. Hitler HAD only got one ball
  186. Pilgrims were socialists
  187. Franco feared kidnapping by Hitler
  188. Books That Emphatically Debunk Pseudohistory
  189. Report Debunks Theory That the U.S. Heard a Coded Warning About Pearl Harbor
  190. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat because she was tired?
  191. Christmas carol is really a rebel song in celebration of Bonnie Prince Charlie
  192. Clement Clarke Moore
  193. Christmas in America During the 19th Century
  194. Whether True or False, a Real Stretch
  195. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated twice
  196. No proof Washington said 'so help me God'
  197. Air Force One designation changed mid-flight
  198. Top 10 weird Presidential facts
  199. Queuing 'killed Titanic passengers'
  200. Was Alexander the Great preserved in honey?
  201. Redcoats may be buried in Charlestown garden
  202. Museum reveals engraving hidden in Lincoln watch
  203. DNA proves Bolsheviks killed all of Russian czar's children
  204. Hood not so good? Ancient Brits questioned outlaw
  205. Is That Really You, Sweet Prince?
  206. Why Texas joined the Union
  207. Test of Lincoln DNA sought to prove cancer theory
  208. Texas Revolution ended here, archaeologists say
  209. Top 10 Medieval Urban Legends
  210. Former New Mexico state historian dispels hanging myths
  211. New book says FDR tried to save Jewish refugees
  212. Famed Nefertiti bust a fake
  213. Van Gogh's ear 'was cut off by friend Gauguin with a sword'
  214. Is Rhode Island an island?
  215. Jourdon Anderson's Letter to His Old Master
  216. Answers sought in explorer's death
  217. Mt. Rushmore's hidden faces
  218. The small falsehoods and great truth of the Fourth of July
  219. Golden domes for states that birth presidents
  220. Nazi Germany's Dance Band Rules of 1940
  221. Hitler Tamed by Prison
  222. After Mozart’s Death, an Endless Coda
  223. 'Hitler skull' revealed as female
  224. Canadian Thanksgiving
  225. Hallowe'en: a history of All Hallows' Eve, from Samhain to trick-or-treat
  226. Found: the clue to van Gogh’s ear
  227. Postman's pledge
  228. Was Sarah Busche Johnston duped into marrying Thomas Lincoln?
  229. Historian claims to have finally identified wartime 'Man Who Never Was'
  230. Unraveling an old mummy mystery
  231. FDR committed suicide
  232. Egyptian tombs suggest pyramids not built by slaves
  233. Thomas Crapper commemorated by National Trust
  234. Ring a bell if you see Napoleon
  235. Government poisoned alcohol during Prohibition?
  236. When Special Delivery Meant Deliverance for a Fugitive Slave
  237. Victorians and naughty table legs
  238. Rigel: Hero Dog of the Titanic
  239. Did increased US military spending prompt more USSR spending and bring the USSR down?
  240. 'Green' town = KKK
  241. Why men's and women's buttons are different
  242. Vomitoria
  243. Cleopatra's pearl cocktail recipe revealed
  244. North vs. South — Jersey
  245. European STDs traced back to Columbus?
  246. When Kennedy Met Nixon: The Real Story
  247. No aces, eights in hand of dead man
  248. Body of Danish Astronomer Tycho Brahe Exhumed from Tomb
  249. Analysis of Donner Party site shows no evidence of cannibalism
  250. Hitler's Christmas Party